Gabrielle: This is a story I wrote a few years back, but I figured I'd upload it and see how you guys like it


Rain pattered down on her face, waking her up from her slumber. She groaned, and slowly opened her eyes, squinting up at the sky. She was in a dark alleyway without knowing why she was there or how she got there.

From the looks of things, it was the middle of the night, though why she was out at such an hour escaped her. She slowly sat up and looked around. Where exactly was she?

She closed her eyes, and struggled to remember. But nothing came to her-and by nothing, I mean nothing. She couldn't remember anything about herself. Her parents. Her age. Hell, even her name excluded to enter her brain. She couldn't remember a thing about her past.

Sighing, she got up and began to walk towards the end of the alleyway. She crossed her arms over her chest in an attempt to keep herself warm, even though it wasn't that cold out. Was it supposed to be cold out? She couldn't remember….

She passed by closed up shops and emptied out parks-none of them looked familiar at all. She stopped by a shop and stared through the window. It was dark inside, so she couldn't see though-just a face staring back out at her. Her face, she assumed, though she didn't feel a thing for it.

Long black hair that cascaded to her waist with a look to it that said it was probably wavy when dried. Bright blue eyes that at once probably shone with excitement and happiness, but now only looked dull and lifeless. A slightly pale face with light freckles scattered across the nose that were hardly noticeable. And when you top it all off with the lost look in the eyes, it basically looked like a child… a pure innocent, scared child.

But, still no name came to mind when she looked at the face. No sense of recognition.

The girl staring back at her was wearing a white button up collared shirt with the top two undone, and a black mini skirt. Along with white knee high socks and black tennis shoes.

And still, no name, no past, no nothing came to her. She might as well have been staring at a mannequin with how much she knew about the girl in the reflection. All she knew is what she looked like.

Pure blue eyes. Pure black hair. Pure innocent child look.

Pure… pure… pure.

Well, it certainly wasn't the most conventional name in the world, but it was all she had. Plus, it seemed to fit the face that stared back at her.



At the same time, just a few blocks away, a girl with chest length blonde hair and bangs was sitting at a desk in her boyfriend-of-three-years's house. Her parents would've been uncomfortable with her staying there, had it not been for the fact that his sister was there, as well.

She was studying for entrance exams for college. She was going to graduate high school in less than a month, and she had some serious studying to do if she wanted to get into her college of choice.


She turned around to see her boyfriend opening up the door to his study that she was currently borrowing.

"Hey." she smiled, glancing at the clock. Three in the morning. "What are you doing up?"

"I could ask you the same thing." her boyfriend smirked, leaning up against the thresh hold.

"I'm studying for exams." she answered.

"Well, then I'm here to watch you study for exams." her boyfriend smiled.

She shook her head, "I won't be able to focus with you in the room."

Her boyfriend chuckled, before shaking his head. "Now you know how I feel whenever you watch me do work for my company."

"Well, this is important for my future." she glared at him, "So please leave."

He shook his head, "Pulling these all-nighters aren't good for your health. I refuse to leave until you go to bed."

She sighed, before turning back to her book and attempting to study, "I didn't do this to you when you were studying to get into college." she grumbled.

They stayed like that for about a half hour, her attempting to study and him watching her attempt to study. Then finally, right when she was about ready to twirl around and yell at him, again, he broke the silence.

"Marry me."

She whirled around, and shot out of her chair, her eyes wide. She wasn't sure if she'd heard him correctly, but the look in his eyes said it all.

"What?" she gasped.

"Marry me." he repeated.