a body,

a Soulless body

moving through everyday,

not understanding life.

He knows not love,

or friendship,

or happiness

all he knows is pain,

Why all the pain?

What did I do?

Why don't I just kill this body?

This Soulless body,

moving through everyday.

But no!

New feelings are flowing in.

Is this what happiness feels like?

He has found friends.

But the pain returns,

More and more each night.

But something happens,

He fights back.

With all his might he fights against life,

he will never leave his friends.

They gave him a reason to live,

they gave his Soulless body a soul.

For the little boy,

who was Soulless,

with no purpose,

losing his will to live,


He found a soul,

a purpose,

and a reason to live.