"You knew, didn't you?" Sydney hissed under her breath at Brittanyas they all walked towards the market where August had promised to buy them all breakfast in return for running them over.

Brittany raised an eyebrow, "What ever are you talking about?"

"Don't play dumb," Sydney growled, "You knew that I'm the girl August ends up falling in love with."

"Maybe I did and maybe I didn't," Brittany shrugged, "Does it really matter now?"

"Yes it does!" Sydney gave this half shriek, half whisper, "Now I'm going to have to live throughout the next who knows how long knowing that he's in love with me when I barely know him!"

"I'm sorry," Brittany murmured, "But I'm afraid I simply couldn't tell you."

"And why the hell not?"

"Because the head wouldn't let me."

Sydney opened to her mouth to argue with that but closed it when she realized that she couldn't. Brittany wasn't in charge of her company, so if they told her she couldn't do something... well, then she couldn't. Even if she did want to tell Sydney, she wouldn't have been able to. So she couldn't really blame the blonde though it was kinda infuriating, not being able to know everything that was going on.

"What are you two whispering about back there?" August asked over his shoulder, saving her from the embarrassment of having to admit that the time traveler was right.

She shook her head, "Nothing. Just-"

"Nothing," Brittany cut her off with a smile, "Don't worry about it."

The boys gave them a slightly confused look, but shrugged, seemingly deciding to brush it off as stupid girl stuff and turned back the way they were going. Sydney and Brittany smirked at each other, having forgiven each other before moving to follow them. However, Sydney made a mental note to press the blonde on the matters in the future. If she was going to get mixed up in this, she wanted to know everything she was able to. She wanted as little surprises in the future as possible.

"Oh!" she heard Brittany gasp before running towards the saloon that was across the church from the previous day, "Can we go in here?!"

"Um," August cocked his head to the side, "You're not from around here, are you ma'am?"

Sydney blinked, before turning and raising an eyebrow at him, "What makes you say that?" even though it was true...

"Well, because no self-respecting woman would want to go in that tavern, ma'am," August answered, shooting her a gentlemanly smile. A slight southern accent suddenly seemed to be seeping into his voice, but Sydney guessed that she merely hadn't noticed it before now, "Full of roudy cowboys, that it is."

Sydney pursed her lips. Great. Now he had probably spiked Brittany's interest. Roudy cowboys somehow seemed to be her thing. Oh, well. Better get ready to hide behind the twins for the next hour or so...

"Oh," Brittany smiled, here it came, "Well, thanks for telling me. Don't wander in there by mistake now do we?"

Well, that was a surprise. Sydney turned to the twins, her eyebrows shooting up to her hairline to see them giving her much the same expressions. Man, just when she thought she was getting a hang on the blonde time traveler, she goes and shoots something like this out.

They started walking again and Sydney shot Brittany a wondering look as they did so.

"We're going back later," Brittany promised, "But for now we have to blend in, and if no self-respecting woman would go in there, than there's no way we can while he's around."

Sydney sighed-yupp, that sounded like something she would say.

"Oh!" Brittany suddenly gasped, "I just forgot I have a ton of grocery shopping to do!"

Sydney raised an eyebrow-weren't they able to eat food from the future? If not, then she wondered how the hell they'd been able to eat those waffles this morning.

"C'mon, Logan!" Brittany grabbed a hold of Julius, "Scott! I'm going to need your guys' help carrying them back to the room!" she waved at Sydney and August, "You two just hang out until we're done. We'll come and find you."

Okay, now that made sense. Jean and August needed time to be alone so that he could fall in love with her. That's what she was doing. However, Sydney didn't like the thought of being alone with some stranger... for the third time in one week. Wow, now how she was wishing all over again that she had been able to stay back at home where she could be playing with Gillian and Alana in the sprinklers. Her mind was flooded with the picture she'd gotten just two days ago of them doing just that. Boy was she missing them. She even missed Tanner and his druggy ways right now. Sigh.

"Um, maybe I should," Julian stepped a bit closer to Sydney, giving her some relief. If he stayed, then she would be much more comfortable trying to make August-

"No," Brittany's voice was suddenly stern, "I need you two to help me out. Logan can't do it all on his own."



"IF you'll just-"


Julian sighed, "Alright." and moved to follow the two of them.

Sydney held back a sigh-well, that dream surely had been short lived.

Now, how was she supposed to make this guy fall for her?

"I don't think leaving the two of them alone was he best of ideas." Julian said as he followed his brother and the blonde time traveler back to the hotel. He just realized now what the plan had been and that they weren't actually getting groceries. Which kinda pissed him off as that meant that Brittany had purposely abandoned Sydney with some stranger.

"Nothing's going to happen," Brittany shrugged, "At least... nothing that shouldn't happen."

"Are you sure?" Julian raised a skeptical eyebrow. He didn't like the thought of something happening to her.

Brittany nodded, "Positive." at his hesitant look, she laughed, "Don't worry, I'm from the future, remember? I know everything."