Are you?
You are?
Why aren't you denying it?
Do you trust me?
Well do you?
You know I don't care right?
Why won't you answer me?
Should I take the silence as a yes?

Why are you questioning me like this?
Why must you know?
Wait, why are you yelling?
Why did you go off yelling?
Why did you scream it at mom?
Do you have to be so insensitive?
No, stop, why are you chasing me?
Why are you calling me names?
Are you making fun of me?
Why don't you just put it on some cardboard and advertise it to the whole world while you're at it?
Didn't you say that you didn't care?

Now why are you ignoring me?
Can't you answer my question?
Please, why can't you just answer me?
Why are you making it such a big deal?
Stop, can't you see you're hurting me?
Wait hold on, can you repeat that again?
I'm hurting you?

Why are you avoiding the topic?
Do you need me to bring it up?
Just ask, ill answer, you know how I am right?
Stop being so distant, you're doing it again?
Ugh, why torture me with your nonexistent responses?

Why do I feel so alone?
Can't they see I wasn't ready?
That I wasn't able to confront them so soon?
Why did this happen to me?
Why must I be different?
Did I deserve this?
Don't they love me?
Don't they see that it shouldn't matter?
Wouldn't they understand?

I guess not…