Chapter 1

I walked on the gray wood of the old house that was my uncle's. I looked back seeing the small red car speed away, my mother was happy to get rid of me. I was such a burden after all; she always made sure I didn't forget that fact. I never did anything right, so of course she was happy when my uncle suggested that I stay over for the summer.

I rang the door bell, this house was a lot bigger than I remembered. It was simply a mansion now, the one that haunted my memories. I could hear the creaks of slow foot steps nearing the dark wooded door, this house could probably break any minute. The door opened to a old women, her gray hair in a bun and her gray eyes saying the opposite of her smile. That creepy smile with dimples that resembled black holes in her wrinkle less face and wearing a old maid's dress, a game I used to love to play with my funny uncle. Back then I didn't think he was crazy, neither did father.

"Come on in Deary." She told me the word deary sending shivers down my back, like she had turned her head all the way around. I cleared my throat and stepped inside the horribly lit entry way.

"Yes of course Ms. Winchester." I said, she then takes my sad small little bag.

"Your uncle is waiting for you in the study, he wants you to meet someone."

I rolled my eyes, of course he wanted me to meet someone. I was to be engaged soon so it would usually be my father's pick but, he has passed away so the case has been left with my uncle, who has never married. I was turning seventeen that Summer, a ripe age for marriage my old wrinkly relatives would tell me. My mother didn't care as long as I was gone and she got to spend my inheritance, she didn't get a penny of any of his money, unless it was through me.

I walked to the study of this big creaking dark house that was already scaring me but, then again that was so easy. My uncle, his black hair slightly graying, was talking to a boy my age who, has dark brown hair and pretty mismatched eyes. One of them sky blue and the other a olive green, so unique. I tried to enter quietly but I leaned my foot on a creaking board, they both looked at me. My uncle smiling the boy just staring...

"My darling Annie, how is my sweet little niece?" He said embracing me using his arms to raise me up.

"Put me down uncle!" I exclaimed quietly, he did so, kissing my forehead and put his arm around me.

"This is Victor Hamilton, a new neighbor. I was just telling him about you."

"Really?" I told him, why would he do that. Victor stretched out his arm, I could see the faded ink marks on his arm.

"Nice to meet you Victor." I said taking his hand.

"To you also, well I should be going. I'll be back later Mr. Sanders."

"Wait he'll be back? Like later tonight?" I questioned blinking my gray eyes twice.

"Yes, he's staying until his father gets back from Africa next month." My uncle explained, I laughed nervously at his explanation.

"Oh, excellent." I gulped, great a guy who will see me in my pajamas every morning for a month. I was more worried about all he would find out about me, what had happened to me about some nine years ago.

"See you both later." He smiled, and I could have sworn my face had turned red while I waved. He was quite handsome after all. My uncle turned to me and looked at me with his green eyes.

"Uncle if your intending for us to get together I can almost guarantee it will not happen." I told him as I put some of my black hair behind one of my ears.

"I would never intend such a thing, unless you desired it my little Annie, you are my brothers daughter and I do not wish for you to be unhappy." He responded patting my head with a smile, I looked at him wide eyed blinking slowly. He didn't care when I got this fiance or who it was with, it makes me feel sort of free. Yet I was still suspicious, like he knew something I didn't.

"I'm going up to my room then, and thank you for letting me stay here for the summer."

"Your welcome, and make sure to come down for dinner when it's ready."

"Of course uncle." I smiled. I had went up to my room looking out the large glass window that went from the bottom of the house to the top. It had such a pretty view of the lake and forest as the sun set, I could also see gray clouds in the distance.

"Looks like a storm is coming." Ms. Winchester smiled at me, I shivered. Storms usually mean lightning and lightning means thunder. Thunders loud rumbles always scared me along with flashes of lightning, and the water...

Just having thought about it put knots in my stomach.