A series of drabbles exploring the idea of love, this won't be a connected story. Ratings K-T, constructive criticism appreciated.

Chapter Rating: K

"Forever." She affirms, her eyes glimmering as she stares into his equally inflamed soul.

"You don't know how much I love the sound of that," he whispers, sighing as the wind carries his words elsewhere in the evening. He smiles softly before it melts as he stares in wonder at her solemn face as droplets of glittering tears pool in her eyes before winding down the darkened cheeks. He reaches forward hesitantly, pausing before he tries to brush the trails away.


She sits up, a slight quiver escaping her parted lips as she exhales, releasing a small whitened puff of carbon dioxide into the air. She clamors to a stand, valiantly straightening against the grieving air, her lips curling bitterly as she glides away. Stopping only to turn and glance one last time at the cold marbled stone.