You shook me

You tore me

You socked my in the gut

But I bet you'd never guess

What it is that I've become

You made sure

That I was in hell

That I meant nothing

But you couldn't really tell

What I was

Who I would be

Someday you'll look back

And wish you had seen me

But I never will

Because you made me

You turned me to dust

Under your high heeled feet

And they pulled me out

So I could pick up the pieces

Of this silly sorry life

Refold the real creases

And turn back alright

I'd love to go back

To see you again

To watch your head turn

Because I'll look insane

You don't understand

What it means to be true

But I know who I am

And I'd be glad to tell you

Don't worry, don't fret,

It will all be alright

You will see what I've become

And I will win this fight