Synopsis: A slightly nerdy girl, Claudia Horvitz has always been excluded due to her love of D&D and video games. One fateful day, she finds a pair of abandoned sunglasses, still in mint condition. Upon putting them on, she becomes unbelievably cool and awesome. She enrolls in karate classes and becomes incredibly skilled. A CIA agent sees her and wants to recruit her even if she is 'just a kid'. Everything goes well until a KGB agent knocks her shades off—but then she realizes it's not the possessed shades that made her awesom, she was already awesome to begin with.

"In every era, every man aspired for greatness."-Yasaka Hajime, Natsu no Arashi

~*~ CAST ~*~

Claudia Horvitz:

Maryweather Horvitz: (Claudia's mom)

Buck Horvitz: (Claudia's dad)

Ashley Horvitz: (Claudia's younger sister)

Paige Brewster: (Claudia's 'best friend')

Agent Thursday (true name Violet Thornsdale) :

Sergeant Bonifazi 'Fazi' Wikowski:

Agent #1:

Agent #2:

Agent #3:

Agent #4:

Agent #5:

Agent #6:

Agent #7:

Agent #8:

Agent #9:

Agent #10:

Agent #11:

Mike Ciano: (owner of the arcade)

Scene 1-Betrayed

(We see a film of Claudia, Ashley and Paige playing at a Chuck E. Cheese for her birthday, roller skating in another video, having fun at the local water park and screaming their heads off at an amusement park. We also see quieter times in the girls savoring a sleepover. Claudia and Ashley seem to be having more fun playing D&D than Paige is, though she secretly seems to be enjoying it.)

Claudia: Oh, hi ! I'm Claudia. Those other people in the videos with me are my little sis Ashley and there's my best friend Paige. At least I thought she was until she started hanging out with the hip kids. I never thought I was uncool.

Paige: (playing a game of basketball with her new friends)

Claudia: (walking up to her) Hey, Paige ! Wanna play Pokemon against me ?

(The chorus to 'The Way You Lie' plays in the background in certain key moments in this scene, but mainly the minor sequencing is played in a more contemplative manner.)

Paige: (laughing along with her friends) Are you like, 7 years old or something ?

That fad has long since come and gone. God, you and Ghastly are so uncool.

You dweebs. Why would I want to hang out with either one of you dorks ?

Bullies: (at different times) Dorks ! Geeks ! Freaks ! Ha-ha, what losers !

(they all ignore her, continuing to play their game)

Claudia: (wounded, trying to hide her tears, but they fall nonetheless) Fine. Who needs you jerks anyway ? Go ahead, make fun of my sister and me, but believe me, what goes around comes around. (narrating) Had I realized how correct I was in that statement, I would've held my tongue. While returning to the place where I had originally wanted to Pokebattle my sister, I saw a pair of really awesome shades on the ground.

Ashley: Oooo, snazzy. I wonder who they belong to ?

Claudia: Who cares ! I'm snaggin' these babies for myself ! (picks them up and folds them into her shirt)

Ashley: (concerned, a bit cautiously) Sis, what if those sunglasses are possessed by the spirit of James Dean ?

Claudia: (scoffs) Ash, that's ridiculous. Physical objects can't be possessed by the spirits of the dead. (narrating) My sister was always the more sensitive one. If something seemed a little unusual, she could sense it, especially if it dealt in supernatural energy. I seriously should've taken my sister's information more seriously, because as fate would have it, these sunglasses were different from any other pair.

(Scene fade)

Scene 2-A Normal Day At Home

Maryweather: Welcome home, my little birds. (hugs and kisses them)

Claudia: Mom ! (groans) People can hear you. Not so loud.

Maryweather: Well, pardon me for a bit of pda with my own daughters.

Buck: (lovingly) The munchins are back. How was your day at school ?

Ashley: Terrible, daddy. Claudia's friend Paige called us names, and now she's palling around with a bunch of bullies.

Maryweather: That doesn't sound like Paige at all. The two of you were like sisters.

Claudia: I don't want to think about her anymore. I'd rather drown my sorrows at the arcade.

Ashley: (in a depressed tone) I second the motion.

Buck: What could that hurt ?

Maryweather: It is Friday after all. Come on, let's load up the family wagon.

(scene shift)

Scene 3-Dominating the Arcade

(They all clamor into the family van, 'Edna' and head to Mike's Arcade and Pizzeria. Mike gives them their quarters and lets them have full range of the arcade. As soon as she puts on the sunglasses, she transforms completely and is dominating every video game she tries. While she does so 'Come On Baby Dubstep' plays in the background. She wins the best and biggest prize, a PS3 bundle, which an awestricken Mike hands to her.)

Mike: I have never seen such a display of raw talent and skill before.

Claudia: (cockily) Hey, it was nuttin'. Must've been in my blood the whole time. (flips out collar even though she has none)

Ashley: (a bit shaken) Your aura's changed, Claudia. You're completely different. Before you were yourself but now...You've been transformed.

Claudia: Ash, nothing's happened. I just look really cool. I mean, look at me. I am the epitome of awesome ! Bow to my leet skills !

