Out of Love and Kindness

This story is an actual event that happened on 6/24/2012. I am not making this up, and if anyone is reading this I hope it touches you, the way it did with me.

Another tractor show with Dad, the only thing I really liked about this one in particular was that last year the EMTs were there. Last year they scared my sister with the siren, they set it off for a second as a farewell to me for being nice to them, and giving them the Tootsie Rolls we had left that we didn't feel like taking home or eating ourselves.

This year if they came I had to do something more. I went only because; I knew my dad needed help with what he brought to do. He does a display at different shows; he works with old wood working tools I actually had the chance to run his treadle lathe last year. The show was also a chance to get some sun and miss church, which normally isn't a good thing.

Here is where the fun starts.

I normally see the ambulance come in, they come every time. This year I didn't see them come in, and they were set up in our usual spot, and we were set up in their generalized area, so that worked out okay. That is why I did not see them come in. When I finally noticed them come in, I felt like I had to do somethingā€¦ they are probably not getting as much credit as they deserve. That is when after careful consideration, (oh wait- I didn't even think about what I was doing), I got out my notebook and my pens that I absolutely love because the ink is pink and they write so smoothly. Then I started the note that would make me look at the world somewhat differently. Now, there are some things you have to understand about these kinds of notes.

1. You leave the note somewhere when no one is there or looking,

2. Normally it is written on a napkin, and that was not going to happen

3. You never linger around for their response to the note, you can watch from a distance, but you cannot linger there

I broke all of the rules. This is the note

"My sister calls it a napkin note; I call it just a normal note. I would write this on a napkin but that is not happening, with my luck I would tear it. And I am not much of a writer, so do not mind random errors I get the trait from my father.

"You are so special, and that is in a good way, not like some people I know that are "special". That means in a bad way if there are quotes. You save lives, I wouldn't know what to do even if I read every first aid guide in the house, and I still wouldn't know what to do. (I do read them if I am going to die from boredom.) You have a gift that I do not have, but what you do is just amazing! I know you see things you do not always want to see, and with such a close community, well I know what that is like, I live in one where you know everyone. In a community like that where you know everybody, well, it gets hard to do some of those calls.

"'What we do makes us who we are today; our dreams make us who we want to be,' but it is your choice on the steps you take to get there. Only you can determine your future. Only you can decide if you want to go on even if you feel like everyone is against you. Only you can decide if you want to go on after the call that reached the depths of your heart. With help, you can go on, even if it hurts. You reach out to the people who need it, and I admire that. I try to, but hey, if it works for you, do it, for doing what you do you have shown Mercy, Grace, Love, Compassion, Hope and Faith, each is important.

Remember what you are doing, and how some people out there love having you around especially since you do not know what will happen in the future. Come winter, I will be you worst nightmare, I will just be starting to drive.

"I can guess you haven't had many fifteen year olds tell you this, and you may think I am not a normal fifteen year old either. Oh, trust me I already know that. I used to watch 'Emergency!' all the time and I freaked when I missed an episode.

Do not forget what you are working for, and please take care.

333 (Those would be hearts made with the keyboard)

-My name in which I will not give away-

Jesus Loves You! (And there is a heart around 'loves')"

Once I started getting towards the end of the note, I began to feel my heart pound. I was shaking and I had a feeling in my gut that almost made me want to be sick. Once I was done, I walked over to where they had their tent set up, with the ambulance, and I gave the note to the medic that was sitting there. That was probably a good thing that I didn't wait for when they weren't sitting there, it would have been blown away, or I could have left it under a table or chair, but, they probably wouldn't see it and it would get thrown away. I hung around, and waited until he was done reading it. (I did not look to see their names and even if I knew them, I would not give them out, and it is for their own protection.)

When he was done, he was happy, I could tell I made his day, he said "That was sweet of you to do that. So, you watched "Emergency!" too? That was one of my favorite shows!"

"Yes, and I can still name the opening credits in the order they show them." I said, my heart still pounding.

"That was something I wasn't good at" and he laughed as if it was almost like a little joke. "So, do you ever want to be a medic? Do you want to be like one of us?" he asked me.

