"Listen to some songs on the stereo"

William got in and flicked on the radio. He turned out of the lot and turned to Maggie who was tapping along to the beat as she stared out the window.

"You've got a few choices, I can take you home to your place, we can go to a party I know about, we can head to the beach, or we can go hang out at my place."

Maggie's eyes sparkled as she tore her eyes away from the road and focused on William. "Who's party?" she asked.

"Just some of my teammates."

"Let's do that."

"Seriously?" William asked, although he began to head in the direction of the boathouse. "It's not really much of a party."

"That's fine." Maggie waved her hand dismissively. Anywhere there were people sounded like a fine idea to her. All she really wanted was a fun night for herself during which she did not have to take care of anyone else.

"And it's probably almost over by now. I missed most of it for the gig tonight."

"Not a big deal."

"Okay," William said skeptically. They drove along in silence. William glanced over at Maggie and carefully broached the subject he was most curious about. "You don't seem too upset about Connor."

Maggie pulled on her seat belt enough to loosen it so she could sit facing William. She grinned, "I'm tired of the childishness. I'm done taking care of him every time we go out. I've been trying to dump him for weeks but he's been too drunk every time I try. This was kind of a relief." Maggie was glad to have said all of the things that had been on her mind, but the thought of baring her soul to a near stranger made her feel self conscious. Sh blushed and ducked her head to hide her embarrassment from her head ducked she picked at the edge of a fingernail and focused on the radio while she tried to think of some other topic to talk about. A new song came on and Maggie paused before humming a few bars of the song. "God, I love this song."

William noticed her discomfort and in an effort to change the topic back to neutral ground, he began to sing along softly to the catchy pop song.

"It's so horrible!" Maggie exclaimed.

"I agree," William gave her a quick smile and continued to sing along. A moment past and Maggie joined in. By the time they arrived at the boathouse they were both belting out the lyrics along with the radio. Maggie was dancing in her seat, as well as one could dance in a car and William was tapping the beat on the steering wheel. William pulled into the parking lot and waited for the song to end before turning off the engine and getting out to help Maggie down.

He led her inside to find a circle of about ten guys and five girls seated around a keg.

"Hey guys!" William waved as he approached. "Did I miss much?"

He snagged two chairs from a table nearby and placed them in the circle. He gestured for Maggie to sit in one as he took the other.

"All the cool kids stayed," one guy responded as he tossed a couple plastic cups at William. William quickly made introductions as he poured a beer for Maggie and himself.

Maggie slid right into the conversation, much to William's relief. He had worried that the team would be too overwhelming for her and that she would be too shy to be left alone for long. Instead, William began to feel vaguely left out as Maggie charmed the guys on the team and easily befriended the girls. The group chatted aimlessly for about forty minutes until they had finished off the keg.

Once the keg was finished, they cleaned up the rubbish in the boat bay and returned the tables to storage. No one seemed inclined to linger. As they were all normally early to bed people and it was getting late, it was far past bed time for the team. They locked up the boathouse and parted in the parking lot. William brought Maggie to the truck and waved off the last of his friends.

"Where to now?" he asked as they settled into their seats.

"Beach," said Maggie decisively. "Let's do it all tonight. I'm feeling brave."

"Sure thing," William said. He plugged in his music player and handed it across to Maggie. "Find us some good driving music to sing along to."