When Reality Kicks In...

In the movies, the guy always gets the girl.
In the classics, they show the prince running off into the sunset with princess.
In the stories, the guy gets the girl through obstacles.
In the songs, the singer always gets the night of fun with their crush.

In real life, that never happens. Girls sit at their bedsides waiting for things like, 11:11, a shooting star, or a way for a wish. They hope that maybe someday, those adventurous things would happen to them and have a nice and everything-they-hoped-for boy sweep them off of their feet.

In reality, Grease, is…
Plot: Slightly older Sandy and Danny are stilling flying in the car.
Sandy: We're lost! Just admit it!
Danny: We are not lost! I can find a way out of this!
Sandy: We dropped the map about 8 miles ago. Give it up! We're never
going to get down!
Danny: Are you happy? You got what you wanted. To be together forever. We will never get down!
[Sandy sobs vaguely into her hands]
Sandy: I guess so
Danny: Shut up bitch!

In reality, Spiderman, is…
Yes, Jane and Peter kissed and the movie screen went blank. They are a high school couple. Those certainly do not stay together.
Two months after the kiss:
Jane: I'm going to college. I think it's time to break up.
Peter: What?
Jane: Come on Peter. We're in high school. What did you expect?
Peter: I thought that we were going to get married.
Jane: You know what, I'm just going to say it. I'm dating Derek in the drama club. He gave me what I want. Good bye Peter.
Peter: NO! I love you.
Jane: Too bad. Sucks for you now doesn't it?

In reality, Snow White, is…
Charming: Where is this horse taking us? The castle is that way.
Snow White: I thought that you were my true love that was going to protect me. Haven't you heard of true love's kiss?
Charming: Yes. I did it so you can be alive. I saved your life. I didn't have to, you know.
Snow White: But what about our love?
Charming: Our parents set us up. What did you expect? There was no way that we were going to randomly meet and fall in love, and then run into each other and spend life for eternity.
Snow White: Oh, I see.
Charming: Now let's go make them happy, and wait for them to die so we can divorce.
Snow White: Fine. If that's what you want…..[looks away in disappointment and regret]

In reality, Sky High, is…
Three months later…
Girl: I want to break up
Guy: Why? I thought that we loved each other?
Girl: Well I met this guy who plays football
Guy: But what about our story?
Girl: Grow up. Toodles!
Guy: [reminisces about their old adventures and believes there is no other girl. And then….you know]

In reality, Disney channel movies, are…
Girl: Oh my goodness! My dad was kidnapped! [never sees him again]
Guy: Haha! You're in a chicken suit. You will never be cool.[ shoves chicken in the wall]
Girl: Fine! I guess we're finish. Done. No more frienship Goodbye forever Izzy.
Guy: [gets the girl, in reality break up about seven months later]

What happened to these stories? Reality kicked in. Nothing is really real. Those high school couples never last. No one has super powers to be your boyfriend. Authenticity is stumpy. Maybe one in a million it will happen. But what are the odds that it is you? Don't wait for it to happen. Just live life. Live in reality. Not a fantasy land. It's time to face the facts. Reality finally kicked in.

*Author's Note:*

I'm not trying to sound all cruel and depressed and all that jazz, but one day I was watching something, and it hit me. What happened after they kissed? They certainly did not stay together. They never do. So, I created a sequel. I had some fun with it. It's after the movie ends that gets me. What happens to them after? Who knows? Hope you enjoyed! :)