"Okay, what the hell are you doing?"

Sydney paused, her hands poised right in front of her face where she'd been waving them, and glared down at Julius. "What does it look like I'm doing? I'm trying to contact the ghost."

Julius rolled his eyes, "It looks more like you're trying to make a fool of yourself-which you are doing a great job in succeeding."

Sydney rolled her eyes back at him, "Well. Good to know." she dropped her hands, before putting them on her hips, "Then why don't you tell me how we're supposed to contact him?"

"Uh, first of all, I don't even believe that this 'ghost' even exists." Julius crossed his arms, "But if I had to guess, I would say that doing what the diary says to do-like Julian is doing-would be the best way to go."

Sydney turned to look over at the other orange haired boy. Sure enough, he was drawing a huge circle on the floor, just like the diary had told them to do. Seriously. A circle. Could something get anymore cheesier than that?

"Ugh," Sydney groaned, sauntering up to Julian, "Fine. We'll do it this way."

The diary had mentioned very little about who the ghost was, or why he/she was still around though it was quite obvious that this Carey person had known him/her when they were still alive. Too bad there wasn't any pictures. That would've helped a lot. But you did get the feeling that the ghost was in love with her.

After about a half hour and a lot of wiping away of chalk, they finally had created the perfect circle. They stood around it for a second, staring down at it as if willing someone else to take the initiative and start.

"So…" Sydney turned to Julius, "Wanna start?"

Julius shot her a glare, "I didn't want to do this at the beginning. There's no way I'm going to be the idiot to actually try and summon him."

Sydney turned to Julian, who was stills staring at the circle, his eyes wide. When he felt her gaze, he glanced up, before shaking his head and stepping back, hands up as if to ward something-or someone-off.

"Oh, no." he exclaimed, "Not me." he clenched his hands into fists, dropping them down to his sides, before looking back at the circle, "Besides. I know this is going to sound crazy, but it seems like it wants you to be the one to summon him."

Sydney shot him a glare, crossing her arms, "You're right. That does sound crazy. A circle can't choose who uses it or not."

"Oh, so that's where the line is." Julius rolled his eyes, "Ghosts are real, but circles with emotions aren't?"

Sydney narrowed her eyes at him, before throwing her hands in the air, "Fine! I'll do it!" she shook her head, before bending down to put her hands on the chalk line, mumbling, "Men are such babies." as she did so.

She closed her eyes, and focused all her energy on the circle. She wasn't sure if she was doing it right-she'd never actually had to focus her energy on anything, before-but she sincerely hoped she was. It would be just plain awful if it went wrong because she wasn't doing what she was supposed to be doing.

Suddenly, the room beyond her closed lids began to glow a bright, translucent blue. She heard Julian shriek and Julius let out a few cuss words from behind her shortly after. Sydney began to open her eyes, but stopped when a hand was thrown over them.

"No!" Julian cried, "Remember what the book said? You're supposed to keep your eyes closed and count to fifteen!"

Oh yeah, now she remembered. Shit. She really wanted to see what was going on, but she also didn't want to sacrifice doing something wrong to be able to do so. So she kept her eyes shut and started to count.


Julian's hand left her face.


He let out another shriek.


Julius then gasped, an awful, high pitch gasp that Sydney hadn't thought possible to come from him.


"Holy shit!" Julius gasped.


"I can't believe this is actually happening!"


"See!" Julian was saying.


"I told you! I told you it was true!"


Sydney bared her teeth. Frustration and the need to see going through her.


Only six more seconds left.


She could smell mint, again.


Something smashed against Sydney's lips. The two boys gasped from behind her, as her eyes flew open to see a boy with long golden hair and bright blue eyes. Who's lips just happened to be on top of hers.

And not only that, but the two of them were currently floating almost a foot off the ground.