Keen gazed upwards, watching as something huge tore through the ceiling like paper. Chunks of the roof fell towards Keen and Vasquez, plummeting like stones through the dark factory.

Keen leaped aside, a huge part of the ceiling smashing against the floor where he had just been. He ran under one of the conveyer belts nearby, ducking under it. A human corpse was under it as well, the person's head ripped apart.

Vasquez was hiding behind the ruins of part of the ceiling that had fell. She looked up and whispered, "Commander, what the hell is that?"

"The NIT Watchman," Keen said grimly. "It's reached us. We might have escaped if Derek hadn't delayed us. I'm afraid our chances of escape are very low. If you want to survive, do exactly as I say."

Vasquez nodded. The commander looked up, gazing at the looming form of the NIT Watchman.

It was gigantic, standing over the factory. The commander guessed it must be at least forty feet tall. It resembled a giant, metal human, for it had two huge arms, complete with five fingers. It had used one of these hands to tear through the ceiling. It had a large, dome-like head, with no features on it save for one eye. Its eye was glowing brightly, and a searchlight was emitting from it. The searchlight was currently moving over the floor, searching for them.

Keen stayed completely still, as the searchlight moved over the conveyer belt he was hiding underneath. For a moment, the commander's spot on the floor was brightly lit up as the searchlight moved over his spot. However, the NIT Watchman failed to realize he was hiding there and the light moved on.

Keen looked over, watching as the searchlight moved across the floor to the very back of the factory. He turned to Vasquez, signaling for her to silently moved forwards. The female soldier nodded, moved out from her spot and slowly walking across the floor. She came to another conveyer belt, where stacks of pistols lay, and ducked underneath.

The commander slowly crawled across the floor, leaving his hiding place and moving towards another belt several feet away. He turned and saw the searchlight was coming back for another pass. Quickly, Keen got to his feet and ran forwards, jumping underneath the next conveyer belt. A moment later, the light moved over him. It paused for a split second, before continuing onwards across the factory, searching for them.

Keen looked at Vasquez again. She was safe under a conveyer belt as well, and was being as quiet as possible. The commander glanced upwards, looking at the looming form of the NIT Watchman. Its head had blotted out the sky, preventing them from seeing upwards. Despite its searchlight already having made two passes across the factory, it was still looking for them.

It knows we're here, Keen thought. The leader…The Voice of the Legion…he must have told it we were inside the factory. Now it won't leave until it's found us and killed us.

The Watchman's bright searchlight moved over the commander's hiding place again, and moved on after another moment of pausing. It continued onwards, moving across the floor, towards Vasquez's spot.

Suddenly, there was a loud scream from Vasquez spot. Keen turned, and saw that she was struggling with something. He then saw that a Drone was underneath her conveyer belt as well. This Drone looked badly damaged, as it was missing its legs and half its face was a complete ruin. However, it still was functional enough that it lurch forwards and grabbed onto Vasquez's leg with one of its arms.

Instantly, the Drone began to beep. Vasquez drew her sidearm and fired several shots at the Drone's hand. The Missionary unit's hand exploded, and its hand slumped to the floor, green liquid leaking out of the stump. However, the beeping grew more frantic.

Vasquez looked at Keen, and then, with a deep breath, jump out from her hiding spot. The Drone then exploded, blowing the conveyer belt to pieces, sending bits of the pistols flying into the air.

Vasquez tried to run for another spot, but suddenly, the searchlight shot forward and illuminated her. Keen looked up, gritting his teeth. The NIT Watchman's giant metal eye had turned a blood red color and then, there was a shrill cry of alarm bells that cut through the air.

Vasquez continued to run, but the searchlight stayed on her. She looked at Keen and yelled, "Help me!"

The commander lowered his head. There was nothing he could do. If he was spotted by the Watchman as well, he would be killed. There was no way to damage it, especially with any weapons they might have here. And he was needed for the war effort.

"I'm sorry…" Keen said. Vasquez's eyes widened in shock.

Then, there was a loud hum and Keen looked at the NIT Watchman again. Its now red eye was glowing brighter and brighter. The commander crouched lower to the ground, waiting.

