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Chapter One

I love my Mom. Of course I do. How could I not love the woman who brought me into this world? I just... I find her to be TOO MUCH at times. She's a trainwreck to put it lightly. My older sister, Dani's father moved to Canada a week after they conceived Dani. My father (that I've never met) skipped out on her the second he found out she was pregnant. My younger brother, Troy's father, already had a wife and kid. My Mom's mother (that I've also never met) is a racist, so she disowned her. My mother is white, but she doesn't date white men. She likes chocolate. Dark chocolate. I'm extremely thankful of that fact since it's what brought me into this world.

Considering all of this, I understand why my Mom is such a trainwreck. Not a sad, miserable trainwreck. She's more of an overly happy, constantly in your face, bubbly blonde, always gossiping on the phone, single and lonely, everything that happens in the world is my fault, extremely sensitive type of mother. She's just... TOO MUCH.

I love my sister. Of course I do, I've known her since I came out of our Mom's womb. Dani is everything you could possibly want in a sister. She's the loud, always gets what she want, not afraid of anyone or anything, strong willed, bold, won't hesitate to make you cry, sometimes aggressive type of sister. Yet we complete each other. We have this weird sisterly-bond-thing going on, as in we can always tell what the other is thinking. But then again, we BOTH say what we're thinking. She's a year older than me and she'll be going off to College next year, sadly.

I love my brother. Toby. He's a year younger than me yet he towers over my Mom, Dani, and I. I guess you could call him the "man" of the house. Toby's laid back, hilarious, extremely smart but acts stupid in front of his friends, popular, calm, nice but mean, gets girls out of their panties faster than you can blink an eye type of brother. He always has our backs, but would pick a night with his whores over a night with his sisters anyday.

I love myself (I guess?). Being 17 and only 5'2, I've got it through my thick head that I'm probably not going to grow anymore. At least in height. I have the wildest, curliest hair known to man. Not to mention I only have ONE dimple. Where did I get that from? I have no idea. I'm a clumsy, unorganized, always loves to make people smile, says what I'm thinking before I can stop myself, sweet, smart yet ditzy, stubborn type of girl. My lips are my favorite feature, their big and pink.

When Dani, Toby, and I are in public with Mom people shoot us weird looks. We do live in a small town, not to mention a small town in the SOUTH. People always look at us weirdly because we're darker than the woman who gave birth to us. They notice. They whisper. But we're so used to it now that we just shrug it off carelessly. Of course it bothers Mom, but we TRY to convince her we don't care, she just refuses to believe us.

I love my cousins. Their the same age as Dani. Sienna, my Mom's sister's daughter is the epitome of perfect. Long, wavy blonde hair, 5'8, slim yet curvy body, and small delicate features which remind me of an angel. Her personality is pretty much that. One of an angel. She's always nice, very smart, and she cares what other people think which can either be a bad or good thing. Irene, Sienna's twin is quite the opposite. She's got the same exact body and face as Sienna, the only way you can tell them apart is by their hair. Irene's hair is as black as coal. Which fits her personality perfectly. She's rude, nasty, always wears black, and scares the hell out of me. I try to stay as far away from her as possible.

Mom's older sister, the twins' mother reminds me a lot of Sienna. Sweet, caring, gentle, yet sort of bitchy towards my Mom. It seems as if they're always in some sort of competition, it's rather exhausting, watching them go at it as if they're the worst of enemies. I think secretly Mom's jealous of Aunt Rachel because she has a rich husband and Mom's a single parent. It's best to avoid being in the same room as those two.

I love my best-friends. Jade and Piper. Jade's a spunky blonde, co-captain of the cheerleading team. I never thought I'd be best-friends with a cheerleader, but she could possibly be the coolest person I've ever met. Since she's "in-with-the-popular-crowd" she drags me along to almost every High School party throughout the school year. As for Piper, she's never had a boyfriend, so it makes her a little insecure. However, she could possibly be the most down-to-Earth person I've ever met. Plus she's a little coo-coo.

