I was tired beyond the limits of exhaustion from not having the will to go to sleep the previous night, so I had almost been thankful for the teacher's words of, "Heads down, thumbs up!"

Seven up. The dumbest, yet most appreciated, game I'll ever play in school. Never during gym class or recess, the sole purpose of this game is to give students a break from studying. Either that, or give the teachers a break from teaching.

I needed a break, today. More so than that, I needed the others to relax and stop screaming unbelievably immature things across the room. Immature, as in too stupid for me to comprehend why anyone would find that amusing in any sense, rather than dirty. The room had been filled with laughter, moments before, because a child pulled his chair to the corner and sat in it. Yeah, I don't know either.

I laid my head down on the cool table after glancing over the figure of the boy sharing it with me. A tenth or eleventh grader (I wasn't sure do to the incomplete three days of interaction with this specimen) with a pleasant red shirt and smartphone in hand, he copied and enhanced my sigh; he looked troubled to be playing the childish game. I couldn't say I didn't agree, along with the other boy to my far left, and the one to my right, past the boys not paying attention to their words, sleeping soundly on his desk. These were my people. My third day at camp, and I was sure of it. Actually, I had been sure on the first when the boy next to me introduced himself as John and went on to be rather quiet but clever. I had been sure that sleeping beauty to my right was of my own kind when his eyes widened teasingly at the girls talking fast and furious about something I couldn't comprehend. I hoped that the boy who stayed mostly quiet and by himself that currently sat to my left would accompany me when he said he liked my shirt, and I returned the favor in truth.

Yes, my people. From quiet to hushed, we liked our space, our alone time, and our friends. We were clever, outgoing, and beautiful, while having the capabilities of disguising ourselves as insignificant. Ah, how I loved my people.

Heads were placed into secure dens of flesh, some insulated tightly where others had open windows that allowed a great view. My fun-loving teacher had found it too stationary to call us up by name, I realized once I stood up with my offended thumb by my side. The seven with assaulted appendages walked to the front, and I stood straight, glad to be beside my coral clothed brethren.

We were explained the rules once more, heads went down, and we were off, hunting for the unassuming thumbs we could pressure into blindly bowing down to their standing superiors. Guessing followed, and, after a round or two, my throne had been stolen by a girl I had mistakenly thought of as innocent.

Such a fool I had been.

I rested my head in its dark cell with no outlets or hope of escape until warm fingers contacted my associate on the outside.

We were summoned, and I rose, immediately connecting eyes- no, connecting souls with my chartreuse shirted kindred standing in the power position. I thought that, yes, he could be the one, but my mind set off the alarm. It was much too easy. It would only be expected of me to choose my family over the ones I thought too uncivilized to bear. I couldn't choose him.

I was called upon to reveal my suspicions and I pointed to an unknown girl who I had hoped showed a glimmer of guilt in those youthful eyes. I looked to John, my brother, my blood, and a smiled grew, grand and proud on his deceiving mug. I gasped, and a haughty finger wagged disgracefully in my direction.

"Hah!" His laughter bellowed to me and hit straight at my betrayed heart.

"You…" I muttered in despair at the man whom I felt a liberal connection with, "I never would have guessed… it seemed much to obvious…. Oh! If only I had known!" My hands leapt to my face that held home to the liquid curling down my cheeks in a comforting act I was now sure my kin would never attempt.

He was my family, one of the beloved men that I meant to stay beside until I was torn and thrashed away from even grasping his shadow, and he had betrayed me. I had never felt so idiotic… so shamed.

I would never forgive him.

I haven't slept in three days. Don't judge me.