this is not going to be one of those poems,
I'm not going to use words to overwhelm your understands.
I have all of it in my hands but this time I'm not
going to give it to you. you said to me today "love" and "she"
so whoever it is you are keeping, keep her! I will be
valley deep and no place near you when I gain this
position. you will never be dust, but decorations
on my ankles keeping me earthbound
where I am starless and without power, where I can learn to love
those that do no make my toes curl just at the sound of my own
name. that is no longer the song I am playing. rhetoric and
misplaced modifiers sway my ship left where I am LEFT!
and its hard for me to believe that I will never have it again,
and I don't like holding onto that, even though its been
handed to me over and over. strong like the winter.
your storm is, someone else's, and I do not eat eggs anymore.