Shit: Out of ammo.

I drop the gun. Utterly defenceless but not for long. Not if I have any say in it. I won't let these roaches take me down easy. It's my mission to make them hurt. I check then recheck the odds.

Not good: They total eight.

Jack and I, we're all that's left of the big damn heroes. Making one, last, blood thirsty stand because there's nothing else left. No winning this game. No hidden aces or rising saviours. Just me, Jack and a whole lot of bad guys.

One guy, big and ugly grins as he cocks his gun. His lackies follow suit. Cowards. Too scared to shoot when I was armed. Too scared to rape when they weren't law.

A hail of gun-fire rains down on me, but they don't have what I do. Dark emotions run deep through my veins, more than blood itself. They came here for blood tonight, I came fore revenge. I want their blood to run rivets down these cobbled roads. I guess we can both go home happy.