"Ha! Come on Frank! You're getting old my dear friend!" Aaron's voiced carried through the hallway the following morning, booming its way towards the entire house. I was making my way down the stairs for a glass of milk, it was probably around seven in the morning; Kevin still sleeping in my bed. Now, it's not what you think! Nothing happened; I was just afraid of sleeping alone. I practically begged him to stay with me.

The kitchen was located on the left side of the large stair case and I was making my way there, when right on the opposite side of my destination, I heard his out of breath screams again. His voice seemed excited, as if he was smiling; I could almost see it.

Curiosity got the best out of me as I found myself turn around towards his voice. I came across a small hallway, leading to a lonely door. As the rest of the doors on this house, it was much too tall, but it contained a very weird symbol right at the center. It was a triangle shaped symbol with a very discreet sun implanted in the middle. My legs carried me towards the door, my attention fully on the symbol, which became much more pronounced as I got closer. I lightly touched it with my finger tips, slowly brushing it, tracing every curve.

"Oh come on! Get up and let's go again!"

"Ughhh… Yes my lord." Frank was grunting and sounded out of breath, but his voice was excited as Aaron's.

Their voices brought me back from my trans. It seemed that I became distracted by everything now a day, but once again my curiosity pushed me forward. My hand twisted the door knob open and I made my way in. I wasn't expecting what I saw. My eyes were filled with horror as I appraised the two men fighting like if it was a life or death situation. Aaron was holding a medium sword that looked very lethal and Frank had bigger swords on each of his hands, looking way more dangerous. What caused my eyes to stare in horror was the way they were dressed. Both of them had a pair of loose sweat pants, and that was all they had on; no protection at all!

Swords clashed together making a sickening noise and a few times I saw Franks' almost slicing Aaron's skin. I flinched, looking away from the scene.

"You almost had me!" Aaron was amused by this and his laugh carried out of the room towards where I was standing, behind the door, only my head sticking out. They continued their sickening game as I continued to stare in horror. My eyes were wide. Suddenly one of Frank s' swords sliced Aaron's chest, and a loud shriek escaped my mouth, making both men stop, swords still in midair. My feet had pushed me forward and now I was standing before them, well, before Frank. I was standing protectively in front of Aaron, my arms fully extended.

"Stop!" my voice was full of authority making Frank back away slowly, bringing the two deadly swords down to his sides. My breathing was heavy but my eyes didn't leave him, in case he wanted to try something else.

A light chuckle behind me made me turn around slightly.

"Oh Scarlet," his voice was singing my name, making my nerves tingle, "Frank, it's enough for today. You may leave." With that, the man in front of me bowed slowly and retreated himself through the door I came in, after he had placed the heavy swords on a table I hadn't see when I entered.

"Are you okay?" Once I saw that Frank was out the door I turned to Aaron, my hands instinctively stretching towards his face, caressing his sweaty cheeks lightly. I wanted to make sure he was alright; my heart ached as my mind thought about what could of happened if Frank would have cut open his body. I didn't want Aaron getting hurt, not now, not ever.

His eyes were piercing as I felt him relax under my touch, but then his magnificent smile came to his lips.

"I am well. Why wouldn't I be?" I soon remembered the tear of skin Frank had inflicted on him and my eyes and hands roamed his body, searching for it. Soon I found it; it was a light scratch that was above his chest, a few inches under his collar bone. I couldn't keep my eyes away from his tight body; his skin was wet with sweat but his scent was still amazing. My fingers lightly probed the skin around the light scar, making sure it was just superficial; I thought he would wince but he didn't, he was just staring down at me, his body leaning closer to mine with every second that passed.

"Does it hurt?" my voice was barely a whisper as I slowly met his stare; I left my hand on his chest as I looked into the deep abyss of his gray eyes. His head shook and I relaxed a little more. His eyes were still staring into mine when his strong hands lightly grabbed the small of my back, pushing me closer to his body. As for me, I couldn't breathe. My chest was rising and dropping fast and everything around me went black, all I could see and feel was his blazing gray eyes and his hands around me. The closeness burned me, but it wasn't painful; I needed that burn.

His lips were inching closer against mine and I could feel his warm breath on them. I didn't know what to do. I wanted for him to come closer; to close that inch that separated our lips, but then Kevin came to my mind. What was I thinking? I was with Kevin. Aaron and I could not be a thing! Right?

