It was that cruel time in the morning when you're torn from unconsciousness and your eyes unwillingly open, reluctant as you to leave the comfort and warmth of dreamland.

Heavy and blurry, my one eye opened an inch to take in my surroundings in the split second before my eyelids collapsed together again. The other side of my face was buried in the pillow which I now realise is strange-smelling. Curious, I open my one eye and take a longer look at the place in the bed beside me. In the second it was open my eye took in the figure with its back turned to me. I lifted my head to enable a two-eyed view of the situation and saw, to my non-surprise, a sleeping, naked figure half-hidden under the white bed sheets. Showing was a muscly yet bony back – the spine quite prominent – and a short mop of curly brown hair. Not caring or remembering who it was, I prodded him gently in the back to see if he'd wake up, but upon getting no other response than a sudden loud snore, I rolled my eyes and swung my legs out the side of bed, getting up to retrieve my underwear and clothes which were strewn around the room in oddly disjointed places – bra draped over the bedside lamp, dress in a heap by the desk, one stiletto by the door, the other by the foot of the bed…it was rather a chore going round the room retrieving all my possessions.

As I got dressed in the middle of the small bedroom-cum-kitchen, I looked around out of curiosity. Above the untidy desk which was littered with paper, books and stationary, was a Metallica poster which I found rather distasteful – metal wasn't my kind of music. To my dismay, more posters in the same vein were stuck messily up on the walls – Slipknot, Rammstein, AC/DC…all indicative of all real metal-head. The one oddity however, was a Taylor Swift poster in the far corner by the stove. I glanced towards the bed at the heavily-sleeping figure with his foot dangling out the side of the bed and thought how he must be a guy of varied taste. Upon closer inspection of the papers and books piled on the desk, I took whoever the guy was to be Physics. Glancing at the impossible-looking array of notes, I gave them an 'urgh' and turned away. However, the calendar handing haphazardly off the wall to the left of my desk caught my eye – it was a 'cute cats' calendar, with each month having a picture of cute, fuzzy cat; the kind that makes you go 'Aww!'

Who was this guy?

It was the music posters which made me want to bolt from the place though – how could I've slept with someone who's into Metallica for God's sake? I must have been really drunk.

It's a shame because you can never have it all – they're either handsome with a shit taste in music, or plain with an awesome iTunes library.

A girl just can't win.

Making sure I had everything, I slung my bag over my shoulder, made a silent exit and made my way back to my college and halls of residence. Of course, whoever that guy was, he was under the impression that my name was Alex and that I studied Biology at Downing's. First thing I learnt: never give them your real name in case they want to follow up. Second thing: Never go back to yours; always insist on going to theirs so that they never know where you live.

It was a routine that I'd become adept at over the last two years and this morning was just like every over time some unfortunate but incredibly good-looking sucker took me back to theirs. Of course, there was always the risk of letting something slip and having the guy close on your heels, but I've never had any trouble in two years, so why should I stop having fun now?

AN: I don't usually write from the female POV (although I am female) so let me know how I'm doing! Kind of a 'How's My Driving?' thing. Hope you enjoyed and please review :)