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After 10 years-Day 8

I took a deep breath in as I positioned myself on the bed in the hotel room so that I could pack my bags more comfortably. Yes. I was leaving. Agrion. This town everything. And when I think about how it came down to this I don't know how to feel. It's like I feel so many things at the same time.

Yesterday after Shaurya and I released each other from out death grip, there was silence between us. Of course we couldn't stay that way too long. All good things have their ends sometimes and mine seemed to last really short. Before I could even have the satisfaction of him being there or I could agree to the fact that we were actually hugging, Shaurya's breathing had increased again and as if it had become our involuntary action, we had drawn apart.

I had just stood there in silence when he had said that he had to go. I wanted to ask him why he was not marking me even now when everything was so simple. I wanted to tell him to mark me. To order him. To force him. To beg him. But I had just stood there in utter silence.

Was I scared? Was I actually being scared now that I had been pushed away so many times?

A bitter laugh escaped my mouth as I continued packing my bags not that I really needed to. I could just buy new clothes from Leios which was my destination. I was perhaps trying to distract myself from thinking about so many things. Not working.

If I had perhaps asked him to marking at that moment then maybe there really had been a chance. I had never seen Shaurya so…resigning. He looked like he was ready to do whatever I said, even marking. But still I had just nodded to him and even dared to voice my thoughts. I had really turned into a coward huh?

And to make matters worse, I had told him 'I will leave to Leios to check up on Kruti…' to which he had just nodded. A bunch of idiots we were.

So here I was packing my things in a very small suitcase and getting ready to go to Leios and completely say good bye to Shaurya.

I sighed as the windows banged furiously against each either. Looked like the winds weren't much happy that day either…

I surprisingly didn't feel very guilty or irritated just…sad.

Shaurya's POV:-

I shifted from my bed where I was sitting half up. I tried to not think. I felt like I wasn't even in this world anymore…like I was somewhere far away. Like I wanted to just disappear.

"What is going on Shaurya!?" Yash's screaming voice reached my ears and soon enough my brother burst inside the room as if trying to catch and escaping criminal.

"What?" I asked him lazily and saw him throw me and exasperated expression.

"What the hell is going on here!? Yesterday I thought that finally you were doing something for yourself that was actually the right thing. Then you return looking, well, looking like nothing had happened at all, and then Mira appears the next day which is today, and announces that she is going to Leios and then somewhere far away and, just, just what is happening here?"

I gave him a hallow look "What do you mean? Everything is as it is. She is going away and why shouldn't she? It's not like she is bound by me-"

"You didn't mark her?" he looked in utter amazement "Why didn't you bind her to yourself then? Why didn't you just…mark her when you had the chance?"

I looked at my brother and I tried to come up with something. It was not like so many things were going on and I was confused, it was that I couldn't think anything. Nothing was going on in my head which was really surprising.

"I would do anything but that" I said and know that I was turning into a living corpse but it didn't bother me. I was too tired. Tired of all this. I really felt like I was dead anyways so what was the point in feeling all the pain just to be alive? "I am not like father…"

These words escaped my mouth before I even realized it and I glanced up to see Yash looking at me in shock. I didn't ask him why though.

"I get it now…" he said and his eyes turned soft as his eyes glanced over me. His expression was brimming with sympathy and I didn't know why but my throat had also gone dry all of a sudden. Had some sensitive topic been touched to make me even a tad livelier? Funny. What topic could be more than Mira?

"I can't take it anymore!" Yash yelled at me suddenly but the corpse that I was, I didn't react even as I saw him strode out of my room yelling something over his head.

I just sat there. Not thinking about what he was going to do, not worrying about he would give away the secret of the transfer of curse. Not thinking about even Mira, about what would happen to me if she was gone again. Would I be able to stand it? I had already become this just at the thought.

I sat in silence…stiffening silence which I didn't mind. I wasn't thinking about anything and didn't know how much time had passed by. Probably a lot, probably not.

From the movement of my muscles, I knew that a huge yawn had just escaped my mouth. I was sleepy? Who cared? If I was then I would just doze off like this.

"Shaurya?" a voice entered my mind through my ears and I forced my neck to turn towards the door only to be surprised by the new comer.