That about sums it up for my loved ones. They're quite complex people.

"Maya!" Toby appeared in the doorway of my room with an impatient look on his face.

"What?" I spat at him. I grabbed my PINK bag and threw it over my shoulder.

"Dani said you better get your ass in the car if you don't want to walk to school." Without another word, he turned on his heel and disappeared.

That's normal behavior coming from Dani. I looked down at my white dress and up at my curly hair. It was sort of an afro today. Oh well. I made my way out of my messy room, downstairs, and out the front door. I rolled my eyes once I got to Dani's car because Toby was sitting in the front seat, checking himself out in the rearview mirror. I got in the back since I had no choice.

We arrived at school around three minutes later. This is a small town, after all. Before we got out of the car, Dani spoke up, "I have journalism after school, so you two have to find a ride home." Toby and I sighed deeply. That meant we're gonna have to call Mom to pick us up. Most likely she won't take us home straight away, she'll probably stop by a frozen yogurt store and force us to tell her about our day, as if we were in Elementary School.

"Fuck my life..." Toby mumbled. My thoughts exactly.

Much to my luck, when I got to my locker Jade and Piper were already there. Piper had her nose stuck in a Harry Potter book, while Jade was putting on her eyeshadow. I grinned at the sight as I approached them. "Hey, guys." I greeted.

They looked up from what they were doing, "'Bout time you got here. We were waiting for like three hours." Obviously Jade was exaggerating.

"Sorry, I was running late this morning." I explained as I began opening my locker.

"Doing what?" Piper chimed in.

Shrugging, I almost forgot why I was running late this morning. "Oh, yeah... It took me forever to find my white sandals." I looked down at my favorite shoes that matched my dress perfectly.

Leaning her shoulder against the opposite locker, Jade was also looking at my feet. "Those things are hideous." I rolled my eyes.

"I think their cute, I'd wear 'em." I smiled at Piper.

"Of course you'd wear them, P. I mean, look at your shoes." I sighed. How is it possible that my best friends are like fire and ice?

"Can we talk about something else please?" I offered.

It took a moment, but Piper was first to break the silence. "How was family dinner with Sienna and Irene?"

"Not to mention your Mom and that bitch the twins call their mother." Added Jade, causing me to giggle at her bluntness.

"It was... Entertaining to say the least. It's like Dani and I were the only sister's there that don't hate each other." Never had I say anything truer in my life.

"In other words, you'd rather suck cow nipples then have dinner with those idiots again?" Shutting my locker, Jade made me laugh again. I knew she was good for something.

"I wouldn't say that..."

"Guys!" Our eyes averted to Piper's amazed face, "Here they come!"

Turning my head around, I smirked at the sight before me. The hottest guys in school and quite possibly the hottest guys in the world were making their way down the hallway. I found it kind of adorable that the five of them were best friends since Kindergarten.

I'll start with Hayden Sanders. Standing at 6'3, it's safe to say his body is in shape. Captain of the baseball team, it's safe to say he's the most popular guy around. His parents are loaded so he's not only well-known in school, but outside of school as well. He has shaggy light-brown hair that falls down his forehead, and the most beautiful hazel eyes I've ever seen. It's safe to say I've had a crush on him for as long as I can remember. We've talked before and made eye contact, but we're not necessarily on friend-basis.

Collin Green is Hayden's right hand man. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. Collin's also tall, but not as tall as Hayden. He's your typical all-american boy, blonde hair, blue eyes. There's something intense about the way he looks at you, which causes the girls to go wild. Collin's captain of the basketball team and I can actually say we're friends. But only because he's like best friends with Dani.

Oliver Ottes is tall and skinny. Not really muscular, but somehow plays every sport known to man. He's got black hair and kind brown eyes. Oliver is probably my closest guy friend, sort of like an older brother to me. And I happen to know he's crushing on Jade. But that doesn't stop him from going on dates every weekend. I can understand that though, considering Jade has a boyfriend.