"Eventually," that was all I could say at the moment. I actually thought how it would be cool to go on a call with them and see them in action, maybe learn a little more that I didn't know about what they do. Plus, then I could see if I would like doing it or not, but I did not tell them this.

"Can I show it to my partner?" Then we walked over together to his partner, and he read the note.

"That was nice," his partner said. With that, all of the fear subsided. At least that is what I thought was going to turn me inside out staring with my gut. My heat stopped pounding like it was going to escape from my chest. I was relieved, I had made their day and the note had such a positive impact that I just about fell over, which would not be the best thing to do in front of two medics. They only recognized me as the teen with the white sweater, blue sweatpants, white tennis shoes, and a brown Taylor Swift shirt. When I changed into my tank top, and shorts, I do not know if they knew that was the same person that gave them the note.

Around one o'clock in the afternoon, they had a call, I was on the playground, when I heard the sirens, and they went by the playground, I felt like saluting them, literally in a good way, not "saluting" them, in which I wish I could do to some people. As the sirens faded in the distance, I said "See you later friends," in Spanish (Hasta luego! amigos, that is how it is translated). I also said "Remember what you are working for."

Later, towards the end of the show, I started getting cold again. I put my sweat pants, tee shirt and sweater back on, and I headed over to the swings. The playground is meant for kids ages five through twelve, and the swings were kind of high off the ground, so the swings was where I hung out and spent most of my time. I faced the interstate counting how many cars were in a semi's 'no-zone'. That tells you how bored I get listening to my dad talk to people. It didn't help that we were downwind from the blacksmith for a while. I got mild sunburn from sitting in the sun and trying to tan a little bit.

The medic I originally gave the note to, was coming over to the playground with two little kids, I was sitting on a swing that needed some oil, it screamed like a banshee to say the least. It got to the point where I couldn't stand it squeaking anymore and I jumped off. I got on the swing next to the one I was just on, and he asked me "So, you like to swing?"

"Yes," I replied. My theory about swings is you are never too old for them; you can still enjoy a swing at any age. When they came over to the swings I glanced over, and it almost seemed too perfect to be true. The scene was almost like something you would only see in a picture, and it was happening to my right side only three swings down.

A little bit later, I say them starting to take down some things, I knew what it was like having just two people put those tents up and down, and it is a pain. Dad and I did that a lot. The wind was a bit strong, and the previous year a tent was actually blown away, when I came over to ask if they needed help, I noticed there were not tent stakes in the ground and a lady was holding a side to prevent it from being blown away. (She might have been married to one of them, I do not know, I have never asked.) They said it didn't take much to take everything down, but I still felt like I had to help, the more help they get, hey, and the faster they can get out, the faster they can be available for calls.

"I have an idea on what you can do with the note, frame it and hang it somewhere where you will not forget it and look at it every day." I told the one I gave the note to in the beginning.

"Well, I am going to share it with the rest of the team, and we will do something special with it," he told me. It is true that great minds think alikeā€¦ amazing! I felt so special; I knew God would do something with me, I just didn't think it would be that special, and I never dreamed in a million years that I could make somebody's day in such a positive way.

I guess, how I got the title from what I did with the note, I did it because they don't necessarily get the credit they deserve, and I think if you run into them, just say how much you appreciate them, do that with the veterans too. I wrote the note out of love and kindness. People may think I am mean, inconsiderate, a bitch (if you really want to call me that go ahead), you just do not know me, (and I have people that will say the complete opposite). You have not seen the real me, and if you did, you would find this side of me. You do not know a person until you actually meet them and get to talk to them. First judgments of people a lot of times wrong.

You have the power to do this too, you may not be able to save lives, but if you can make somebody's day, you have a life worth living. You never know what people might be going through, and something like that might be the lift they need. I encourage you to be nice to people, once something happens to them, (God willing it doesn't) you cannot take back what you said and it will be too late to ask for forgiveness.

Live each day as if it your last, take care, stay safe, and stay out of trouble. ( You can do all of this at the same time).