"Mom" I said and felt myself crawling to a sitting position before standing up to meet my mother. I didn't know what she looked like because my mind had stopped. My mind had turned dysfunctional since a day before.

"You need something?" I heard myself ask. Such practiced words. Nothing from my heart, which I doubted if I even had it in me anymore.

"Can I talk to you for some time?" mother asked and I nodded. This was when I started to realize the absurdity of the entire situation. Mom had never even looked at me let alone approach me and talk to me?

I looked over at her again and pointed to the sofa beside my bed. She sat down lightly where I had indicated and I waited for her to talk on.

If Mira hadn't affected my mind like this then I would probably feel eager about this situation and happy even. But now, it didn't really interest me much.

"Yash told us everything" she said and I looked at her not quite having the feeling of our eyes meeting. Was it her or perhaps it was me? "He told us about the transfer of the curse and everything…"

This succeeded to get a little of my attention. This was one thing that I was very adamant about. I never wanted any of my family to know about this because I was scared that somehow they would feel guilty or something and that our family might drift apart. This was what I was scared of the most. They were my family and I couldn't lose them, ever.

"…he even yelled at me" she said and I could now sense a bit of amazement in her voice "I never expected that kid to, um, rage at me like that."

"Sorry…" I muttered automatically. He had probably yelled at her for me and if that had hurt her then it was entirely my fault. But I wanted her to believe that I hadn't meant for her to get hurt. I never could.

"No" she said and I failed to understand what she meant by 'no'. I didn't ask her though, partly because I didn't quite believe what was going on. She was actually talking to me? Everything was starting to hit on me slowly.

"You perhaps want to know that he…well, let's just say that he yelled at me a lot of things" mother said and now I could feel a little bit of happiness inside me. I didn't care if she was here to shout at me for telling Yash some things, I was just happy because she was talking to me. It had been so long since she had…

"I will talk to him" I said and saw her look up at once and this time, I could feel our eyes meet. After such long years…

"No" she said again "He was right…I really have been blaming everything on you…"

"What did Yash say?" I finally felt like it was of concern to me. Her lips trembled a little and she opened her mouth as if it had suddenly become heavy.

"He told me that you weren't your father and I needed to realize it sooner before I completely ruin your life than I already have" she let out in one breath and it took a while for me to react. I hadn't expected this from Yash. He really had been pushed to the edge.

"…I know that it's been so long and an apology won't make up for everything I did to you but I am still saying this…" she looked a bit nervous as she continued "please forgive me. I am sorry"

At her words, I felt like I had been slapped directly in the face and I woke up from my daze.

"No no no" was all what I could say. Hearing mother apologize to me seemed so unreal to me and so, wrong. "I am sorry Yash said things like that. I will talk to him. You don't have to feel guilty. I am sorry for hurting you. I am sorry fo-"

Warmth spread across my neck and I came to sudden realization about what had just happened. Mother had wrapped her arms around my neck in a warm embrace.

What really was going on?

My mind started flooding with thousand of thoughts again. Mom…Mira…and I could feel it; the pain returned announcing that I was alive again.

"It's okay now…" mother whispered softly in my ears and I felt hot liquid pour out of my eyes without my notice "It's all okay now…"

Mother's words, her arms, her hugs, I had started believing that I would never be able to experience any of this again but now I realized how much I craved for this.

"I am sorry for pushing everything away on you" she said in a broken voice and I knew that she was in tears too "I was so selfish. Your father just met me when I was still a human and he suddenly leapt on me and marked me and…his eyes were so-"

Her tone had a sense of fear in them and I could feel her tremble at the mere memory "In just a flash my entire life changed. I turned into this…monster and everyone abandoned me. My parents friends, everyone, they just threw me out"

This was the first time I was hearing anything about this. Sure I knew that mother was a former human and then had turned into an alpha after the mark bite of an alpha but nothing more.

"I still remember the time. It was cold and i-I I didn't know what to do anymore. It was already night and I could feel that I had changed, changed into a monster. And I was alone. I wanted to die so badly but as I was lying on the streets hoping death would come sooner when he had forcibly taken me to his place.

