I run through the woods, hitting every branch there was. Scratches cover my arms and legs, blood dripping out of the cuts. Feet crunching on the leaves, are they my feet? Or are they the feet of my pursuer? Let's hope the first.

My breath is short, my sides are aching. I don't know how long I will be able to keep this up.

Shut up. I tell myself. You didn't endure track and field for more than four years for nothing.

It's like the tree root jumped out at me, making my ankle twist and having gravity pull my body to the ground.

Get up! Get up now! My brain screams. My ankle screams something different. The pain shoots from my ankle to the rest of my body, paralyzing me. I have never felt pain like this in my 13 years.

The crunching of leaves gets closer.

What the hell does this guy want with me? My attempt to get up fails when a painful punch crashes into my skull. The cloth goes over my head before I blackout.

This is more of a disturbing story, I know. But I've had this idea for a while and I really wanted to write something like this.

Besides that, what did you think of the story? It's only going to be a few chapters, it's more of a short story. And the other chapters are going to be longer than this.

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