As Mr. Brent, Bino and Leo Vescilles had exported the belongings to the villa, I had to help Judas get out and onto his crutches. I feel as if I was putting pressure on his leg for the couple of hours and it just made it worse.

"Come on, I'll call my stepfather and fix your leg when we're all settled." I told him. He nodded, his forehead damped with little sweat beads.

We decided to head upstairs so that the others wouldn't have to eavesdrop on our conversation. It took a minute for Judas to keep at my pace, having to help him up the stairs.

"Where are the elevators?" He chuckled as his eyes fluttered. I hed him steady with a hand on his chest.

"Stay awake for a little while..." He was crashing on me. We retired in a room as he slump down on the bed breathing hard. I handed him a bottle of water as I quickly picked up the phone by the bed dialing my step's number. I waited until someone picked up.

"Hello, Collin's Industries Lana speaking." Lana, the front-desk lady answered.

"Lana, it's Terra; let me speak to my uncle." I said hurriedly.

"One moment Ms. Winters", Lana paused as she connected me to my uncle's line. He picked up quicker than normal on the job.

"Hello?" Collins answered.

"Collins it's me." I sighed in relief. I needed to hear his voice. I had to tell him about what happened this week; how everything went downhill. But I would have to exclude the closure between Judas and me. If he ever found out...

"Terra, are you okay?" He was worried sick. "I haven't heard you since the day before."

"I'm fine now...Judas and Mr. Brent have been very good to me. As well as some other great partners." I said.


"I ran into a family business called the Vescilles. Bino and Leo Vescilles. They helped us out of the district and to safety at their villa." I said briefly.

"Hold on hold on." He stopped me. "What you mean safety; what happened at the district there?"

I pursed my lips. I would have to tell him the story and what I found out about Damien; and then the accident that broke Judas's leg and put Damien in a coma. How the district were looking for us.

"The...phone..." Judas told me, sitting up. He clutched his knee looking at me. I swallowed.

"...Judas has something to say as well." I grimaced at the phone before handing it to him.

"Hello Mr. Collins?" He strained trying to keep his business voice. "Yes it's me...it's a tough job keeping your daughter safe." He smirked, realizing he didn't say secretary. He was silent; his weary, kaleidoscope eyes shifting around and about the room. His voice zoned out as I could only hear my own breath. I looked around; the world seemed a thousand times slower. All I could focus on was his eyes. How Judas's eyes were very beautiful.

Skip diamonds being my best friend. I would married his eyes.

They seem to glitter a variety of colors; despite the solid brown, were there bits and pieces of green, blue and even orange. Like his eyes saw everything.

The world resume at its normal pace as Judas seemed to close the conversation.

"And the Society will be here soon...by tomorrow. And then we'll get her home safely." He paused, swallowing, his eyes shifting as he turned. "Yes sir."

He hung up, sliding back down onto the pillow. He handed me the phone.

"Here." He stared at my hand and then at me. I locked at at him as I pursed my lips tightly; I drew away putting the phone back on the hook.

"You need to rest; that leg is messed up enough." I ordered him to lay back. I went to the bathroom to grab a medical kit sitting on the wall. I came back and sat on the bed getting the bandages and painkillers out. I raised his left foot up a little to rest on a cushion as I slowly rolled up his pants leg. His skin was hot, and not so hairy as I, thought. I unraveled the bandages to see cuts and dashes across his leg; wounds that were sealed but with blood and after-healing that needed cleaning.

And I felt the cowardice creep up my throat.

"I..." I backed away, only to be stopped by his grip. Judas stared at me; with care and concern.

"This is all my fault. I got your hurt." Tears started welling up in my eyes. And I realized it wasn't just because of that; I was having a mental breakdown. Everything; my parents, Karen, school, this.

"You didn't wound me Terra; you've been healing me all this time." His eyes held me. "Don't tie yourself up in this alone. I should've protect you better.."

He wiped the tears as I turned, thinking of whether to continue. A few deep breaths, I put aside my fears, cleaned and replace the bandages on his leg. He gripped the sheets tightly as I tied the last length of the bandage, only to relax after I was done. I rolled his pants leg as I scooted closer.

"Where else? Where else...are you hurt?" I looked away, clutching the kit tightly; feeling his eyes on me.


I stared at Terra; momentarily zoned out after what she asked.

"Huh?" I asked.

"I said,...where else are you hurt." She said lowly, barely making eye contact with me. I resisted my swallow reflexes as I placed a hand over my torso.

"Here..." I winced as a sharp pain ripped across my side. I gave her eye contact, but she turned trying to think of something. Was she scared of me?

"You don't have to go that far for me...it's not that serious. Are you-". She gave me a look.

"Why would I?"

I pursed my lips, "You're afraid to touch me." I gripped her hand.

She drew back. I felt myself wince.