"I hated myself for being attracted to him this way. He was the person who had destroyed my family and who had just taken me in forcibly refusing my freedom of dying saying 'you die, I die so I won't allow it'

"I was so scared so pissed, so lonely. I didn't have anyone to turn to and that was when I gave birth to you. This gave me confidence. I didn't want your life to be destroyed by him as well so I could muster up the courage. It was very rare and not even considered possible but I did it, I ran away from my mate."

I was stroking her back gently. I had no idea that this was what had actually happened.

"But then you…you started to look so much like him and, you, you were a monster too. Your bite could also turn innocent humans into beasts and ruin their life forever. I had my sanity because I had been bit by my mate in a marking bite but I became scared every time I thought about you biting someone."

"But I never bit anyone" I found my voice. I never thought that I would have been able to argue with my mother but here I was "I always listened to you…I don't remember anything but this is what I can be sure of."

"I know…" she said "I was so selfish that time. I started avoiding you little by little because of how strongly you resembled that man. How you were a proof of his abuse over me. How you were a constant reminder of my darkest past. It was as if I wanted to escape from everything so I stoppe-"

"I am so sorry!" mother said and I could see her gripping me tightly "I can't believe that you actually went as far as to transfer the curses. Eight curses Shaurya! Eight!"

"I wanted to please you really badly huh. What a desperate child I was…" I said through gritted teeth as her sobs turned to crying, almost wailing.

"I am so sorry. So sorry" she said as her buried her face in the front of my coat which I was wearing even when I was inside "I am so sorry. I adopted these children similar to mine because I could understand their pain. I knew what it felt like to be left out in the open, abandoned by everyone, all alone. But still it was wrong for you- oh, please forgive me"

"Okay" I said but still her crying did not lessen "Please don't cry…"

I heard her sniffing roughly as she struggled to control her tears in "I have been nothing but bad to you but now I promise…I promise to be a better mother"

I nodded, finding that I couldn't say anything.

"So please don't let me affect you anymore…" she said "Go to Mira please…"

Mira. Right. A deep pang of pain shot through my chest at her name. She was leaving. Leaving me. Again. She would be gone then, forever, perhaps find some other guy or even that demon again and be happy with him ever after. I hated how I was bitter to her thought of being happy. This was what I wanted didn't I?

"You need her…" mother said and I nodded slowly.

"I know" I said "I know but I can't use her. She is not meant for this. It is the opposite. It's fine for me to survive just for protecting her"

"I really have affected you a lot right?" mother said and her eyes flooded with fresh tears again "Don't mix us please…"

What was she saying?

"…I may have pushed you away when you loved me a lot…" she said and I could hear the tone of guilt in her voice "I may have done it many times but don't close yourself like that. Mira is not me"

Now I was getting it. Perhaps this is what it was all about from the start. Perhaps I was scared to mark her, to take a step forward because I was too scared, too scared of being pushed away again…

"You don't know how I felt…" I heard myself say to mother "You don't know, how, how being hated by the person who you love the most in the world is like…"

"I am sorry" mother had started sobbing again but still she managed to let go of me and said "But Mira is not me. She didn't once push you away right?"

She was right. I was always the one; I had been pushing her away all the time when she had never left my side, not even once.

"Be brave" I heard my mother say as my thoughts started to clear out. I had to take the risk. I had to be brave. I hadn't imagined there would be a time when anyone would say something like this to me.

Without second thought I had teleported. Teleported to the place where I could still smell the scent of my mate. Distinct but sharp.

Mira's POV:-

I made my way across the forest opposing the winds which were going crazier than ever. They had even managed to pull my hair out of the ponytail that I had put them in. my hair was going wild by then and I mustered up a smile at the thought of Kruti's reaction to my hair. Of course that wouldn't be it because before seeing my hair she would see me.

I had stopped by at Shaurya's house to say good bye to everyone and their reactions had told me that he hadn't mentioned anything about this before. I was worried about him. He was okay right? He was always the type to suffer by himself and not let anyone help him.

I laughed out loud bitterly as I wondered if he had even done a single thing for himself ever. Always doing this and that for her, for him for me.