Suddenly, a huge laser fired forth from the NIT Watchman's single eye. It shot through the air, shooting downwards toward the spot where Vasquez was standing.

Vasquez looked at the oncoming laser and opened her mouth to scream. But before she could, the laser struck her.

Vasquez's flesh was immediately melted off her body, dissolving into dust. Her skeleton was exposed as her flesh was burned away. The skeleton continued to scream, until it too, was completely obliterated by the laser blast.

All that was left of Vasquez was a smoking pile of ashes. The NIT Watchman's giant eye turned back to its normal color, and its searchlight moved off of Vasquez's remains, continuing to search around the room for Commander Keen.

Keen stayed put. He stared at the pile of ash that used to be Vasquez. He didn't feel anything as he gazed at it, as he literally was unable to feel. After a moment, the commander looked away, and turned his attention to the searchlight.

He began to crawl forward, as the searchlight moved to the back of the factory again. The light was moving slower across the room now, searching every possible corner of the room.

Keen crawled across the dusty floor, moving over bits of broken glasses and the corpses of soldiers. He came to a workbench in the middle of the room, and hid under there as well, as the searchlight moved over it.

The searchlight lingered on the workbench for almost a minute. Keen wondered if the NIT Watchman somehow knew he was there. But then, it moved away, back towards the front of the factory.

Keen was about to moved toward a new hiding spot, when suddenly, there was a loud roar of engines in the air. The commander peeked out and saw several fighter jets flying over the NIT Watchman. The giant metallic monster ignored them, continuing its search for Keen.

But then, the jets opened their bottoms and a dozen or so bombs fell from the sky. The bombs all struck the back of the Watchman's head, exploded together as soon as they touched it.

That got the NIT Watchman's attention. It stood up, its metal joints creaking and hissing. Jets of gas shot out from its fingertips and torso. It twisted around, its searchlight tracking the jets, which were coming around for another pass.

Keen saw that the Watchman had suffered no damage from the attack. It didn't even have a scratch on it. The commander knew the jets were doomed, as nothing could destroy an NIT Watchman save a nuclear warhead.

But Keen took his chance. He moved out from the table, running across the room, heading for an exit door at the far end of the factory. The commander ran as fast as he could, glancing over his shoulder to see the fighter jet's progress.

He saw one of them flying straight towards the Watchman. The jet opened fire, spraying bullets at the gigantic Missionary unit. The bullets bounced off harmlessly against the Watchman.

The NIT Watchman's searchlight hit the fighter jet and its eye turned red again. Another shrill of alarms penetrated the air, and then, the metallic beast fired its laser at the jet.

The beam struck the jet's left wing, blowing it apart. Pieces of the wings flew it separate directions. The fighter jet spun out of control, spinning through the air. It dipped forwards, narrowly missing the NIT Watchman's head and flew downwards, into the factory.

Keen saw with horror that it was coming straight towards him. He began to run faster, trying to reach the door. But then, the fighter jet smashed against the floor, going through conveyer belts and the workbench. It shot forwards across the ground, before smashing into the commander at full speed.

There was a horrible crunch, as the front of the downed jet struck Keen head on. He went flying across the room and smashed against a nearby wall. There was a loud crunch, and Keen fell to the floor, his body sparking.

Keen looked at himself. His body was badly damaged. Most of his flesh covering had been torn apart, revealing his metal body underneath. Parts of his metal frame were destroyed and others looked in very bad shape. Black liquid was leaking from some of his damage parts, forming into a puddle beneath him.

The commander tried to stand, his damaged form creaking in protest. But Keen soon sank back to the floor, his body too damaged to move.

He gazed upwards and saw the NIT Watchman's horrible head looming over him. Its searchlight struck him and its glowing red eye lit up the darkness. The horrible hum filled the air, as the Watchman began to charge its laser.

Suddenly, a voice cut through the air.

"Attention all surviving flesh-maggots," The familiar Voice of the Legion said on the intercoms. "The city belongs to the Missionary now. All resistance will be crushed. In fact, all resistance has been crushed. This is your last chance to join us or die, and then join us anyway."

Keen tried again to move, but his efforts were in vain. Then, his vision was suddenly replaced by a white screen and a number of black letters.



And then, everything went black.