Ruby teardrops

Perfect in so many ways,

Wrong in so many more,

Shattering against the floor,

Pooling in scattered shards

They staining her skin,

Each caress of their sharpened points

Digging deeper,

Each hitting closer to home,

Each longing to be...

~Crystal Blood~

Well that was an interesting one...

Im sure you most of you will have some kind of version for it but the main idea I had for this one was someone cutting, well more directly ME cutting. No I have not cut myself, this was just an idea I had (On the bus).

If you have reqad my profile you will see that my name is in fact Crystal Blood, that was my main inspiration for this poem and being true to myself I had to make this som kind of cutting reference.

But than again words just flow to me, I don't think about them.

I will actually be amazed if anyone reads this...

Well so yeah here you are... Review and check out my other stories,

Crystal, out –salutes and walks off-

~ Crystal Blood