Maryweather: Let your sister have the spotlight for a while. After what she's been through, she needs to blow off some steam.

Ashley: (anxiously) I don't know. She's not herself. Literally. I can sense James Dean, even his voice. Everything about him has usurped Claudia except her personality. It's like they've...merged.

Buck: (patting her head) My, my, my. What an astonishing and brilliant imagination you have, Ash ! I think we'd better get moving before we attract any more attention.

There are too many eyes on us right now and it's giving me the creeps !

Maryweather: Come on, you two. (takes Claudia's glasses off and puts them in her shirt collar) You have plenty of time to look chic later, Audia. Vamos !

(Scene fade)

Scene 4-Standing Up For Herself

Claudia: (narrating) The scenario at the arcade wasn't anything out of the ordinary, I felt. I simply felt an overwhelming sensation overtake me but I remember nothing of it. My sister said I was speaking with a midwestern accent and strutting like I owned Mike's Arcade. I debated I'd never do such a thing, but I felt like the glasses had become a lucky charm. How wrong I was...

(Everyone's playing games outside and 'Clap Back' is playing in the background. Paige and her 'buddies' see Claudia coming, and she puts on her shades.)

Paige: Well, well, well. If it isn't the Dorkette and her sidekick, the Dweeb.

Ash: (snidely and sarcastically) Ha, ha. Too funny, Paige.

Claudia: Well, Ms. Lews-ter, I wouldn't talk too much about yourself. Might give yourself a bad rep out here on the playground.

(Agents are watching from a distance, from having heard chatter about a young girl's 'immense gaming skill' from last night.)

Thursday: There she is, the target Sergeant Wikowski told us to monitor.

Agent #1: Engage target ?

Thursday: No, number 1. Stand down. Await further instruction. Let's see if she has the goods or not.

Paige: I think you and I should have a bit of one on one. See if you can run your mouth as well as run this courtyard.

Claudia: Don't kid yourself princess. There isn't nuttin' I can't do. (takes the ball, turns around and throws it into the hoop)

Paige: I'm pretty sure that was a lucky shot, Horse-spit.

Claudia: I'm Deborah Doomsday now. Just call me Deb. Can ya do that for me, sweetcakes ?

Paige: You are goin' down, shades.

(MLP 'Love Is In the Air' plays in the background except for the vocal tracks while Paige beats Claudia and her buddies without breaking a sweat.)

Claudia: (strutting, a bit saucily) It ain't nuttin ! Give me a real challenge, honey !

Paige: You won this time, Spit-wad. Next time, you're not going to be so lucky.

Ash: (running up to her) You wiped the floor with those goons !

Claudia: (adjusting non-existant collar) All in a days work. (suddenly one of the Agents in the background uses a 'freeze gun' and everything around her stops)

What's going on ? Why has everything...stopped ? It's like time has slowed.

Agent #2: You're coming with us, Claudia Horvitz.

Claudia: Is that a time gun ?

Agent #3: How do you know of this technology ?

Claudia: (cockily) What's it to you, man in black ? Just 'cuz I mention it, does it mean I have some sort of priory knowledge of the tech you carry ?

Agent #2: Ooh, she burned you good !

Agent #3: SHUT UP !

Thursday: Both of you, quiet. Claudia, your skill is of immense use to us.

Claudia: I don't know who you are, but if you work for the government I want no part of it.

Agent #4: You really have no choice in the matter. Once time returns to its natural flow, everyone will have forgotten we were ever here. It has a nice reaction of blanking out specific memories. They may have seen us, but once everything returns to normal we were never here.

Claudia: (a bit defiant, but compliant) I'll come along with you. But something has to come out of this for me. (narrating) This is when I knew it wasn't me speaking anymore but the personality in the sunglasses. I'm not sure who this entity is any longer, but it's like I am no longer the Claudia I used to be.

(Scene fade)

Scene 5-Fighting For What's Right

Claudia: (narrating) Over the next few months, they changed my image to suit my new moxy and chutspah. I was one bad mamajamma. Every operation I fielded, I nailed. No trouble. But then something horrible occurred.

Fazi: Alright, Horvitz. You know what you're up against this time. We're talking Triad members, loaded to the teeth, joined with the Russian mob. Hell, we may even have a whole European Union of gangsters fixin' to pump you full a lead.

Agent #11: Sergeant, shouldn't you be encouraging the young lady ?

Fazi: My encouragement is a bit different, 11. You should know that. You have worked with me longest. This is my method of motivation.

Agent #8: (whispering to #7) None of that ever worked on any of us. It just made us nearly piss ourselves.

Fazi: You know your objective. Go in, retrieve the contraband, and pull out. Our agents are backup, and all going undercover. Act like your one of them and everything should be in the clear. Got me ?

All agents: (saluting, with patriotism) Sir, yes, sir !

Thursday: And as usual I'll be monitoring the situation from afar and relaying further instructions if need be.

Fazi: Correct, Agent Thursday. Now go in there and kick some gangster ASS !

Claudia: (narrating) It was unlike anything I had ever seen, but being under the influence of this being, or whatever force it was, I was completely confident...That is until some moron knocked my sunglasses from my face.