Luke Stark is quarterback and probably as equally popular as Hayden. He's got curly brown hair, and lively green eyes. He's quite the hottie. Girls fall to his feet every chance they get, it's actually amusing, watching girls fight over him. I don't know why they even try, because Luke has never, ever, ever been in a relationship. He doesn't even take his girls out on dates. Just gets into their pants right away.

Zane Rory is a total mystery. He looks a lot like Collin (their cousins) except his eyes are gray. He's the soccer captain and unlike his best friends, he's not a total manwhore. He actually dates. I don't get why he's so popular because he's possibly the smartest person I know, not to mention he barely talks to anyone. Which brings me back to the whole mystery thing.

"Their so hot..." While bored in Science class, I decided to eavesdrop on the morning gossip. It's almost always about the Fine Fab (my personally nickname for them). Chewing on the end of my pencil, I listened carefully.

"Omigawd! I swear Collin was totally looking at me!"

"Zane's eyes are so... beautiful!"

"I swear Oliver's got to be the coolest guy in Fort City!"

"Who do you think's the hottest?"

"Hayden, duh! No brainer! Trinity was the luckiest girl in the world!"

Once I heard my crush's name, I decided to tune out. Listening to girls fantasize about Hayden is not how I want my day to go. And I definitely didn't want to hear about Trinity, Hayden's ex. Obviously he dumped her, although she wasn't exactly sure why. Trinity is the cheer captain and otherwise known as the biggest bitch you'll ever meet. And that's saying a lot, coming from a person who sees the good in everyone. There just is no good to see in her. I don't know what attracted Hayden to such a person. I mean sure, she looks like she should be on the cover of Glamour magazine, but she's heartless.

Sighing, I glanced out the window I was currently sitting next to. My eyes caught sight of a blonde I immediately recognized as Jade. Hidden by the shade of a tree, it was pretty evident she was making out with her boyfriend. I smiled at the sight. But then I squinted my eyes, I noted the guy she was kissing didn't look remotely close to Ethan. Oh, shit.

Lunch didn't come soon enough. My stomach was growling all morning. For once I was thankful that my Mom packed my lunch for me. When I entered the busy lunchroom, I automatically found Piper and Jade sitting at our usual table. I stole an apple from Toby's lunchbox, then joined them.

"Tell Piper going on a date with Gerard is not social suicide," Was how Jade greeted me.

My eyes almost popped out of their sockets, "Gerard? Gerard Little?" Jade nodded silently. I couldn't help but burst into laughter, "Piper, going on a date with Gerard is social suicide." Piper just sat quietly, looking down at her food. "Please tell me Jade isn't trying to play matchmaker again?"

"Isn't she always?" Piper mumbled.

Rolling my eyes, I shot Jade a death glare. "Leave Piper alone. If she wanted a boyfriend, she'd get one." I left out the part that Piper is overly shy around boys.

"Yeah well, I'm just trying to help. You need a boyfriend too." And Jade has too many.

"I'm fine, thank you." I replied, taking out the contents inside my lunchbox.

"Did it hurt?" I know that voice better than I know my own. Groaning in distaste, I turned to the recently vacant seat next to me.

"Did what hurt?" I questioned, already bored with this conversation.

"When you fell from Heaven?" The cheesy smile on Lance's face made me want to slap him. He's been sexually harassing me ever since my brother brought him home and claimed they were "best friends."

"Go away Lance." I didn't even attempt to try and hide the disgust in my voice.

Still smiling broadly, he touched my arm. Instinctively, I punched his chest. "Don't touch me." I spat, but he continued to smile.

"I like 'em feisty," I rolled my eyes, "Cya later, lovely." He stood up now, "Bye ladies." Piper and Jade mumbled a "bye," and then thankfully he joined my brother at their table. He's so annoying with his cheesy pick-up lines and the way he bats his eyelashes at me. It's just gross.

