Hage's School of Magyck. A school for the Fae, located in a separate world from the Faets, otherwise known as humans, or those without magyck. Wizards, Werewolves, goblins, sylphs, nixies, and other Fae children of all shapes and sizes strode into the magnificent, castle-like school. One boy in particular stood in front of the school, long bleach-white hair hung over his sky-blue eyes as he clutched an envelope. Gathering up all the courage he could muster, he stepped into the building.

Nervously he walked up to the desk, where a young woman sat, dressed in a pencil skirt and a button-up blouse. But what the boy found strange, was that she had cat ears sticking up from the top of her head. Her face was catlike, with emerald-green eyes like a cat's, and almost invisible whiskers growing out from her nose. Her bright orange hair was set in a bob, with black streaks that reminded him of a tiger. The woman looked up and asked curtly, "what do you want?"

The boy gaped for a moment, trying to find the right words to say. "Could I see the Headmaster?" He asked, holding up the envelope in his hand. The cat-like woman nodded and pointed at the door to her right.

Standing on top of the desk was a short, stocky man with a long white beard. He was arguing with a taller, younger man with shaggy wolf-brown hair covered by a cap. He wore a loose, black shirt and dirty jeans. From somewhere on his bottom a wolf tail popped out. The man growled frequently as he argued with the little old man on the desk, giving him a death glare with golden eyes. "Smelly fleabag! Go do something useful instead of rolling around in dirt!"

"What about you ya microscopic midget!"

"Hey! At home I'm a perfectly normal size!"

"Um… excuse me."

Both men turned to the boy in the doorway and barked, "What? Can't you see we're busy here?"

The boy flinched before shakily holding up the envelope. "I have a letter. I was told it's important."

This caused both to cease their rage and look at the boy with a calmer expression. "Come, come, sit down boy. I'm the Headmaster, Hage." The little man said, hopping back into his seat. The older, wolf-like man moved aside, hands shoved in his pockets. The boy handed the Headmaster the letter and sat down.

There was a long moment of silence as the Headmaster read the letter, his expression growing grim. Finally, he set down the letter and sighed. "Boy, I thank you for delivering this to me, and I will not ask you how you got into this world. However, do you understand what this letter means to you and your current life?" He stared seriously at the boy, who fidgeted in his seat.

Slowly, the boy nodded. "I am a dwarf, as well as the Headmaster, and this werewolf here is Kotano Blackcry, the Demonology Professor. I will enroll you here as a dorm student, and I recommend you take Kotano's class and any classes that will help you learn more about our world. You should not take any classes that involve using magic. Only Kotano and I will know of your secret for the time being, for I don't want panic to erupt in the school. Understand?" He explained.

Again, the boy nodded.

"Good. Boy, what is your name?"

"Soren Hadis." Replied the boy, his sky-blue eyes showing no signs of hesitation.

"A human?" The werewolf perked up, sniffing the air a bit. He wrinkled his nose before grabbing the letter and reading it. His expression became serious as well, and he set the letter back on the Headmaster's desk. "I see. Well then Soren, let's skip the old man's lectures and we can get you signed up for classes." Kotano interrupted, picking up Soren and, carrying him (like a box) over his shoulder, raced off before Hage could protest.

He raced through the halls at an inhuman speed, leaving Soren dumbfounded. They stopped in front of an office of what looked like a dorm, where students were dropping off luggage and racing to their next class. "Hey Kauth. You got an extra room?" Kotano called, dropping Soren onto the ground.

The head of a man poked out from nearby. "Why? Did you decide to become a student?" Retorted the man. His head disappeared for a second before reappearing along with the rest of his body. Long shoulder-length brown hair and a quite annoyed face of a young man glared at the grinning werewolf, completely ignoring the boy on the ground. He wore a plain, white, button-up business shirt. Strapped around his chest was a quiver full of arrows. His hair hung over his pure black eyes. At his torso, instead of pants, a brown horse's body clopped into view and closer to the Demonology teacher before him. He crossed his arms and his glare turned even deadlier.