I pushed against his chest as I became dormant by his sweet breath. I needed to pull away from him, this felt strange; not wrong but inappropriate.

"Aaron…" my voice trembled as my lips let his name out, but my tone made him step away. I let my eyes fall into his once more, but before he could say anything about the almost kiss, I changed the subject, or more like brought it back.

"Why was Frank attacking you?"My voice was still a bit low because of the earlier situation.

"We were training. He was meant to attack me." His voice was flawless, and the amazing smile returned to his face. "It was bad for you to interrupt my session, you know?" His eyebrow rose slowly.

"I… I thought you were hurt… and well… I-I…" like a complete moron I stuttered, causing my cheeks to burn wildly. Aaron just laughed lightly; I seem to be entertaining him.

"I can take care of myself Scarlet," again he said my name; I loved the way his lips move as he says it. I nodded ones and started to turn away towards the door. I wanted to get out of here; obviously I was very embarrassed for making a scene out of this.

As I turned around I noticed the room I was in. The floor was completely covered in dark gray gym pads and all around the walls, there were weapons of all kinds. There were knives, bows, arrows, lances, swords, and well any weapon imaginable. I stopped completely as I took this room in. Its appearance made me very nervous. There were no windows which made me a feel a little claustrophobic.

"Did you require anything from me, dear Scarlet?" I had forgotten he was behind me, a few feet away, so when he spoke, his deep voice made me jump a little. I turned franticly and shook my head, then turned around again and stomped my way towards the door.

"Wait." His hand wrapped around my arm, sending shivers down my back. I didn't turn around this time. His hand didn't leave my arm as he slowly walked in front of me, gazing down at me with a smile playing on his lips.

"I do require something of you, if I may." My eyes widen. What could he possibly want from me?

"I don't want anything from you, do not worry. I need to talk to you. I am sure you must want some answer to all this. Please meet me after breakfast in my office. Frank will come and find you."

Before I could say anything, he let go of my arm and walked away, towards the opposite direction of the door. I turned around stunned, as a smaller door, leading to who knows were, was opened by his hand. His bare muscular back glistened in the dim light of the training room. It was hard for me to get my eyes off of him; the burning sensation I felt when he was close to me was aching now; I longed to be held by his strong arms. My eyes were on him as he slid gracefully through the door, disappearing out of my sight.

"You're up early," Kevin's husky voice came from behind me, making me turn only to be greeted by my favorite chocolaty eyes. I was drinking a glass of milk, sitting outside with a massive garden in front of me. The scenery was beautiful. I still had my pajamas on, I managed last night to take a shower so my hair was now smooth again and smelled of peaches. My slightly wavy hair was manageable today; I had it fall loose over my shoulders.

A smile spread on my face as Kevin made his way over. He cleaned up this morning. The lovely dark blue button down shirt fitted him smoothly and he had some of those dress up pants on as well; he looked very sharp, like the two other men I knew, but his hair was still the same lovely mess as always. My eyes scanned his body, taking in the stunning person in front of me when a slight giggle escaped his thin lips. I looked quizzically at him.

"Why are you laughing?" My eyebrow was slowly making its way up.

"You… umm… have a little something…" his fingers touched my upper lip and started whipping the reminiscences of milk. My cheeks were flushed but I slapped his shoulder lightly, making a louder giggle escape him.

"Don't laugh at me!" I pouted slightly but laughed with him. I laughed and laughed and laughed until my cheeks and stomach hurt. I was hysterical. Kevin was just watching me, the smile still in place, but concern all over his eyes. I sighed heavily. What am I doing here? How can my life turn at a full 360 degree angle and change dramatically? I'm frightened. I was staring straight ahead now, towards the blooming garden, my arms wrapped around my body, trying to hold what was left of me in place.


"Excuse me my Lady; my Lord is waiting for you." Frank interrupted whatever Kevin was about to say. I looked at the tall man waiting for me by the door. With one last smile towards Kevin, I made my way towards Frank.

We were walking towards, what I assumed was, Aaron's office. I walked nervously beside Frank. I had to apologize to him. I literally yelled at him! My head was now fuming at myself for doing what I did. I shouldn't have done that; they were training!

"Frank …" I trailed off and bit my lip; I was so nervous and full of shame.

