Normal….. for me that is nothing but a memory, a dream, and the complete opposite of my current life. For me normal is a fantasy that ended long ago on the day my life changed and the day my journey began. I am only twelve years old and I have gone through enough life or death situations to last me a lifetime. It all started when I got home from school on my eleventh birthday. My excitement was too great to bear and I immediately rushed upstairs and sprinted into my parent's bedroom to hunt down my presents. The room was trashed by the time I dumped out my father's junk drawer and read the words that would change me forever. ADOPTION CERTIFICATE This certifies that Joshua and Madelyn Mayberry are now the legal guardians of Erica Blackwell. Anger. My first feeling after reading the words that now haunt me wherever I go. My parents had lied and worst of all they were not my parents. Turning towards the door my body began to glow. In as little as five seconds I was illuminated in a blinding blue light covering every inch of my body. Now glowing was not at all frightening to me. When I was four my hand used to glow blue at the strangest times and my mom always told me that it was normal but I should never tell anyone about it. Not until that moment in my parent's bedroom did I notice that she had been frightened when she told me that. Not until that moment had it ever been more than just a small dot here or there and never had it been destructive. The house exploded in one fiery moment leaving me in the center of the rubble the only thing that had survived. That was the day my life changed because that was the day I started to run.