If I say that this isn't a love story, then that would be a lie. Of course this would be a love story. But I do know that this story wouldn't be filled with all the lovey dubby0 mushy stuff, because this is the real life we're living in, it's not gonna be something made up and dream like. Nothing here is going to be sugar coated, cause I know if it was gonna be sugar coated, it would be all lies and nonsense to this world. It's all going to be pure truth, pure facts, and pure reality.

I was hoping for a happy ending. But that would have been pure bull-crap, cause there isn't such a thing as a happy ending, there's gonna be happy stuff in life, but it won't always go the way it was planned.

And so, dear person whoever is reading this, you wonder if this is going to be another "boy meets girl, girl meets boy, boy and girl falls in love, guy or girl leaves"

Well, no, I don't think it will be, at least, hopefully, since that again, is pure bull-crap.

Anyway, I had enough of my say.

My name is Fize (and I was really hoping this wouldn't sound cliché but…)

And this is my life.

Hey guys! :)

So this is the quick intro to my story and I hope you guys will enjoy it, please do! i've been writing a heck lot lately and i'm hoping that it'd be successful :) please enjoy! and please do review please :)