True Monster


"The moon shines brilliantly in the sky as a slight breeze whistles by. Downcast eyes stare sadly at its horrific form, while curious eyes stare in amazement and awe."

Chapter 1: A Curse and a New Girl

It's not fair! It's not my fault I was born this way. Angrily, I flip the page of my manga comic and nearly ripped it. I didn't choose to transform into this terrifying monster whenever I get mad. Unfortunately, I inherited this 'curse' from my dear grandmother, Sakura Saki. She had to bear this awful curse just like me. The only well known cures are death and true love. Sound familiar? They're complete opposites, but alike in some ways. They can both be either beautiful or painful… Love hurts when the person you love doesn't feel the same for you and death can hurt extremely if diagnosed with a disease or murdered. As the saying goes, love can either feel like heaven or hurt like hell. Especially when your own parents absolutely hate you.

My godmother, Madeline, was given the 'honor' of taking care of me. You see, my stupid parents abandoned me at the orphanage because they saw my true form. Madeline felt so pitiful for me and legally became my guardian. I didn't need her pity! 'What an honor to be given!' I mockingly thought to myself. Yeah, right. More like a death punishment, not something I'd be proud or 'honorable' of.

Apparently, some toddler girl was found crying in front of my house. Who would ring the doorbell to the well known terrifying boy? But, that's all according to my dear Madeline… At 7:06 AM, Madeline brought the crying girl into my bedroom by holding her hand while looking at me painfully. Like she couldn't stand to hear her wails. Her usually neat pink hair was messy with tangles like she just woke up. Madeline continued staring at me with that look. Is it me, or does she want me – the monster toddler boy – to hold the so vulnerable girl?

"You see, Aiko, she's been crying ever since she appeared on the doorstep. Nothing ceases her crying!" Madeline complained to me while eyeing the weeping girl beside her.

I barely glanced up from the page turning manga comic I was reading and lazily replied, "Does it look like I care? Would you please leave, Madeline? You're disturbing the peaceful atmosphere."

Madeline is also known as Maddy the Madman to me. That was my personal nickname for her when she's mad or insane like right now. Maddy simply gave me her death glare (oh, so scary) and nearly shoved the wailing girl into my face. If looks would kill, I'd be lying dead on the floor right now. I can't stand it; her constant bawling is so loud and irritating!

"At least make her stop crying! For the love of delicious, mouthwatering ramen, please." Maddy pleaded with a pained expression with begging puppy eyes like in animes.

Boringly, I finally looked up at a certain desperate someone and sighed in irritation, "Fine, give here to me. Geez, you think you can just make me do anything, huh?" I reluctantly hold out my chubby toddler arms. Oh, did I fail to mention I'm freaking one and a half years old?

In response, Madeline smiles brilliantly as bright as the intense, powerful sun and hands over the little infant. "She's all yours!" She yells as she sprints in glee from my now dark bedroom. I hold her protectively to my chest and get a full, spectacular view of her mystifying eyes. One word guys and it's B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. They were dark blue with tiny specks of grey that slightly reminded me of the big blue sea. Her big, mesmerizing, curious eyes peered into mine and she finally, I repeat finally stopped crying. I guess ramen really is that powerful as Madman thinks…?

I heard really loud footsteps stomping – not so quietly – upstairs and observed an awestruck Madeline sprint inside and exclaim breathlessly, "Wow, she stopped!" Instantly, to my shock, she fell to the cold floor, kissed it, and started to praise happily, "Praise the Oh-Most-Holy Ramen!"

The tiny girl in my stiff arms continued to stare in my serious eyes with obvious curiosity and questioned, "Who are you?"

Once that specific question escaped her mouth, Madman started to literally start rolling on the floor laughing quite carelessly. I shook my head in dismay which resulted in a frown on her petite face. "I'm Aiko Ashitaka. Ai-ko."

Her smile turned upside down into a frown again and slowly tried to pronounce, "Aye-ko. Ayeko!"

I chuckled humorously and once again repeated, "Ai-ko. Aiko." She continued to frown cutely in frustration. Wait a second, did I think 'cutely'? She finally mumbled, "Ayeko. Ai-ko. Aiko!"

I smile in relief and nod. To her confusion, she starts pointing at everything with her round, soft index finger and calls them Aiko. She pointed to the lamp, the floor, ROFL-ing Maddy the Madman, my manga book, the window, my bed, myself, and named them all Aiko. However, what's her name…?

Experimentally, I point at her and say tenderly, "Misaki, Mi-saki. You're Misaki." I think the name fits her perfectly like a show because Misaki means in Japanese. Plus, it has part of my grandmother's surname.

She looks puzzled for a moment and then innocently questions, "Me-saki? Mesaki, Myesaki, Misaki! Misaki." I grin from ear to ear and nod in approval and pleasure. My eyes unwillingly trail on to Madman who is still on the floor, kneeling in mock respect, and noisily praising ramen for granting her prayers. Who prays to food, or ramen, these days? Besides foolish Madman of course… My godmother has officially gone cuckoo. Isn't that funny?

Surprisingly, the phone started to ring. Madman yelled cheerfully, "I'll get it!" while running down the stairs quite loudly. Can't Maddy act normal like me for once? With the girl still in my arms, I strolled casually downstairs since Madman was taking longer than she usually took. Unless she was chatting with her boyfriend again... Instead of seeing the 'normal' happy-go-lucky Madman, I saw her with a worried expression on her usually smiling or grinning face. Something didn't feel right here.

"Aiko... It's your..." Maddy trailed off while her eyes darted nervously from side to side. Who in the world could it be?! You know, I hate people who play with my patience!

I observed her gulp and choke out, "Mother." Suddenly, everything seemed to turn red. I was mad. Extremely angry. Before I knew it, I had transformed into a monster. This is bad, really bad

Preview of Chapter 2:

My previous human arms were replaced with furry, black cat arms. On my back, I've grown black, feathery angel wings. Black neko ears sprouted from my head and camouflaged with my silky, soft raven hair. My short toddler legs transformed into muscular, black wolf legs with sharp claws that could easily penetrate human skin. My two incisors turned into pointy wolf teeth for ripping flesh effortlessly.

Unlike most people, Misaki gasped in amazement and clenched my now fluffy middle with her delicate palms... To Be Continued!

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