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It was a seemingly normal morning as my sixth grade class continued to work on our posters for science. Of course that was before the fire alarm screamed out its horrendous cry.

It was a routine fire drill that we were all use to. But, it wasn't. Rushing out of the classroom we took note of the smoke coming out of the restrooms and others gasped in the smoke-filled air.

After getting to our place on the field we heard the teachers making sure all the kids were out. They weren't.

I heard the teachers saying that they had let the children use the bathroom before the fire. They were all girls, that's all I knew.

Next, I probably did the most reckless thing in the world: I ran into the smoke filled rooms. I ran into the girls' restroom, hearing the frantic screaming of young children.

"Where are you?" I quickly yelled once making my way past the sinks.

"Here!" I heard three frantic voices all answer. I looked around until I was in the back where there were three hunched over forms nearly engulfed by smoke and flames.

My heart almost stopped. Sammie, Mya, and Shelly, little girls who I'd known all year, were those little silohettes. I grabbed two of them and placed them over my sholder and grabbed the last one and held her as I made my way out of the building that was slowly crumbling.

After getting out I looked to see that the one I was holding was Mya and the two over my sholders were Sammie and Shelly. I ran back to the field as fast as my protesting legs would allow.

I reached the field and set down the three exhausted girls and watched as the principal and nurse ran over. Just as I blacked out.

I head the distance voice of my teacher, Mrs. B, shouting at my classmate, and crush, to help the nurse lay me on the picnic table.

"Okay," I heard his energenic, yet solemn tone reply.

I felt his arms lock around me and hoist me up, as though I was but a simple feather. His heart pressed against my ear, I felt his humming heartbeat. It was a faster pace than normal. "We'll make sure you get better," I heard him mutter to my slightly conscious body.

I felt my body lay flat on the hard surface, blacking out completely.

~Flames:Rising Higher!~

"Is she going to alright?" My mother's voice flooded through my eardrums. I kept my eyes shut, feeling the bright light from be hind them.

"Mrs. Maxine," I heard a familiar voice, but couldn't place it. "The doctor informed me when I first visited her, that she would make full recovery." I knew that voice... "She's a fighter, she's strong, she'll make it."

I knew that voice.


He was my crush, apparently the one to carry me from the ground, I vaguely remember him placing me on the table, the words he whispered to me.

My eyes fluttered open, blinking back at the florescent light spilling through my eyelids.

"Hi sweetie," I heard my mother's soothing tone.

"How are you feeling," I heard Easten ask me as I sat up.

"Hi Mom, I'm feeling fine," I lied to Easten, feeling the burns all over my body begin to hurt me.

I'm guessing I winced at the pain because Easten came out to sit beside me, rubbing his pointer finger in a spiral along my wrist, the only large place I wasn't burned.

"What happened after I blacked out?" I questioned the boy beside me, ignoring the fluttering of the damned butterflies in my stomach.

"The ambulance came three to eight minutes later. Mrs.B told me to go along with you. You've been asleep due to the painkillers." He told me.

"How long?" I felt my voice rasp out.

"Only three hours." He told me.

The door to my room slammed open, the principal, my teacher, and who I assume is my doctor, stood just past the threshold.

"How are you?" The woman in the scrubs asked. "Fine, but I'm feeling a pain undescrible on my burns." I responded.

"You receiced second and third degree burns," at the news I shuddered, feeling Easten hold onto my hand. "What you did was very brave, but you were lucky." She ran somemore tests and put some ointment on the burns, then she left.

"Taylor," Mrs. B started, I interupted her,"Although it was extemely brave, it was reckless, and not thought out." I snapped.

"Well, yes...But I was going to say that you were going to be honored for your selfless act." I felt guilty as I saw the frown from me snapping at her.

"I'm sorry I snapped, I hate being like this," I pointed to the tubes on my arms.

"It's okay, I don't either," She told me.

"Taylor," The principal said evenly, "The building the girls were in collapsed, seconds after you rescued them. If you hadn't, well they wouldn't be here today."

There was a knock at the door, Mrs.B peeked out, smiling as she motioned in the new comers.

It was the girl,"Hi," I said weakly, Easten's hand firmly holding mine. Mya was the first to climb up on the bed, followed by her sister, Shelly, then Sammie.

Mya climbed up to the side Easten wasn't on and sat down, watching me,"Why did you risk your life for ours?"

I contemplated my answer,"You three are so young, I'm older, I can last longer with the smake than you, I had to allow y'all to live on."

The three girls wrapped the arms around me, holding me tight, "You are like my little sisters," I whispered, pulling them closer, kissing the tops of their heads.

There was a knocking at the door, it was flung open as Mrs.B walked to it,"Taylor how does it feel to be a hero to many," News Reporters. "I will only talk once I am released from the hospital." I informed the many new cews outside my room, they were not happy.

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