It was like a numb, dark power, forcing its way into my chest, far behind my soul and ripping.

Ripping apart my heart and only left over shreds.

Ripping apart a big chunk of my soul and instead of leaving me there, weeping and broken, it just settled right there into the core of my heart to tuck it piece by piece apart, every fucking day.

So long until nothing of me is left.

And sometimes it just feels even too hard to fucking breathe and I just wished… just wanted… but it didn't cave, it's still there, just like a parasite, living by eating my heart and my soul, pumping its black, infectious poison deep into my system and there's nothing I can do – except of letting it.

It squeezes my heart tight into its strong, hurting fists, making it bleed with sorrow and pain and the only thing I can do is watch my life bleeding right out of me.

With every breath that leaves my lungs.

And I feel far beyond broken.