Biskit Domino was smiling. He checked to see if the coast was clear. Data had followed him, but was now nowhere to be seen. Biskit climbed the fridge and opened the cookie jar.

"I wonder where Data went!" said Biskit. Suddenly, Data jumped out at him!

"Data! Uh…it isn't what it looks like…"

"Very funny, Biskit!" exclaimed Data, "You were about to eat the cookies without me!"

"Uh, no I wasn't!" said Biskit. Little did he know that behind him, Chilli was making his way up the fridge.

Chilli made his way over the cookie jar. All of a sudden, he fell over.


"Huh? Hey!" Biskit angrily stormed over to Chilli.

Data smiled evilly.

"Now THAT'S a meal!" he joined Chilli in eating the cookies.

Biskit was so small he couldn't get anywhere NEAR the cookie jar without being pushed off again.

So he sighed sadly and walked away.