A New Dawn

Springtime; the sun rises, pouring white light through high school students' windows, rousing them. One in particular hums a gentle song as she slips on her black blazer over the rest of her school uniform.

She checks her reflection in a floor length mirror, with the slightest marks of a frown on her face. Dark charcoal eyes slid to the door as she heard a knock.

"Hai?" She could hear the gentle sound of a person leaning on the door.

"Mitsuki? We need to leave, soon. I'll wait out-"

Mitsuki opened the door and rolled her eyes as her elder brother stumbled forward. "You don't need to wait, I'm already dressed." She told him, even though he could see this clearly.

Arata Hannori frowned as he stood up properly again. "I thought that Raiden-san liked your hair long." He pointed out, as his eyes fell across his younger sister.

Mitsuki's charcoal gray hair, which had been quite long the night before, was cut to shoulder-length, and her bangs were cut straight across, but were gently parted to her right. She left it worn down, so that a streak each of silver and jet black shown on either side.

Mitsuki ran a hand through her hair as she spoke, "Nani? I gave up on that guy." She stated, lighting up her brother's eyes with confusion.

"That's not what you said last week!" Arata screeched, as Mitsuki looked over her reflection one last time and grabbed her bag. With a final shake of her head, she removed the blazer and tossed it back onto her bed. "...And aren't you going to be cold?"

"It's warm, I'll be fine. -Let's go!" Mitsuki smirked as she walked past her brother. "Back to Akatsuki Academy, neh?"