A Christian, whose husband was not a believer, continued to frequently pray,

And one day she heard God's response as a voice of assurance, which went on to say,

That her husband would make it to heaven, converted. But later, the man sadly died.

Her response was to give up on faith and the church, and try everything else on the side.

An elderly woman, this one also Christian, was neighbour to one grumpy bloke,

Who set out to prove no-one listened to prayer, and prepared an unthinkable joke.

While outside her window, he heard her in prayer for some groceries, as she'd become poor.

He bought them himself, and snuck onto her porch and positioned them outside the door.

Then, ringing the bell, he ran off to the bushes, and watched her discover the gift,

And praise God for bringing them. Then he jumped out, and his words of sheer boasting were swift:

"There isn't a God up there listening to prayers, which will never go up past the lid

Of your house. Jesus didn't provide you with groceries and help you, but I surely did."

"Oh no Sir," the woman replied, "God was listening, and heard every word of my prayer.

He answered it, being the one to provide for my needs with His infinite care.

Not only was God the provider of these, but my God made the Devil the one

Who paid for the food, when He knew of your plan. So He let you proceed with your fun."

A man with a burden for sharing the Gospel, one day had the need to hitch hike.

He thought of the soul of the driver, but wondered if preaching was what he would like.

He finally shared his beliefs and his faith, and they talked for an hour, when the trip

Was over. The man put his life into God's hands, with God there to captain the ship.

The witnessing Christian went back there to visit the man whom he'd led to the Lord,

Whose wife let him come in. He told her the time that the Bible was taken on board.

"Soon after you met him," she wept, "He was killed in a car crash, and I never knew,

That God met my prayer to convert him." She came back to church with much praising to do.