Chapter 3

"Uncle I'm going out for a swim!" I cheered at my uncle, he smiled at me his smile long like a cat's.

"Alright but wait for me before you hop in, your still learning." He told me like a wise owl. I nodded and ran outside waiting at the dock of the lake in the backyard. It was like a giant mirror, reflecting the tall trees and the sun in its glossy motionless water. I hummed a tune staring at my reflection, I made faces at myself.

I leaned down thinking I saw something swim past, like a fish! Fish are so pretty with their colorful scales. Splash! I was pushed, and was wet. I threw my arms around, seeing bubbles circle my face. My eyes started to hurt so I closed them, I could slowly feel my body get tighter too. What was going on? Was I drowning? Who pushed me and how did I not see them?

So many questions and I had already given up. Where's my funny uncle? Why isn't he saving me?

I awoke in rain with a gasp, rain all around me and I was in front of the lake. How did I get here? I started to breath hard and I felt as though I was choking. My heart beating hard, I could feel the cold wetness against my skin. I felt like it was going to swallow me whole and drown me in it's darkness. I felt light headed for only a second and then it went black...

I had gone downstairs to get a drink when I saw her outside, she was panicking. Well why was she out there in the first place! I saw her start to fall as I ran out there. What the hell was she doing! I ran as fast as I could and jumped in the lake, my glasses flying off. I swam as fast as I could looking for her, her figure still but sinking. Someone else had jumped in as I grabbed her arm. It was so hard to pull her up, like someone was pulling her down. Someone started to help as I started to run out of breath. We pulled until whatever had her let go. We pulled her up to the grass, the rain had just stopped and Annie was somehow still breathing. My breaths were gasps for air, I had almost drowned myself to save her. I finally looked over and saw a older guy with dark blonde hair and mismatched eyes, like my own.

"Who are you?" I asked and he smiled at me.

"Jace Whelms, ghost hunter."

"Why would a ghost hunter just randomly show up and save a girl."

"Well, she's the reason I am a ghost hunter." He said picking her up like she was a princess. Jace, why did such a name sound so familiar? I opened the door for them and he laid her on the couch. Ms. Winchester then rushed in she in a quite a hurry with towels.

"So the seals did break?" She questioned starting to dry Annie, not even bothering throwing us any.

"Afraid so, I'll have to redo them."

"To think they've broken them that fast..."

"Who?" I asked.

"The forest dwellers, you know the tale don't you deary?" the questioned seemed to be answered with my silence. Whoever knew Mr. Sanders knew the tale. It's mostly the reason why Mr. Sanders never leaves his home. Such a creepy tale it was.

"Yes but, that's all just a story."

"Oh you would be surprised my friend!" Jace exclaimed rocking on his feet, it was though he was pleased by my lack of belief in monsters. Who would believe that the king of demons lived in that forest, stealing souls of women of a pure nature. All I remember being in the news was the murder of twelve young women and the suicide of Annie's father, who was the suspected killer.

"It's all more then stories my dear Watson! Come sit with while Harper dry's off Annie." He told me, I don't think this guy likes me very much. It seems as though he thinks I'm some idiot lackey who can't think straight.

"Harper? You mean Ms. Winchester?"

"Yes, now come along." He said walking to the dinning room, I followed him there not able to get my mind off of Annie.

"Please sit."

"I rather stand, I don't like sitting in wet clothes."

"Fine, tell me, how's your vision?"

"Not perfect, need glasses to read, sometimes so I don't miscalculate where things are."

"And eye contacts don't change your mismatched to matching."

"Yeah, wait-" I said and he rose his hand with a keen smile.

"Same case here, and well from what I gather we can see the unseen."

"Really? Next your going to tell me dyslexia means you can read Greek." I told him crossing my arms, what was this guy trying to pull?

"Don't treat me like I'm a loon, hear me out. You ever had those moments where you had to help, let's say Annie?"

"This is stupid."

"Answer the question!" He told me sternly, I nodded with a sigh.

"So if I told you the demon king that lives in that forest is after her, how does that make you feel?" He asked and then my heart thumped like it had just started beating for the first time. Seeing me hold my chest he smiled like a cat.

"Welcome to life of a ghost hunter, we've been expecting you."