Amy sat at the door of Ruth, staring into space. Ralph sat beside her, trying to make sense of the ceiling. "So," he said. "You say there are stars up there?" Amy turned to face him. Her narrowed gray eyes gave it away. "Sorry," he mumbled.

A knock arrived at the door behind them, Amy and Ralph immediately answering it. Thank you, Mark, she thanked to herself as she clicked the transformation. As Ralph did the same, they opened the door. A hooded person appeared, Amy asking, "Did they find him?" He sighed. "I'm afraid not. But you mustn't give up yet. He seems like a clever boy." Her hopes did not rise, but instead, she tried to smile. "If you wish to join us in the conference with the other worlds, a ride will be waiting for you outside," the Third explained.

"Thank you," Amy replied quietly, watching him leave. She twirled her locket around, worrying over her kidnapped brother. "It'll be alright," Ralph told her. She left his side, going towards the mirror. "I'm going to tell my mother…" she decided. He tried to protest, but she left before he could say anything. She appeared in her closet, then into her room. Hearing her mother in the kitchen, she hesitantly walked down to meet her. "Oh good, you're back," her mother said as soon as she heard her daughter walk in.

"Um, mom?" she asked. "Hm?" "Mark and I… are going away."

She stopped cutting vegetables. "Why is that?" she questioned in different tone. "Well, there's this camp that came up, and we forgot to tell you. Can we go? Right now? We have a ride waiting." Her mother turned to her. "Why didn't you tell me earlier?" she frowned. "Where is Mark? I haven't seen the papers, and looks like you didn't pack. And I don't see the bus…"

Amy swallowed slowly. "That's because…" She could not take it anymore. Taking a device from her pocket, she flashed the light at her mother. "Sorry, mom," she muttered. "The only thing you will remember from this conversation is that you accepted me and Mark into going to camp for a couple days… or weeks… or something like that. And, I love you mom. I'll see you soon."

As she raced to her room, she looked below to her mother, who blinked herself back to reality and continued to cut vegetables. "I'll bring Mark back," she promised quietly. Amy reached her closet. Before she laid a hand through the mirror, she frowned at the empty hole at the border of the mirror. Recognizing the shape from her locket, she took it off from around her neck and placed the locket into the hole. A dark light brought her into the center, bringing her into an unknown place. Looking around cautiously, she bumped into Ralph, who was also curious to where he was. "Amy," he sighed in relief. "Where are we?"

"How am I supposed to know?" she shrugged. Stepping away, she felt air under foot. As she fell, she saw endless darkness, until Ralph quickly pulled her up. "Be careful," he warned. "Do you know what happened?" Amy laid her hand on her necklace, which was not there. The realization hit her. "My necklace," she explained. "I put my necklace into the hole on top of the mirror, and... here we are. Did anything happen to the mirror room?"

He shook his head. "Only me." They stood in silence. Amy looked below, finding that they were standing on a levitating cube. "Alp?" she called to the irritated teenager. "Remember what you told me about the Fifth before me? You mentioned he was working on something… Could this… be it?" They were standing on a levitating cube, among other floating cubes in a vast, unknown dimension. She took her glove off, finding the location.

Unknown, Riley

"Riley?" she frowned. Mumbling to herself, she thought, "Amelia Riley Westfield…"