"Actually," Kotano grinned and pointed at the dumbfounded Soren, who sat staring at the bottom half of the man in front of him. "He's becoming a dorm student. It's a last minute thing."

The centaur sighed and walked over to a nearby desk, where he opened a drawer and pulled out a file. He opened the file and thumbed through it for awhile, before pulling it out and setting it on the desk along with the file. "I do have a room, but you'll have to share a room with someone else." He replied, sighing.

"I don't mind." Soren said, speaking up.

Kotano looked at him, like he was trying to ask, 'are you sure?' Soren nodded firmly.

"Well, your room is on the top floor at the end of the hall to your right. #810." Kauth directed curtly, throwing Soren a key.

"Thank you… um…"

"Kauth. Weaponry Professor."

Soren nodded before Kotano dragged him out, saying a cheery goodbye to the dorm head and Weaponry Professor.

"Well, here you go! Room 810. Hurry up, cause we have to get you signed up for classes." Soren nodded before opening the door.

Standing there, putting away undergarments, was a beautiful girl. She looked at the boys with cherry-red eyes widened in surprise, and long ivory-blonde hair that flowed down her back. She wore a simple white gown and no shoes, making the brightly colored wings on her back stand out. A blush quickly spread on her doll-like face, and she threw a book at them, which hit Soren in the face.

Blushing like mad, Soren turned to the teacher next to him, who was trying to stifle his laughing. "I thought the boys and girls were separated!"

"Actually… the Headmaster thought it was too much work, and sometimes it's hard to tell another's gender. So we just put all the students together." Kotano replied in between snorts and laughs.

The girl stared at the Professor in anger. "Professor! What's he doing here?" She shrieked.

"Now, now, Shara. This is the only available dorm left, and Soren here needs a place to stay." Kotano replied, still trying to keep calm.

"Then he should stay at home!" Soren stiffened, and Kotano glanced down knowingly.

"Shara… Soren's parents died recently." The werewolf said softly.

The girl calmed some, and sighed. "Fine, but he better not do anything perverted." She replied, stuffing the rest of her clothes in her closet.

Soren barely had any time to even set his stuff down before Kotano dragged him away. "What was she?" Soren asked as they ran.

"An Ellerwoman. They're beautiful fairy woman, but they're completely hollow inside, and that includes their hearts. You best not fall for her Soren~." Kotano grinned at the boy running behind him as he said that. They stopped at a small office, where Kotano barged in and grabbed a paper on the desk.

"Let's see… you can take up to 8 classes, and that makes 7 classes left if you take my class." Kotano muttered, looking over the list. "Hey, Soren. Are you good in combat?" He asked suddenly, his finger on the words Advanced Combat.

Soren shrugged. "Never gone against anybody but humans. But I'm the best in my country."

"Okay…" Kotano muttered before grabbing a pen and checking off a bunch of classes on the list. "Here." He said, handing Soren the list. "Normally you would have an extra space for study hall, but you need to learn as much as you can." Kotano explained.

Checked on the list was: Demonology, Advanced Combat, Weaponry, Faets, History of Magyck, Mathemagyck Formulae, Potion Making, and Physicals.

"What…?" Soren asked, confused.

"Advanced Combat, Weaponry, and History can explain themselves. Demonology is the study of demons, and that will be your last class. Faets is the study of your world, so you should find that interesting. Mathemagycks is basically math, and Physicals is like Physical Education. And Potion Making is probably the only Magyck related thing you can do." Kotano explained quickly, pointing to each class on the list as he explained them. "I marked the number next to the class. Start with 1 and go from there. Oh, and here's a map." Kotano put a finger to Soren's forehead, where the white-haired boy suddenly knew exactly where each class was.

"Bye!" Kotano disappeared in a flash, leaving only a trail of dust and a boy full of questions.

That's chapter 1, and this is a lot of fun to write! If you have any ideas for a story I'm writing or for a new one tell me!