"Yes my Lady?" His big brown eyes were staring at me now, I could feel them; the hairs on my neck stood up.

"I'm… sorry."

"Sorry for what my Lady?"

I had to look at him now. Was he kidding me? Once I caught his stare I felt embarrassment sweep all over me once more, turning my cheeks pink. "For screaming at you…" I looked away, "…you know… earlier today."

"Oh." A small chuckle came from him, "No need to apologize my Lady. You care for my Lord Aaron as much as I do. I assume it must have been horrid for you to see us going at each other like that, especially when you didn't know what we were doing."

My eyes met his again and a warm smile greeted me. I was shocked by what he said. I cared for Aaron…? He was right. I cared for him more than I would like; truth is that when I saw him in that dangerous situation, my heart longed to be before him and make myself bleed instead of him. My head was nodding now as Frank's words were playing again through my ears.

"Here we are." Frank lightly opened the door, announcing himself. "My Lord, may we come in?"

"Yes, come on in." the sound of his voice made my body relax and once we entered the small office and I saw his tall and lean figure sitting over a large desk, I became more aware of myself. He was changed now, not as formal as last night, but more than me anyway. Dark denim jeans hugged his lower body and a plain white v-neck tee shirt adorned his chest; he now had his necklace back on. My arms wrapped around my body instinctively; I wanted to hide my horrid black shirt, and pink pajama bottoms. I didn't notice, but even Frank was dressed up again, with the same suit I was getting accustom to see him in.

Without another word I made my way to the chair near the desk, I wanted to make my appearance less noticeable. Aaron's eyes shifted to me, the breath taking smile on his face again. He was looking at some papers when I arrived, his features set to full concentration.

"What is that?" I eyed the papers still on his hand. Frank had disappeared from the room.

"Work." His eyes didn't leave mine, but the papers on his hand were slowly being placed on his desk.

"Oh." He was getting closer now, squatting down next to me so his face was right before mine. One of his hands reached forward and tucked a loose strand of my hair behind my ear, leaving a trail of flames tickling the side of my face.

"I never thought… I'm glad you're here." His eyes were glistening, subtle laugh lines forming at the edges; he was breath taking. "But I assume you have some questions for me, so why don't we get started?"

And so my questions began to form, and he would answer them as easily as if they were first grade math problems. I asked him about me moving here; he said it was for my safety, someone was after me.

"Who's after me?" my eyes were wide. Why would anyone want to get to me? I was not special. I was just me.

"Hey, it's okay." Aarons' hand caressed my cheek and the other held on to both of my hands. "I will not let him get to you, I promise." His voice was full of power and I found myself believing him.

"He? You mean you know who he is?"

"Yes, I know. And this is why you are here; he will never find you here." My thoughts brought me back to my dream; the dream of the man, who stood over my real mother's dead body. I shivered lightly, but Aaron's reassuring touch calmed me. I needed to know something else now.

"What about the blood?"

"The blood?" his eyes were questioning, and his face was twisted in confusion.

"Yeah…. I …." My eyes deviated to his lips. I couldn't stare at his eyes any longer. "I crave… it."

"Oh." That was all he said. Thoughts about being a weirdo swept through me. Was I the only one who had this? Maybe Aaron didn't crave it like I did. I'm an idiot! Why did I tell him that?

I was internally punching myself. Aaron was quiet, his expression deep in thought. I couldn't take it anymore; my sudden movement caught him by surprise. I stood away from the chair, making my way towards the big glass windows behind his desk. I'm pretty sure my face was masked with shame and I didn't dare stare at him. I was biting my lower lip, thinking how could I just form another question and make him forget the last one.

"I didn't know you had already tasted blood." His voice was close to my ear; hairs on the back of my neck stood up. "I thought it would be a while before I had to talk to you about this, but I guess I was wrong." I turned around towards his voice; he was so close to me again, and I liked it.

"You mean…. You do too?"

A soft smile played on his lips, "All of our kind does." I was relieved; in a way.

"I like when you do that." He was staring intently at me, making me feel self-conscious.

"Do what?"

"The blushing of your cheeks…" he trailed off, the back of his hand was slowly making its way to my cheek. It seemed he would always touch me, not that I was complaining. I felt the urge to lean towards his hand as he touched my skin.