I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't see him. I wasn't expecting him to say a good bye and all, that would be too unfair on him but I just wanted to have a look at his face which I wouldn't be able to see any longer. Which I could just wonder about…

The familiar sound of air cracking make me turn on my heels in an instant and sure enough. What I had thought was true. There he was, standing few meters away from me looking as handsome as ever. Even from the distance between us, his eyes were sparkling at me and I felt like I would dissolve into thin air just by looking at them.

I would really not be seeing any of this anymore?

Unconsciously tears started forming at the brim of my eyes. I had changed so much since meeting Shaurya, he had brought down the strong self I put up and had made me such a weak girl who cried at every little thing.

"Guess I was wrong…" I told Shaurya, being incredibly stupid but I couldn't think right anymore "…You seeing me off. I guess it was not a good idea after all"

More and more tears were forming with me not being able to stop them at all. Just his sight. Just his sight made me cry out. This was how much I loved him yet every time I extended my hand he would push it away.

He wasn't accepting my feelings which hurt me more than anything. Sure I knew his reasoning and all but still I hated it. Hated him rejecting me all the time.

"Mira…" I was snapped back to reality by the sound of his soft voice and the way he said my name was enough to send a 5000 volt supply down my spine.

"I want to mark you…" he said and I saw him extend his arm.

He looked so…bare. Standing there in front of me as his clothes were flying at the terrifyingly strong winds with his hand extended towards me.

I had seen him becoming weak before, painfully weak but this was different. There was no pain in his eyes as they danced around me. He looked so strong but yet fragile at the same time.

"Of course…" I heard myself say with a voice foreign to me as I moved forwards towards him. Closing the gap in between us fear grew upon me. I was stupid for thinking this but I had built up my walls by then. What if all this turns out to be some misunderstanding or something. How could he possibly have a change of heart so suddenly?

It sounded so crazy but my body wasn't under my control anymore as my eyes melted into his crystalline ones. His eyes were smiling as I placed my hand in his softly.

"I am all yours…" he said with his voice sending my heart throbbing like crazy.

He bent down on his knees and pressed his lips on my hand which had turned cold. His warmth started spreading over my fingertips at once. The place where his lips had turned felt like they were on fire.

Was this really not a dream?

I saw him open his mouth a bit and his teeth came in contact with my skin, just grazing along as he moved up my arm leaving burning sensation wherever his teeth touched lightly.

His face was finally inches away from me as he reached upwards. Our eyes intertwined and my legs turned into jelly. I was being able to stand just because of his arms that had crept behind my back and were now holding me.

We refused to look away and just kept staring. His eyes seemed different that before, brighter, happier, relaxed. I saw them slowly changing to red but still he was Shaurya.

He bent his head down as I raised mine not feeling scared of how his eyes looked at all. Finally our lips met into a warm and soft kiss.


Tears that were already on the brim started pouring out as if a trigger had given them a go signal. His mouth hungrily kissed mine and then trailed to my cheek and ears.

His breath felt hot on my ears as they started to turn pink matching my already furiously blushing cheeks. I felt him move my hair from the neck and press his lips on my shoulder as a shudder spread across my body.

"No wait!" I almost shouted.

Shaurya's POV :-

It felt good. It felt good to do what I wanted at last. And she felt sweet. From her finger tips to her neck, every part of her was so sweet that it could give me cavity.

I had trusted her. I felt weird to trust her so much so suddenly, to have so much faith that she wouldn't turn back after all I had done to her.

But she never would. She was Mira…she had reached out for my hand without even asking what was up with me suddenly. She had not even reacted to see my eyes turning so terrifying that my mom had been haunted by them for the past so many years.

She had not protested to anything to why when the marking time came, she-

"No! Wait!" she said and I forced my face away from her with a grunt. She looked into my eyes and surprise flickered across hers. Probably my eyes looked lost because that was how I felt. Was she refusing to let me mark her?

"It's okay…" I told her and felt my body starting to shake to close in the gap between her skin and my teeth "It's okay. I can still stop you can-"

"Here" she said and hung her head over my shoulder gently with her hand pressed to my mouth "The mark. I want it to be where I can show it to everyone…"

As soon as she had said it, I felt relief spread over me as I took the side of her hand inside my mouth and my teeth dug into her raw flesh at last.

The distance between us had finally reduced to nothing. We were one, for now and for the eternity.

