Jack of the Jungle

Written by David Noklevername

Chapter 1: Jack and Suman the Serpent

It was a hot day. Jack sat in his treehouse, as he does most of his time, but the rest of the time…. We will get to that soon.

"HELP MEEEEE!" Jack woke up in a panic. He knew it was Lom the Lemming crying for help.

"Somebody needs Jack`s help!" The courageous pseudo-hero yelled to… Well, I don't know. He ran to his humble abodes exit and jumped onto one of the many vines he and swung off. In his usual style, he crashes into a tree. I don't even know why all the vines do this to the poor man-ape.

Jack falls off the vine, and crashes down to the jungle floor below. Completely un-fazed by the crash and fall he undertook, he automatically looks out for his dear friend Agallin the Ape. He usually appears when Jack crashes. And this was no exception. Agallin appeared several seconds later.

"What are you doing, Jack?" Agallin sighed. The ape learned human ways from the Witch Doctor, a man we will meet later in the story.

"Jack be looking for Lom…" Jack admitted. He knew that Agallin wouldn't approve. You see, Agallin knew little about Jack, but theirs only little TO know about Jack. Jack would never be trying to find Lom unless the little lemming needed saving. Agallin knew this.

"You know what I told you about Lom! He calls for help if he has a nose bleed!" Agallin was right, but Jack NEEDS to help the Jungles animals no matter what. He took an oath. Why did he take it? Not even I know.

"Jack know…" He replied to the deadpan snark of his friend, "But Jack always help friends, no matter what!"

"But he's not your friend!" Yelled Agallin. He's a very strong ape, both physically and mentally, but he has even more patience to be able to talk to Jacque for so long. "Know what? Fine. Help the little runt. It definitely won`t be a waste of time."

"Thank you agree with Jack, Agrilla friend!" As you may guess, he didn't pick up the ape's sarcasm. Or he's very good at masking his own. Though that's very unlikely, seeing as he learned the alphabet last year. Agrilla ran off, leaving Jacque to find Lom.

Jack was left to search for Lom. After about an hour of aimless searching, he came to Suman the Serpent. He had a content grin on his scaly mug.

"Have Suman see Lom?" This question made Suman laugh.

" Of course I have you stupid simpleton!" Suman then let out another laugh, as if he just told the funniest joke you ever heard. The whole sentence confused Jack. Especially the "simpleton" part. Suman should've said "doo-doo head".

"Then where he is?" Jack asked the snake.

"Do I have to explain this to you slowly?" Suman was getting restless.

"Um… Yes?" Jack heard the same thing from Agrilla before, and he's still not sure that it is a bad thing.

"I ATE HIM YOU INSSSUFFERABLE TWIT!" Suman yelled. Face it. You would to. Jack became angry. And even I'm afraid of him when he's angry. And I'm the narrator. Jack grit his teeth and pounced at the serpent, as he's seen tigers do many times. Though, as expected, Suman moved just in time to avoid him, and Jack collided with a tree.

Suman slithered to Jack. Fear struck Jack's heart. Is this how he'll end? The serpent opened it's mouth, lined with the sharp teeth that have a strong possibility of stabbing him. Jack braced himself…

Yet, suddenly, someone burst from the bushes! Jack tried to see who it was… The Witch Doctor! And theirs someone behind him… Agrilla!

"H-Hello…" Suman peeped. As with most, he's deathly afraid of the Witch Doctor.

"What have you been doin' to my son?" The Witch Doctor bellowed to Suman. Agrilla stood behind, looking as menacing as he could.

"I-I've been... Playing with him! Yeah- yeah! Go, r-run along, Jack, ya scamp!" Suman tapped Jack's leg with his tail, turned around and mouthed "Help me!" Jack knew what he had to do.

"Yes! He be playing with Jack! We be playing… Co-co-nut pick up! He was trying to… Pick up… This coconut," Jack held up a coconut, which fell off the tree behind him when he hit it, "He try pick up with his mouth!" Alligar was impressed Jack could make such a long lie. Suman nodded gleefully.

"Fine," The Witch Doctor sighed. Nobody could fall for that lie. Not even Lom. And he's probably feces by now, "But if I catch Suman playing… Co-co-nut Pick Up with my son again, You'll be in my soup!" Suman nodded, and slithered away, chuckling. He just escaped death himself. Agrilla stomped over to Jack and helped him up.

"I told you." Agrilla smirked. The Witch Doctor laughed.

"Jack know…" He said glumly. "But Jack no give up!" And he won't.


Note From Author

Sorry for that... Tacked on ending! This is my first story on this site. Soon, I'll put up Chapter 2.

Both Jack and The Witch Doctor were created for a comic book I'm (Slowly) developing. It's called The World Detective Society. It's about a group of detectives, all public domain (Alice of Alice in Wonderland, the Invisible Man from the Invisible Man, Arsene Lupin from Arsene Lupin: Gentleman Thief, and Jackson Crusoe, a descendant of Robinson Crusoe from Robinson Crusoe.) And characters based off copyrighted characters. (Mason, based off Clayton from Tarzan).

Anyway, leave advice/ Comments in the (You guessed) The comments section. I'll try to read it all! Thanks for reading!