Amelia's POV

It's been a month and a half ever since my mirror broke. Mark's starting to forget what happened that day. Whenever he looks at my closet, he just looks away immediately. I wonder what he thinks about. I asked him what happened when they took him away at Ruth, but he told me nothing happened. I feel like he's hiding something from me. But a month and a half passed, so nothing seems strange with him. He's fine. Everything is.

I was just getting ready to go to my violin lesson until Mark came rushing in. "Not now, Mark," I mumbled with the hair tie in my mouth. I sneezed when I caught the floating bit of dust. "Did you go to the attic again? Mom said we're not there yet for cleaning." While I gathered my hair together to tie it, he held out an old envelope to my face. Giving him a thumbs up, I said, "Good for you. It's not the first time you got mail. Now, leave me alone so I can get ready to go to my lesson-" "It's for you," he interrupted. Pushing his hand down to my desk, I asked, "What is it?" He shrugged. Leaving the envelope on my desk, he left the room. Mumbling to myself, I finished tying my hair and sat down. "Tell me if there's anything for me," Mark called out as he left me to read what was inside.

Impatiently, I grabbed it, ripping the envelope open to see what was in store for me. A folded letter appeared, saying: To Amelia Riley Westfield. I frowned, opening the dusty paper to read it. "Tell mom I'm canceling today," I called out to my brother. Mark dashed away to tell the news to our mom. "Good," he said. "You promised to help me fix my bike." Sighing, I read the letter that soon surprised me about the Fifth.

Give Mark my thanks for delivering this message to you. If this is Amelia, I also thank you for helping the Travelers. Please take care of my Travel Mirror. You are a brilliant, adventurous young lady. You've saved an important world. Don't worry about Riley. Even if it is not finished, you have used it wisely. I know I haven't been around with the family, but one day, we will soon meet. It seems that you have settled in well with Mark and Hannah. I hope you're having a great time in high school. Be nice to your boyfriend, take care of you brother. Here's a welcoming gift. Sincerely,

Okay, this is definitely Mark. He made me miss my lesson- wait, now that I've looked at the handwriting, it looks… not like his… But the name… I place the letter down, finding an unusual shape in the envelope. Taking it out, I found a necklace that looked just like the one before. Ruby. Wide eyed, I swung the closet door open, finding the broken mirror. Pressing the locket inside, the glass healed itself, the large cracks disappearing. Taking the locket and opening it, a small roll of paper fell out. Unrolling it, I read: Gave it a touch of you.

Confused, I went into the mirror. The room was empty. I narrowed my eyes, searching for a door. The only thing that was familiar to me was the stars above my head and the mirror behind me. "Where is it?" I muttered. I wish there was a computer to bring me a door or something. The mirror behind me revealed a keyboard. Turning back to it, I typed in Ruth. In an instant, a door appeared. Same color, same door that I walked in before. Excited, I turned the knob, and opened it to the world of Ruth. Amelia Riley Westfield, the Fifth! I have returned! I giggled at the thought of returning as a Traveler, and walked into the empty street. The buildings, the houses- it all seemed so familiar!

Just then, a familiar face began crossing the street. He carried a bag with the strap over his shoulder. He put his glasses back in his case, and looked ahead, without noticing me. He had the same blue eyes, the ruffled brown hair, but a little taller than before. "Ral!" He stopped walking, turning around to face the person who had called his name out. Finally, he turned to me. His looked made me laugh.

(the name that Amelia did not wish to say aloud) Sincerely, Kyle Westfield