I slowly blinked my eyes open and noticed that my eyelids felt heavy. What had happened? I rummaged through my mind to recall the last events and it didn't require much force. All the memories started flooding my head even before I fully opened my eyes.

"Shaurya" was the first thing that escaped my mouth and as I struggled to sit upright, I brought my left hand in front of me. I sighed deeply on noticing the deep scar of Shaurya's mark. So this wasn't a dream? I smiled unconsciously and looked up only to see Shaurya himself sitting on my bed side and regarding me with a bemused smile on his lips.

"What?" I asked instinctively at his stare. It needed getting used to after all this while.

"Nothing…" he said and gave a low whistle "Just seeing how you can be so energetic just after getting up. First confused, then shocked, then startled, then relieved and then happy"

"Oh thanks" I said feeling unsure about what to reply. Before he could say anything more I continued "by the way where am I?"

"This is not the hospital for sure" he said and I looked around for the first time. I was so sure that we were in the hospital that I hadn't even looked around till that time.

"Ah" I said as I took in the familiar surroundings of my former room. I turned to Shaurya to see him smiling at me and saying "missed it?"

"I couldn't" I replied a bit angrily "because apparently someone had erased my memories clean…"

"Still angry about it?" I heard him say in his soft voice as his fingers gently got hold of my hand and started to intervene between mine "I apologized didn't I?"

"Yeah…" I said and though I was determined to stay angry at him at least a bit longer but as soon as our eyes met it was useless. Apparently the idea of telling him how wrong he had been straight to his face was a bad choice because my mouth did the opposite of what it was supposed to.

"I really want to be with you so much…" I said and his other hand reached down to smooth my hair behind me.

"You are here with me now and forever" he said and I nodded as the distance between us lessened again till my cheek was hotly on his shoulder.

"You promise to never leave me right?" I asked and as his stroking continued, he replied "never"

"And you promise to tell me everything from now on?" I asked and again he nodded while saying "Okay…"

"And you promise to consult me before taking any decision?" I asked again and I could hear the amazement in his voice as he said "okay"

"And you promise to never bite any girl again?" I asked and felt his hand freeze over my back for quite some time before he regained his posture.

"I am sorry about that…" he said and I shook my head quickly. I didn't need his apology. Sure I had been hurt knowing that there were girls who were going on about Shaurya marking them and biting them and holding them and so many things while I…I couldn't even picture us holding hands. I had been so jealous, so envious of them that I decided to completely ignore the matter.

"There was nothing you could do…" I said as he resumed stroking my hair gently "You had to do it. I understand. But with so many girls and they were saying how you, uh, sorry I am going crazy right now, yeah, nothing much, it doesn't matter to me what they said about you holding them and how they were feeling when your teeth sunk into their skin and all. Not at all. I have no problem whatsoever with this"

"This won't ever happen again because you are here with me" he said and I nodded in agreement muttering "it better not"

"So angels also have anger issues huh?" Shaurya said with a low chuckle as I slipped my free hand under his arm and circled his back.

"You mind?" I said and his instinctive reply was "Nah"

I smiled to myself as I looked up in his eyes. The sparkling blue had a different gleam in them. So storming with intensity and yet so calm at the same time.

"Are you really mine?" I asked the extremely stupid question that he had every right to be irritated over but instead he smiled and said "Haven't I always been?"

"Yeah…"I agreed. Sure we didn't have any times together. Sure when we thought of each other all we felt was pain. Sure we got hurt more than we were happy but still. All the while this thing was what had not changed. We were of each other. Unconsciously we had given up our entire self to one another.

"And now that you are linked to me…" I said with a grin spreading over my face "you have to take care of yourself too Mr. Tuffy"

"Tuffy huh?" Shaurya said, amusement flickering in his eyes "My nickname? What should I call you then…pumpkin?"

I burst out laughing before I could realize. The thought of him calling me pumpkin was so…sick.

"Never" I said as I fiercely tried to control my fits or he would send me off to a psychiatrist immediately "I'll adjust with Mira"

"As you wish" he said in a mocking sigh "Don't blame me later for not being romantic…pumpkin" I was laughing out again and this time I had to remove both of my hands to grab my stomach which had started to hurt.