"Why do I crave it?" my whisper didn't distract his soft hand that was still making patterns on my cheek.

"We crave it because it's what we need in order to survive. We crave it the most when we first make our transition, the stage you're in. The blood helps you stay strong, but you can control the yearning for it." His hand dropped and the burning of my skin evaporated slowly.

"Can I ask you something?" his voice was deep and monotone but considering everything he'd done for me I wasn't about to say no.

"Anything…" he smirked lightly at my devoted answer. I blushed.

"Who was it?" I felt the blood in my face wash away, and I could feel the paleness. I was cold. This question I felt was too intimate, but I wanted to tell him. I couldn't deny him a simple answer.

"Um… it was… K-Kevin." His featured didn't show any sign of emotion as I looked at him.

"How many times?"

"Just once…" he smiled big at this, why, I have no idea. " Why?"

"I was just curious." His eyes were teasing me and my heart was fluttering wildly.

"Umm…" I was trying to compose myself; trying to form another question to ask. "If I'm in the 'trans-ition' form… that means… I mean… what else is going to happen?" My voice was shaking as I mouthed the last of my question. Aaron had said I was in this 'transition', I assumed it was the transition of becoming a demon, but did this mean I was going to change completely? Was I going to become a wild animal that had no control? Was I going to slaughter my way through this transition?

My head was spinning again and I had to sit. I slowly lowered my legs and now I was sitting on the floor. Aaron held on to me as I slid down; he took a seat next to me.

"Don't worry my dear Scarlet," he was looking intently at my eyes; his voice was soft as he spoke, "the transition is painless, since your father is one of the originals. The amount of blood you took from Kevin isn't enough to complete the transition, but it did commence the changes in you. Didn't you feel it when you first fed?"

He was right. I remembered that afternoon with Kevin; the deep kissing and on my part the sucking of his lips as the sweet liquid passed through mine. I shivered as my mouth watered once again at the memory. After I pulled away from him, something inside me had stirred. I could feel the changes inside me and then when I woke up the next morning, I could see them as I faced my mirror. My eyes were slightly sharper, the color more pronounce, even my skin seemed to be glowing a bit; my hair was darker as well.

I felt myself nod at the memory. Aaron simply smiled an approving smile at me and continued speaking.

"In order to complete the transition, you must feed much more," my eyes widen, "BUT it's all in your hands dear Scarlet. You're the one that can decide when to change. Nobody is going to force you." His words of reassurance calmed my ignited nerves. "Although you must do it soon. Once you become your true self, it will be easier to explain other things, and to keep you safe more easily."

"Will I be out of control?" my eyes widen a little. He remained calmed.

"Not at all, we are not savages."

"But we are demons!" I was starting to freak. My voice came out a lot higher than I had expected. Aarons' lips curled up in a sign of disgust.

"We are not demons. That's the name humans give us. We are different; we posses powers they do not and can do whatever it is they can't. We are stronger and smarter. They fear us. That's why they call us demons. We are not hideous monsters." His face seemed to soften at his last words.

"Then what are we?" my whispers were barely audible, but Aaron could hear them perfectly.

"We like to call ourselves Gifted, because we are. There is no name for us, we are the unknown." This was getting very irritating. I was something, but I didn't know what I was. Great.

A light knock on the door startled me, making both Aaron and I turn to the tall and lean figure of Frank entering through the door. Aaron stood up and nodded towards him, speaking silently again. Something was up and they were not telling me. As Frank left the room, I shuffled to my feet and slowly rose from my sitting position.

"What was that?"

"What was what?" a smirked was plastered on Aaron's face now before he headed towards the door.

"You're hiding something from me." My arms were crossed over my chest as I gave a glare towards Aaron's back. He stopped and turned slowly; his smile never leaving his lips.

"I am not. I've simply decided not to let you into this… for now." My eyes widen. Of course there was something else going on! He admitted it to my face! I had to find out, but before I could say anything he started walking again towards the door, one of his hands motioning me to tag along.

"We must be somewhere. There is someone that needs to see you."

I stopped on my tracks. Who was waiting for me? Other than Frank, Aaron, Kevin and the other girl from dinner last night, I didn't know we had company, nor did they tell me.

"Are you coming?" His hand was facing up, motioning me to take it. I shook my head, dismissing all the thoughts that went through it, and made my fingers slide to his palm.