Author's note: First original story here. Criticism is wanted. Also if you do beta reading and would like to help me that would be great. Cause i want a beta reader for this story but have no idea how to get one.

Fate looked at the images on the wall. She loved to study the history of time. At that moment she was rereading the story of Ezhno. It's a personal favorite of hers. The images showed Ezhno standing against the Council. Those who had known Ezhno could tell you he was without a doubt trouble. As his name said, he walks alone. As Fate walked down the hall the images showed how he had been banished to the deepest, darkest pit of the underworld. A place that changes you, not just your personality or how you see the world, it turns you into the demons that haunt you. Ezhno was banished to that world for five thousand years. Today that time's up. But he still can't return until Time lets him in.

"Ugh there you are!" a voice says behind Fate.

She laughs slightly and turns away from the wall, brushing her strawberry hair out of her face. "Chance you should know I'm gonna be here when I'm not on a job." she reminded her friend.

The other woman nodded, her brown hair falling in her eyes again. She sighed and blew the hair out of her white eyes. "Yeah well, I was hoping maybe you would actually be in the Council Hall. Don't tell me you forgot what's happening today!"

Fate rolled her eyes, "Calm down. I remember that Ezhno is sending a messenger to plead for his freedom."

Fate turned back to the wall as Chance sighed. "Fate you can't keep skipping these meetings. That's exactly what got Ezhno banished." she said, trying to convince her friend they needed to go.

Fate turned around abruptly "Skipping Council meetings is NOT what got him banished." She said forcefully. While Chance was older, and even if Fate wouldn't admit it, wiser Chance never had cared for history and Fate hated it when Chance messed something up. "Ezhno was banished for a collection of things. Skipping meetings was a minor wrong."

Chance sighed and looked away from Fate's hard emerald eyes. "I'm sorry okay? It's just that's how it started." She looked back at Fate and said "Now come on, we need to get going."

Fate nodded and walked away from the wall with her friend. Fate naturally walked slightly in front of her friend, although she knew it was custom for her to walk behind her elders. The two had been friends so long that they didn't care, nor did the Council care that Fate was a little disrespectful.

It didn't take long for the young women to get to a huge building, decorated much like the English buildings of colonial times. They walked into the building and quickly found their place by a wall, halfway between the doors and the table at the head of the room where the Council sat.

The whole building was filled with spirits, most of them older than Fate. She was the youngest spirit allowed in the meetings but never had cared for them, hence skipping most of them. It had earned her a slightly rebellious reputation but she didn't honestly care. Most spirits were enthusiastic to go to the meetings, because they know that if they can get a good reputation they'll be respected.

Suddenly the whole room went silent as the main doors opened. A sudden feeling of freezing wind shot through the room. Everyone turned and looked at the door to see a spirit walk in. Ignoring the blood red eyes that searched the room, soon focusing on the Council it was clear as day that he was a dark spirit. He boldly walked up to the council's raised table. He nodded slightly, giving them faked respect. "Greetings, oh high and mighty Council" he started sarcastically "I've been sent with a message. Mephistopheles, or Ezhno as you know him, wishes for his banishment to be ended as now is the time it should be over." he paused for a moment then, mockingly said "We kinda want him gone too so if you would be so kind to take him back that'd be great."

At the table the Council members all looked at him, rather unsure of what to think. Only Time himself seemed to know what was going on. Although Ezhno's time was up he still couldn't reenter the spirit realm. Time knew it was fair for Ezhno, or Mephistopheles, to be free to return. However he didn't like that option. He knew as well as anyone that no one was the same after being banished that far into the underworld. After being down there for five-thousand years there's no way of knowing what condition he's in. Time looked at the scraggly man before him and said one word. "No."

Everyone jerked their heads to focus on Time. He'd caught them all off guard. It's not that they'd been expecting him to say yes, they just hadn't expected such a simple answer.

The man below him blinked twice "Excuse me? No, um you see if I go back to Mephistopheles and tell him you said no he'll kill me." Time continued to look at him blankly, not caring. The name laughed nervously "Right, well I'm Malachi, I'll be...around. Tell me if ya change you're mind cause I kinda don't wanna die." he said quickly before leaving the room.

Fate looked at Chance, rather awestruck. "Are all the meetings like this?" she asks.

Chance shakes her head, in just as much shock. "Nope. Most of them are boring planning timelines and stuff."

Fate nodded, "Yeah..." she trailed off, wanting to mention something but decided not to. "Well, let's go!" she said before turning to walk out of the building.

Chance chased after her slightly, coming to match her fast pace. "Go where?" she asked.

Fate looked at Chance, a wild look in her eyes. "To meet this Malachi guy!" she said.

Chance froze for a moment before catching up again. "Fate! We're not suppose to talk to dark spirits! You know as well as I do that most of the problems we have are because of them!"

Fate paused her walking and looked at her friend. "I know. That's why I want to meet him!" she said quickly, excitement growing in her.

Chance stood there watching as her friend walked off. She sighed and mumbled to herself "Fate, you need to grow up, you're teenage attitude is gonna get you in trouble."

Outside the building Fate looked around, trying to find Malachi before he got lost in the crowd of spirits leaving the building. She spotted him fairly quickly and made her way over to him. By the time she caught up to him they were away from the crowd. "Malachi." she called out, not much louder than her normal tone.

He turned around to look at her, his curly black hair falling in his face before he shoved it back. He smiled at her "Ah, why hello there." he said, almost flirtatiously.

Fate studied him "Why would Ezhno or Mephistopheles kill you? How would he kill you?"

Malachi took a breath "He'd kill me cause that's what he does. How? Well...he's not exactly a spirit anymore."

Fate cocked her head to the side. "What do you mean?" she asked, her curiosity taking over her actions.

He walked over to a large rock and sat down on it. "Being that far into the underworld for 5000 years, it ain't easy on anyone. He's a demon now. More powerful than any of us."

She shuddered slightly "Creepy."

Malachi chuckled "Yeah, wanna know what's creepier? He's so powerful I'm not even always in control of my own body."

Shuddering again Fate asked "How's that possible?"

He shrugged "Haven't got a clue. But I know I spaz out when he takes over." he said as his hand twitched slightly.

It didn't escape the notice of either of them. "Like now?" Fate asked.

He nodded as he spazzed more and more each second until it just stopped. By that point he had fallen on the ground but was now standing up slowly. He stood with dignity, pride, oddly taller than he had been before. When he spoke his voice was raspy, unlike before when it had been rather silky. "Child, I never knew you did I?"

Fate looked at him and shook his head. "No. I'm still a teenager...more or less."

He nodded and walked in a circle around her. "You certainly aren't full grown. But I don't think Malachi here honestly cares. Regardless of his opinions you may just be able to get me back in this place."

Fate looked at him, confused "H-how?"

He leaned on a building and said "Easy, you were in the Council building during the meeting so you have a place there. You can convince them to let me back in."

Fate shook her head, she may be young but she knows helping him would only get her in trouble. "I don't think so. Not any time soon anyways, I mean I'd have to shape up my behavior. Go to the meetings, do extra work, that stuff. I hate the meetings and my job! Plus if I just randomly start acting properly they'll know somethings up!" she said, trying to get out of this situation.

He scoffed "Help me or I'll kill you as well as Malachi here."

Fate nodded quickly. "Okay!" she said, giving up in this. "One last question though, should I call you Ezhno or Mephistopheles?" she asked, wanting that one last bit of information.

He gave her one, last look and said "Mephistopheles." before letting go of Malachi. He collapsed on the ground unconscious. Fate debated checking on him but was too freaked out to. "I need help." she muttered before running off to find Chance.