The face of a wolf

The face of a dog

The face of a cat

Or that of a wild tiger

The mask does not cover the face alone

No, it extends to the shoulders

It covers the arms

Stretches down the legs

Enlarges the hands and feet

It reaches to the tip of a limp sweeping tail

The mask is a body that encloses the individual inside

Covers the human that supports and drives it

Though, while unseen

Eyes forget about the Man

They see the suit

They recoil in disgust.

What they see is not human

A taboo, an act so unnatural

That it earns their scorn

Their frowns

Their biting insults and condemning, beating ridicule

The person ceases to be a human

When they enter the suit

When they adopt a playful persona that had been hidden within them

A character of their making that is wrong because it is an animal

It is forbidden and strange

They become the furry

They become the freak

When all they are

From head to foot

Are people with different imaginations

Each, a perfectly unique human being.


Humans cannot wear paws

They were given hands and feet

They cannot have snouts or tall pointed ears

The tail that sweeps must be cut off

Shear off the ears

Tear off the fur

Until you are satisfied with what you now see

Left will be a human, bare and normal

Yes, kill off the persona

Break the spirit

Torture them with painful words and hatred

Yes, that is the correct thing to do

Leave the tattered, furry corpse on the floor

Trampled, torn, mutilated

Only a paw-less, tail-less human being

Can be a good human being.

Don't you feel better?

Self-sustained hatred is marvelous

Ignorance is the needed fuel

March on with your witch-hunt

Slaughter the imaginations of those who have different thoughts

Suppress the revolting chimeras that so disturb you

Aren't you the righteous murderer?

Your hand that abuses is so well supported

A majority add their own blows

So you are the great, superior one.

All I see are fools.


(This was first posted on my DA account)

And I am not a furry (I just know some people who are), though there isn't anything wrong with being a furry. I'm just not drawn to participate in the furry fandom.
People seem to assume that being a furry automatically means that there is a fetish involved, but that's not true. Not all furries even have "fur-suits" (costumes) - because they don't want them or because a custom made suit would be too expensive - or for whatever reason.

It would be like saying that every anime fan who cosplays a character has some odd fantasy about that character and is obsessed with hentai - or anything like that. It doesn't mean there aren't people who are into the more "graphic/mature rated" aspects of anime, but not every anime fan is involved in that "graphic/mature rated" activity.

I thought that this fit the prompt - plus it was interesting to write this poem - I'd never written about the topic before.

If I get any negative responses, I'm sure they'll be interesting.

(ALSO don't assume that I myself - the poet - am the speaker in this poem)