I partially noticed a bright blue light filling the room as I began to cry and I tried to choke back the tears without success. Instantly my Grandmother was by my side stroking my hair, soothing me like a mother to her five year old. Short wisps of gray smoke where slowly mixing with the blue the illuminating blue light causing it to become dimmer and dimmer. "You can control it Erica." she whispered in my ear as I began to cry harder. "But I can't! I really can't! I'VE TRIED!" I said sobbing.

"Nothing is impossible. I think that is pretty clear to you now."

With that she left my side and walked back around the corner the gray smoke disappearing. "Anyway," she began. "Who's hungry?". I glanced at A.J for the first time since I had passed out. He was backed up into a corner staring wide eyed. For a few seconds we were silent though it felt like hours to me. As sobbed harder the light got thicker without my grandmother to fix it. "Your family's freaky!" he said finally. This made me start to laugh and the light in the room instantly disappeared. "Sorry," I replied "This wasn't exactly my choice.". A.J smiled and my grandmother appeared from around the corner. "Are you two coming or not dinners ready,". "We're coming." I replied and she disappeared again.

"My question is how did we get here? A few seconds before we'd been in a forest." I nodded in agreement. How had we gotten here. It was the question that haunted my life for so long.