(While the fight has broken out the Xenogears orchestral battle theme plays in the background.)

Thursday: Horvitz ! What's wrong with you ?

Claudia: Agent Thursday, I don't know how to fight. All I can do is dodge and evade their punches...Aieee...some of them have knives ! Oh God ! I'm scared.

I'm too young and pretty to die !

Thursday: You don't need the sunglasses.

Claudia: (still shaken but dodging everything that comes her way) Come again, Thursday ?

Thursday: You don't need me to repeat it. Everything you're doing, all those abilities, they're an intrinsic part of you. They are you !

Claudia: (emboldened) I don't know why I didn't see it before. It's because the sunglasses had momentarily obscured my sight... (Back in Black begins playing in the background as she kicks everyone's butt along with the agents' help. One by one the contraband money, drugs, etc are carted out in vans)

Agent #5: Horvitz, that was marvelous. You did that without even breakin' a sweat !

Agent #6: Yeah, you went all Bruce Lee on their candy asses !

Agent #7: Language !

Agent #6: (chagrined) Forgive me. The adrenaline is still coarsing through my veins after the take down...and another successful mission.

Thursday: It won't be the last we see of those thugs though. They may be down, but they'll take vengeance on us sooner or later.

Agent #1: Gee, you can really be a downer sometimes, Thursday.

Thursday: Just being realistic, 1.

(heading back to base)

('At Base' appears on screen.)

Faizy: Once again, due to your quick thinking and even rapider moves, you made this run a success. Due to your bravery, you will be honored in a ceremony this weekend as well as our other operatives. My congratulations.

Claudia: As flattered as I am by all of this, this is my final outing with all of you.

Agent #10: What do you mean by that ?

Agent #9: You can just quit the agency ! Only cowards do that !

Thursday: 9, you hold your tongue. She is anything but a coward.

Agent #9: I was overcome with emotion...I don't want her to go. She's been the biggest asset to our team !

Claudia: (holding back tears) I am well aware of this and I know it's hard. But I am needed back home. I'm a different woman now. I know you all recognize me as Debbie Doomsday. Though her personality has fled from me, my original self remains.

Faizy: Are you so certain you want to resign, Horvitz ?

Claudia: Sergeant Wikowski, I couldn't be more certain of anything. In fact, it is clearer than crystal. My parents need me. My sister needs me. And, I have a score to settle.

Agent #8: (hugging her tearfully) We're all gonna miss you, Claudia. You were our best martial artist.

Thursday: You do realize that Debbie Doomsday is going to have to die a terrible death to throw off the mob ?

Claudia: I know how these things go. I've seen plenty of espionage related films and read my fair share of covert novels to know where this is heading.

(narrating) And henceforth, that is what occured. I was given my medal in the ceremony. Debbie Doomsday, my alter ego 'died' in a fake speedboat wreck. The body they used was such a close match the mob never thought of searching for me. That threw them off the trail of the CIA for a while before they could complete their vendetta. I know the blood battle still rages between those two factions and darned glad not to have my hands sullied by it. All I care about now is saving Paige from those doofuses she hangs out with.

(While Claudia explains everything to the viewing audience, a clip show of how everything went down appears on screen and then the scene fades after we see her being driven back to her home town by Thursday, who gives her a final embrace farewell.)

Scene 6-Out of the Clutches of Darkness

(At home the police had been searching for any sign of Claudia. In fact, the whole town had conducted a search party to locate her but couldn't find any trace of her, that is until she comes walking back into the playground.)

Ash: (weeping, hitting her sister angrily on the shoulder) I thought you were dead, sis ! Where the dickens did you go ?

Claudia: If I said, you wouldn't believe me, and neither would mom and dad, or anyone else here.

Ash: (still a bit wounded) Try me.

Claudia: (narrating) And I told her everything, word for word. She was still a bit mad at me but after a while, we made amends. My parents grounded me for a bit, which Paige thought was kinda cool. She didn't think I was such a square anymore, particularly with my new attitude and look. The other friends she had been playing with on the playground had become old news, especially when they wanted her to try expirementing with drugs. Being smart and tough, she stood up to them...

Paige: Why would you want to alter your brains, that is, if you have em ?

Ash: Ooo, BURN ! She nailed you suckers but good !

Paige: (walking off, taking Claudia's hand) It may not be 'cool' but I think a mind is a terrible thing to waste. I'll catch you losers...never.

Ash: See ya, creeps. Wouldn't wanna be ya.

Claudia: (narrating) Paige could be fickle at times but she came to the realization those bullies weren't going to have her back when she became older. I had been loyal, true blue, lending her pencils in class and paper when she was unprepaired.

I was always the 'girl scout' in every situation and now, I had the stripes proving I had a bit of a rebel in me. And it wasn't such a bad thing to be after all. Sure, the super awesome shades were gone but we were finally living !

(We see Claudia, Paige, Ashley running about and having immense amounts of fun in the playground and in a park, roasting s'mores and telling ghost stories to each other. 'Into The Open Air' as they romp about and play. We're treated to pictures of the girls together while 'You're My Best Friend' plays. Outtakes and bloopers will be shown at the end of the film.)