"Holy shit!" Jade's voice pierced my ears as I turned to look at her. "Oliver and Collin are coming over here!" My eyes shot to the tall boys who were indeed walking towards our table, their eyes set on the three of us. I was slightly disappointed Hayden wasn't with them.

When they finally reached our table, they sat across from us. Although Collin and Oliver are more like my brothers, I can't help but admire how beautiful they are. Especially their smiles. "Mia-Maya!" I smiled at Oliver's nickname. He reached his hand over the table, towards my direction and I met him half way as we performed our famous handshake. It was silly, but it entertained us.

"Oli-kins! How'd golf go?" Last week he told me he and his Dad had a golf tournament to attend. He told me this because he tells me everything. I tell him everything, except the fact that I'm in love with his best friend.

"Boring as hell. Why didn't you come?" His brown eyes actually held concern in them, "You were supposed to be my personal cheerleader."

"I know, but my Mom made me go shopping for dresses with her." I almost cringed at the memory.

"Bummer..." I could tell Oliver was going to say something else - but then Collin cleared his throat.

"Anyway, we came over here to see if you guys are coming to Luke's party tonight."

"Why would anyone in their right mind throw a party on a Monday night?" I knew it wouldn't be long until Jade spoke up.

"We don't have school tomorrow, it's a Holiday. Luke's parents won't be in town, so it's the perfect opportunity."

"Is Piper invited? Because if she isn't, I'm not going." Sometimes the "populars" exclude her from parties, so I had to speak on her behalf.

"Of course she's invited." Oliver answered quickly. "In fact, P's the main reason why we're over here." Collin punched Oliver's shoulder, "Ow." My eyebrows met in the middle. The hell?

"We'll be there." Jade answered for the three of us. Typical.

The rest of the day passed by uneventful, except when P.E. rolled around. I had that class with Piper so I was extremely pleased. A break from Jade is needed every so often. Since we had just finished our basketball unit, we were all doing free-play in the gym.

Piper and I sat out since we don't enjoy participating in Physical Education. What shocked me during are nonchalant conversation was Hayden and Luke, making their way towards us. What's with all these hot guys coming up to us lately? I mean, sure we're cute but we're nothing compared to the High-Class sluts at this school.

My breath hitched in my throat and I couldn't find the words to speak as I stared up at a smirking Hayden Sanders who finally approached us. "Hey Maya, Piper." His deep, rich voice filled my ears.

I couldn't do anything but stare up at him and blink, utterly confused as to why he'd grace us with his presence. Did he really just say my name? You have no idea how many times I dreamed that he'd say my name. At least he didn't disappoint.

Glancing to Piper, she was staring blankly up at Luke who was grinning smugly at her. I knew she wouldn't talk in front of them, so I decided to speak up. "What's up guys?"

I watched as they both sat across from us, Indian-style. So they're actually gonna talk to us? I'm used to talking to Collin and Oliver, but Luke and Hayden never made an effort to speak to me or Piper. Which made me a little suspicious. "We just saw you guys over here, decided to speak." Answered Luke, whose green eyes were burning holes into Piper. Interesting.

My eyes then averted to Hayden, who was watching me intently. I licked my recently dry lips, then rubbed them together. "Why aren't you guys playing basketball?" That's usually what they do anyway.

"Because we wanted to talk to you." As our eyes connected, I noted a mischievous, yet genuine glare behind Hayden's hazal ones.

"You two are coming to my party tonight, right?" Although Luke was asking the both of us, his eyes had yet to leave Piper, who (poor thing) looked awestruck.

"Jade's forcing us to go." I suppressed a groan. Don't get me wrong, I love to have fun, but the popular crowd just isn't my scene.

"You don't have to come if you don't wanna." Offered Hayden, causing my heart beats to pick up rapidly.

"We want to go." Piper's voice shocked the ball sack out of me. I had never seen her look at anyone the way she was looking at Luke. I quirked an eyebrow as my eyes widened a bit. What the hell had gotten into her?

Not only Luke, but Hayden also seemed pleased by this news. Is it just me or is there something super fishy about this whole situation?

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