The night is freezing and I can't feel my legs. I hug the walls of the now empty alley, holding on to my bulge. My stomach moves and I scream in pain; nobody comes to aid me. I can't walk anymore, my knees collapse, hitting the ground with a loud thud. The pain inside me is worse, somehow the fall made the thing inside shuffle, trying to rip out of my skin. Sweat covers my body as I grit my teeth, suppressing another agonizing moan of pain. I'm in all fours now, panting. I don't feel anything anymore; everything went numb. The skin on my stomach starts stretching, it's uncomfortable. Somehow I know this will end soon, but for now I must endure it.

I don't know how I got here. All I remember is storming out of the apartment with my eyes wet with tears. His eyes hunted me. Those glistening gray eyes that drove me crazy were now hunting me. He stood naked in front on me with an empty expression. The girl on our bed was holding the blankets close to her chin, as if that would hide any of the shame she should definitely be feeling, but instead a smirk marked her lips. I just stared at them, awestruck by what I encountered. I couldn't believe that this amazing day would be ending like this. I heard him screaming my name. My feet moved fast and soon I was out of that place. The place I once felt as if it was home; my second home.

How could he?

The sun was setting and I found myself heading towards nowhere in particular. I was lost and didn't care. If he wanted, he could find me. I obviously wasn't that important to him.

I manage to lay my back against the wall, my legs spread apart. Suddenly, the pain hits me a thousand times worse making another scream rip out of my lips. I push, and scream. This is the way the pain will leave me. I want it to get out of me and fast. Pain keeps coming at me, having no mercy, and all I can do is push and scream feeling like my spine is about to detach from the rest of my body. This is it, I can feel it. The dark alley somehow becomes smaller, my vision blurrier, and I feel light headed. Everything is spinning but the pain is slowly subsiding. I feel something coming out of me, and once it's out, I lay limp, knowing this is the end of me. My body feels weak, and I'm giving in to the steady fog that surrounds my mind.

A tiny scream brings me back from my foggy state. I try to clear my head and focus on the scream. I need to protect it. I must protect her. She's my daughter. Her screams stop and I'm frightened. Is she dead? I roll onto my side and my weak arms search for her. She's so tiny and besides being covered in blood and placenta, she's beautiful. I can't help but smile faintly as her little hands take a hold of mine. Her hair is as black as night, and her eyes are too big for her little face. Her skin is like cream, contrasting with those memorable eyes; stormy gray with a hint of green on the edges. She has his eyes; she looks just like him: little button nose and rosy cheeks, lips looking like scarlet. Scarlet. Hello scarlet. It's barely a whisper but the little child in my arm stirs and looks at me. I hold on to her eyes, starring right at them. This is the last thing I see.

The eyes that minutes ago hunted me are giving me the peace I need; calmness surrounds me. I manage to hold her closer to me, it's getting cold, or maybe it's just me. Everything is dim, and I can barely keep my eyes open. My body goes limp making my head hit the pavement. A little laugh surrounds my last thoughts. I smile faintly at the beautiful sound.