"I'll live with it" I said and met his eyes. They looked like they were dancing and laughing. They looked like breeze, calmly sweeping by.

"So it's just you guys being flirty with each other" some voice said from the doorway and we turned to see that the newcomer or newcomers to be exact were staring at us in amazement.

"No no. It's, um, we, we were…" I started lamely as blood rushed into my cheeks.

"It's okay we understand all that but don't we have any part in this?" Yash said as the huge family rustled in as if some kind of movie was going on.

Shaurya and I separated quickly but reluctantly as I glanced at the familiar faces of everyone from the friendly household.

"I missed you guys" I finally said and as soon as the words were out of my mouth the room was covered with 'Aww's' and screams and cries and hugs.

Always depend on this family to be the noisiest no matter when and no matter where.

"You sure have changed a lot" I said as Rahul sat down beside me with a thud.

"Well yeah" he said brushing his hand over his hair "It's been 10 years so isn't it, natural?"

"Oh! I so wanted to tell you this" Shakti screamed in my ears suddenly shortly joined in by Ashmita who said "This is great. Now we can have double fun!"

"Just don't invent any new dishes darling" Karan said quickly "Not that I don't like them but still there will be many people and they…wouldn't, appreciate it"

"What are you talking about?" I asked failing to understand the excitement of Ashmita and Shakti who was now busy eyeing her husband who was in turn pretending to find whatever Armaan and Yash were talking about very interesting.

"They're just planning on giving a party for Rahul's age of maturation" Priyanka said as she slid to my other side comfortably as if she had been there all along.

This felt so nostalgic to me. The kids who were all grown up now beside me and the entire family talking almost at the same time. Something was different this time though. This time Shaurya was different and Veera, she was talking to Shaurya?

"Shaurya!" my voice rang through the entire room and everyone turned towards me in surprise, Shaurya included.

"What was rule no. 1 again?" I asked him ignoring his electrifying gaze and his bemused smile.

"Uh, that I never leave you again?" he asked and I blushed the deepest of red possible "No! Next one!"

"Um, that, that I always tell you everything?" he asked as his crystal eyes bore into mine.

"Yup" I said and pointed a finger at him and then his mother "You. Me. Talk. Now"

"Sure" he said and in a second he had teleported beside me and then we both had left only to appear back in the living room.

"We're just downstairs. We could have walked" I complained as he seated himself on the couch and opened his arms wide.

"Too tiring" he said and I sighed as I moved towards him. I had took his indication and sat in between his legs on the couch with his front pressed against my back.

"Now start speaking" I said as he laid his head on my shoulders saying "yes madam…"

His tone looked tired but still he told me everything. Every single detail about what had happened between him and his mom. Perhaps I had been too harsh on her. I had judged her too badly. She had also been through a lot it turned out.

"I think I must apologize to her" I said and felt Shaurya grabbing me closer to him. Why did he have to be so adorable when I intended to go?

"Why? To stick up for me?" he said and I shook my head furiously.

"NO!" I said quickly and could sense his smirk "I don't regret that. I just…I thought really bad about her and she, well, she didn't deserve it"

By the time I had finished talking I had come to full realization about how lame I sounded even to myself.

"So you are going to apologize for thinking?" he said in clear surprise "You angels really amaze me!"

"I guess I just, oh well, I felt guilty for not thinking well about her when she, well, she helped me so much. I can't ever thank her enough because if it was not for her then you would never have come and then we would have, we wouldn't have been like this because we would have. You would, well what am I rambling for?"

"Shh" he said in my ear which was also turning red by then "we are going to be together from now on. Isn't it enough already?"

"Yeah…" I said and a faint smile hinted across my lips as I added "for now"

"What's that supposed to me?" he asked in a teasing tone and I replied with a "you will see. Your mistress can have very large demands"

This time Shaurya was the one to burst out laughing as he said "Nothing. Just, you, picturing you as some bossy lady is too much of a joke"

"Hahaha" I said. I felt a bit insulted at his sudden outburst when I hadn't even cracked a joke, not that it mattered.

"So what do we do next?" he asked his chin popping over my shoulder.

"Is that even a question?" I said with an exaggerated surprise tone "We go see Kruti of course!"

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