AUTHORS NOTE: I do not own the lyrics that inspired each chapter. The song is "Rock Ranger Record" by Matt Mays. Please check out the song it is amazing. Also, I tweaked the lyrics a bit to make it work for the story. Hope you enjoy!

"Your boyfriend's a dick so we gotta go,"

Maggie sat at the bar watching as her boyfriend proceeded to get rowdier with every drink he consumed. She sighed and turned back to the beer that she had been nursing all night. It seemed that she was going to have to take care of him again. His habit of overindulging had become more frequent in past weeks.

A shame really, she sighed as she sipped her beer, since she had hoped to keep him sober enough tonight to break things off. It had been a decent relationship but she no longer felt anything other than friendship for Connor and had not for a long time.

Maybe tomorrow, she thought as she watched him stumble across the room to talk to some of his friends. The group of them headed over to the edge of the dance floor set up in front of the small raised stage.

The live band was one of Connor's favorites and the reason that they frequently came down to the student run pub. The band announced their final song of the evening and Maggie decided that was her hint to finish her drink. With too much left to just down, she worked on her half filled glass through the song and was almost finished when the band finished and hopped of the stage heading to the bar where she sat. She gave her usual nod to Harry the drummer and Connor's brother.

"Good performance tonight, Harry."

"Thanks, Mags." Harry said as the band congregated at the bar. The bartender placed their usual order down in front of them before returning to the other customers.

"Well, I guess I should go collect you brother."

Harry grinned before allowing himself to be dragged away by some adoring freshman girl. "Take care of my baby bro."

Maggie grinned and sent him a mock salute. She finished her drink and set the empty glass down on the bar. She turned to start looking for Connor but a voice on her left caught her attention.

"You're boyfriend's a dick."

Maggie turned to fully face the man next to her. She glared at him as he leaned nonchalantly against the bar, beer dangling casually from his fingers. "Hello, William," she said tightly. "I didn't know you spoke unless you had a great deal of rehearsal.

William grimaced at the use of his full name. "Billy, remember?"

"Ah, yes, your pirate fantasy. I forgot and I don't care." She turned away and returned to her search for Connor. She lifted herself onto tiptoe, trying to see over the crowd without much success.

"He's in the corner, if you're that concerned. He's a dick, in case I haven't made that clear."

Maggie shot him a scathing look before shaking back her hair and continuing to try and find Connor. William shrugged and waited, watching Maggie for her reaction.

Maggie finally caught sight of Connor in the corner where William had claimed he was. She had missed him because he was seated with a blonde in his lap. They were making out and he appeared to have his hands down her pants. Her hands appeared to be similarly engaged.

Maggie gasped, "Well, I guess that certainly speeds things up a bit."

She stormed over to the couple and averting her eyes, tapped Connor's shoulder.

He glanced blearily up at Maggie after disengaging his face from the blonde's neck. "Maggie?"

"Yep. I think we should talk tomorrow, but so you know now, we're done."

"Oh," was all he said and Maggie stalked back to the bar. She ordered a few shots and downed them in quick succession. As she reached for her wallet to settle her tab, a hand on her arm stopped her.

She looked up to find William standing next to her again. "I got this."

Maggie shrugged, but returned her wallet to her purse. "Sure, why not."

The alcohol settled into her system and she began to feel a little hazy. William paid and took her elbow. He led her out of the bar, grabbing his guitar from the bassist on the way out. "We gotta go," he said calmly.

Maggie pouted at him. "Are you always this bossy?" she slurred slightly. She definitely needed to be getting more sleep she decided if she was slurring after four shots and a beer. She was not this much of a lightweight.

He flashed a quick grin at her and put first his guitar then her into his truck. "So I've been told."

"Okay," she muttered. "Where are we going?"