' Listen Jamie, I want to help you but giving us the run around won't achieve a thing. Please son just give us something'.

Jamie Callahan gave the old man a dazzling grin. He was 6"2 and pure muscle, with sharp green eyes and an olive complexion. The man was hard to resist, part of a handsome family and a dangerous one.

In comparison D.I Peter Graham may have run to fat, in looks he was just about average but he was a good man. O.K most of his colleagues would call him a mean spirited asshole, none could deny the mans dedication to his work. More chance of hell freezing over than Peter Graham taking the easy way out.

Despite how hard Jamie was trying to make it Peter would discover the route of the problem. He was determined to remove the scum this boy called family from decent society.

' Ok, where were you from 7:30am to 2:30pm today? ' asked Peter praying for a true answer.

' For the tenth time with my family. We spent the entire day together, ' Jamie grinned they couldn't prove a thing.

Time was running out and soon his brief would say his favourite line, release my client or charge him. God this was a depressing room, grey Walls even the two detectives were various shades of grey.

' Gentleman, I come from a prominent local family and ...''More like infamous', Becca regretted opening her mouth instantly .

' Get out now ' D.I Grahams anger was barely concealed. He wanted professionalism in his underlings not smart alecs with cheap snide remarks.

' it's time you released my client mr Graham. ' As a man Gerald Marcus refused to give respect were respect was due.

Peter had forgotten the measly little man was still here and the urge to wring his neck was immense.

' Of course Gerry as soon as somebody gets around to clearing your boys paperwork, he's free to go. '

With that parting remark Peter Graham lifted his cumbersome frame and left the depressing interview room.

Immediately Jamies thoughts turned to Noor, she must be so scared. Alone with her pre-historic parents. They would be in for a nasty surprise in a few hours, their worst nightmare would be standing on their safe suburban doorstep. Both parents would pay for every slight and insult perpetrated during their short reign of terror. Jamie let a smile spread across his angelic face that made him look positively demonic.
Gerald Marcus stared at the boy next to him, at twenty two he was a menace. Without even trying his peers feared Jamie, were weary of this young man. The day Jamie Callahan figured out his true potential a lot of people would regret setting him on this path.

' Mr Marcus after I'm done here I expect the arrangements for Noor to be ready.' The mere mention of her name making the boy angel from demon again. Only those aware of the true