A/N: Hey Guys! So general information first! This will be a series of different drabbles but all about the topic of feeling hurt, alone and depressed. Maybe there will be a happy one.. I can't promise. But when you want I can try!

I know that they may sound a little incoherent at first, but that's how feelings flow. They're mostly directly from my heart, so I'm sorry. Anyways, enjoy!

You can't understand it! Even though it'll be the death of me, I just can't and won't stop. Do you know how it feels to be so numb, to feel so hollow? I feel useless and so insignificant. My life is so worthless that no one would ever miss me when I'm gone! I… I can't even breathe!

My lungs are pierced, struggling desperately for air… I'm suffocating. I'm choking on my own fear.

Thousands of little blades are ripping through my veins; my blood is freely running down my torn skin.

Daily, I've got daily the feeling of dying from the inside.

All these fresh gashes in my soul are stinging, weeping due to the vinegar that was flushed through them. This vinegar you call human beings, you call emotions…you call life.

I won't stop clinging to the only item which is promising escape, oblivion and sanity.

I know you can't understand why I'm so desperate for the ability not to feel any longer, why I'm craving for stupor.

I'm helpless… I feel torn, broken… shredded to pieces.

The person you once knew doesn't exist anymore.

I'm just an empty shell of myself, filled with dirt and little fragments of my once existing soul.

Unfixable, irreparable, immedicable…

I'm broken