Title: Words

Words act as weapon,

Silence and deadly,

Hurt you unexpected,

Unintentionally even worst,

The more you care,

The more damage it cause,

No matter how time pass,

It will never be forgotten,

Left a scar in your heart,

So deep that never recovers,

Pain will numb but won't fade away,

Every relationship will have forbidden words,

Words that will break you apart,

As you have opened the door,

Trust him by giving the chance,

To tore you inside out,

Take a gamble,

If win will have happiness,

Else what's await for you,

Is nothing but suffering,

So my dear,

Be careful of what you say…

A/N: Another one that i feel can have more... like 'Words' , in my mind have many different version of it. But for now i write this (relationship) :)

Sigh~ I currently been having writer block for so long, still no sign of get rid it :/ I guess my story will be in hiatus for don't know how long.

Well, at least i still got time to write poem~

Anyway enjoy reading~