"I'm not afraid to touch you. As much as I care...I have limits as well." She said defensively.

I prodded, "You. Are. Scared."

Terra stood back, anger in her eyes. "You don't understand anything; so don't you dare say that."

I was merely surprised. She spoke to me in the most fiercest tone I ever heard from her. She would be annoyed any earlier day, but I feel the fear curling around her; like a blanket of steam. She was tipped over the edge.

"Then tell me what's wrong." I demanded. She walked across the room with her arms folded; leaning on the window. The light coming in giving off a melancholy radiance about her.

Say something already...

Tears welled up in her eyes as she wiped them away. I slowly got up and limped towards her. I stopped when she made eye contact with me.

"How comes you care so much?" She asked, "You're just a bitter old person."

That tore my chest a little; adding onto the pain in my side. I almost doubled-over and had to grip the wall to support myself. Even before this trip, I admit treating her so wrong. Bullying and pounding her with twice the papers a normal secretary would get. I have once or twice slipped my own work on her desk to do. But now I seen things different.

I first saw Terra as Kaitlyn; an employee trying to triple scheme two companies and have them wrapped around their finger. Or most likely an angsty teenager's idea of making quick money and dreaming that all they did was sit around a computer and play video games or text all day and on Facebook. But the more work I prodded on her, the more I saw how capable she was. Despite taking the job being ironically the company owner's closest niece.

She was good all along; and all I done is pushed her away and talked through a stone wall. I've done that to every person who cared. I locked myself away and turned over the leaf.

"I was." I forced myself to stand up straight.

She didn't budge.

I winced, "Over these few days...I realized how much I cared for you. How you melted that cold feeling in my chest." I clutched the wall, looking outside. "I got over that feeling that I would lose you because you turn out to be one of Kaitlyn's subordinates or whatever. Or you were just any other teenager who wanted quick money." The sun came out and the room filled with light, "I was happy when you always beside me. The way you smile and you just don't know how beautiful you really are."

I made eye contact with her as she locked my eyes, "And I see you more as just as a co-worker or just a friend." I breathed as I slid closer, as we were now neck and neck.

She swallowed, looking down, "If you're really confessing-"

I grabbed her jaw gently and drew it closer to my face; so our lips were parallel. I was an inch away from touching them with my own.

"I... really am." As I felt myself grow heavy, and lose all sense and feeling about me.

I was falling out.

Not so long afte, I woke up without my shirt and my torso wrapped up with new bandages. I sat up, the pain now felt like bitter knife cut. I looked around to see I was in the same room; the light still shining bright so the day was still young. But Terra wasn't around.

"Terra?" I called out as I saw that the door was already opened; she probably walked out. I got up and without my crutches, I limped out the room and down the hall. I used the wall as a crutch as I made my way down the stairwell. It was going to be harder to get back up without my crutches; if only they had elevators.

"Terra!" I called her name out; my voice echoed to the high ceiling of the villa. I heard nothing. I made my way to the kitchen; no one. Where did Brent and the Vescilles go?

I look on the counter.

I see a note.

I slowly took the note and read it. I pursed my lips. I turned around and stumbled over a chair and fell. I groaned as my side took the hit and I was there crippled to get up and walk any further; and crawl like a baby.

"Who's there? Judas?" I heard Terra's voice miles away.

"Terra? Where are you?" I stared up at the ceiling while I laid on my back.

"I'm in the living room." She said carefully. I gripped a stool and made my way up to the counter; using my upper body strength to pull myself to my feet. I limped my way to the living room, and leaned against the wall. There she was, laying casually on the couch reading. She apparently took a shower because I could smell the scented soap and conditioner from where I was standing and her hair was drawn back in a wet ponytail. Her emerald eyes glowed as she felt my presence. Her face changed immediately as she stood up looking at me.

"What are you doing? You should be resting upstairs." She walked up to me folding her arms. She tried acting serious, but that didn't work out.

"I..." I faltered, "Did I...?"

"No...to be perfectly honest...I don't know what to say." She looked away leaning against the wall. Every way she pose and shifted about there was a spark in her beauty. She never not looked good.

"Please, just..." I placed a hand on her shoulder, "Just forget about it..." I clutched my hand against my side, "Right now I feel like a wreck and what I just did was stupid. We can be just friends."



"So you take back every thing you said?" She glared at me until her eyes slightly softened, "Every sweet thing you said then?"

"Yeah I...what?" I stopped after hearing her last comment.

"Judas, how could you take everything little heart warming thing you said to me that immediately told me the way you feel for me is what I've been feeling for you." Her eyes welled up with tears. But she wasn't sad, as I saw her small, cute lips curl slightly into a smile.

"I don't deserve you." I breathed as I felt the tension between us grow stronger

Terra came closer, lightly leaning against me so that we were touching. Her face came closer to mines as I bend a little bit to reach down and kissed her.