"Maya!" A feminine voice suddenly called out from behind the bedroom door, the next thing I heard was a few light knocks. With a somewhat disappointed sigh, I stepped out of the walk-in bathroom and opened the door.

Behind the door stood Piper, an enthusiastic smile lighting up her blue eyes. "You've been in here for almost an hour! Come on, everyone's downstairs."

Before I had the opportunity to object, Piper forcefully took my arm in hers and we began our journey through the long hallway and down the stairs. My heart beat suddenly picked up rapidly. Everyone was downstairs? Obviously, that meant I would be forced to face my demons. And by demons I meant Hayden and Brandon. But hey, at least they were sexy demons!

When got to the huge living room, the scene could be described as nothing less than a party. The stereo was blasting loud hip hop music, everyone seemed to have a drink in their hands, a few people were dancing, but mostly everyone was talking and laughing among themselves.

The next second I glanced at my side to find Piper had disappeared. This was not a good thing considering people that were alone seemed approachable. The last thing I wanted was to be approachable.

Suddenly the feel of a large hand caught the gist of my arm.

When I looked up, my heart stopped. "Brandon, wha-"

Before I could've finished, he opened his mouth, revealing that deep voice I had recently found myself weak for, "I need to talk to you... in private." As if my day couldn't have gotten any worse.

Normally I would've came up with some lame excuse. But the brightness of his blue eyes had me indifferent. He was pleading. And I knew it took a lot for Brandon Baxter to beg.

With a deep sigh, I gave in. "Okay."

His eyes had remained intent, as if he knew something I didn't. And without further ado, he led me down one of the long hallways and we found an empty bathroom and both entered.

As Brandon shut the door, I was starting to regret my agreement. The last time we were alone we almost kissed. The last thing I needed was to kiss him. I was scared of the outcome. I was scared of my feelings.

Brandon turned around to face me, and a mischievous smile lit up his features, "I kinda got you a present..."

My brows met in the middle as I eyed him unevenly. "You got me something? Like a present?"

"Just a little something I thought you might like." Before I could even ask more questions, Brandon pulled out a short gold chain from his Jean pocket. He gathered it in his hand and held it out for me to view. That's when I noticed the tiger charm on it.

My eyes narrowed in confusion as I stared up at him. "Wh-"

"The other day," He started, his eyes returned to serious again, "You seemed at odds with yourself. And I hated seeing you that way. So I had a tiger put on it, to remind you that you'll never lose your sass. You'll always be Maya in my eyes."

The moisture in my eyes was running without my permission. He bought me a necklace to remind me that I needed faith in myself? If that wasn't the most touching gesture ever then I didn't know what was.

Words were running through my head like crazy, yet I couldn't speak. "Brando-"

"Turn around." He commanded softly. Instinctively, I turned my back to him as he lifted the necklace to my neck and snapped it on for me. "Do you like it?"

With a most tender smile and water in my eyes, I turned back around, threw my arms around his shoulders, and before I even realized it, my lips leaned in until they landed on the softness of his own.

I could tell I caught Brandon by surprise because he didn't move at first. But within a couple seconds and his arms wrung around the expanse of my hips and his hot mouth started to move against my own.

Like with Hayden, I didn't just get butterflies in my stomach. No. I got the tingles. And I got them all over. My entire body felt as if it were on fire. When my nipples started to peak, pressing against the thin material of his shirt, that's when I knew for sure I was horny. I had to put a stop to this before it was too late. But I couldn't stop. This was paradise.

When Brandon's tongue poked against the seam of my lips, I moaned, allowing him complete access to my mouth. He took his time exploring every inch of my mouth and caressing my tongue with his own. I wanted him so badly to take me in that moment. To the brink of ecstasy.

And just as quick as it began, it ended. Brandon was the one to pull away, revealing just how much air we lacked in our lungs as we panted heavily.

"Maya..." He ran the tips of his fingers softly along the form of my cheek. "You dont know how beautiful you are." His eyes grew more intense, "Which is why we shouldn't go any further. I don't want some quickly in the bathroom. I want you. All of you. Begging, and pleading for me to stop when I take you to your pleasure heights and beyond."

My mouth hung wide open as I stared up at Brandon in awe. I didn't know what to say. I seemed to get speechless a lot in his presence.