"Welcome to Demonology, as well as your last class of the day. Good job surviving your 1st day students! I'm Kotano, the only werewolf Professor in the school. As you know, Demonology is the study of demons, beasts, as well as the race of the person next to you in more detail." Kotano introduced, grinning as he saw Soren in the last row, looking exhausted. "Today we'll just be going over the different things we'll be learning in this class. After that you all can just hang out until class is over."

Soren sighed and laid down on the desk as Kotano quickly went over everything. Within 15 minutes, everyone was chattering with their friends.

Kotano headed over to Soren's desk, where the boy was dozing off. Pulling a worm from his pocket, he sneakily stuck down Soren's white T-shirt. Soren yelped and jumped up, making the worm fall out. Kotano snickered as everyone stared at them.

"Kotano! What was that for?" Soren yelled, ignoring the strange looks he was getting. Kotano grinned and pat him on the shoulder, which Soren eyed cautiously.

"Calm down, Soren. I was just trying to wake you up. Anyways, how was your day?"

Soren sat back down and sighed. "Exhausting. Did I really have to take all those classes?" Kotano just shrugged, and Soren glared at him.

"Excuse me, Professor, but are you two related?" Asked Shara, who happened to be in the class.

Kotano looked at Soren nervously before answering. "Actually… uh…"

"He was adopted by Kotano and I." Came a foreign voice from the doorway.

"Headmaster!" The short man stood in the doorway, a serious expression on his face.

"But… why would you adopt him?" Shara asked incredulously, pointing at Soren in disbelief.

"I owe his parents a great deal, it's just the least I could do." Hage replied, looking at her in a way to signal that the conversation was over. At that moment, the bell rang, but nobody moved.

"Class is over! Get moving!" Kotano yelled, gesturing towards the door. Everyone rushed out, except for Shara. "Shara, get going." Kotano ordered, but Shara stood there firmly, her arms crossed.

"I'm not leaving. I want to know what's going on. He's my roommate, so I believe I have a right to know."

The Headmaster sighed. "Soren is… related to the Head of the Council." He replied, frowning.

"They're related? But I can't smell any magical power from him at all!" She shrieked, which resulted in Kotano shushing her.

"You're right. He was born human, and came here after a certain… incident. We're taking him in, for both his human parents died in a house fire. You are not to tell anyone of this, not even the Professors. Understand?" The Headmaster glared at her threateningly, and she nodded in fright.

"Anyways, how are you doing Soren? Are your classes alright?" Hage asked, his expression softening.

Soren smiled and nodded. "Yeah, it's okay. Just a little different from what I'm used to."

"Good. Well, I have to get going." The Headmaster waved as he left.

"Shara!" An unfamiliar voice called.

A girl with long, flowing, ocean-blue hair ran into the classroom, grinning. Her skin was tinged blue, and she wore a simple tank-top with a skirt, both different shades of blue. Her teal eyes sparkled like sun on water, and she reminded Soren of water.

"Xen, what happened? You look like you saw a ghost."

The girl calmed some, before letting it all out in a rush. "They'reback!Reinan,Curse,andRuneareback!"

"Whoa, calm down. Now, what?" Shara asked, trying to discern what her friend was saying.

"They're back! Reinan, Curse, and Rune came back!" She squealed, jumping up and down.

"No way!" Shara squealed, mimicking her friend as they held hands and jumped up and down, squealing.

"Who?" Soren asked.

"Honestly, don't you know anything?" Shara asked incredulously. "Reinan, Curse, and Rune are the 3 hottest and most popular guys in school. Reinan is an Atlantean, in other words a citizen of Atlantis. Curse is a wizard, and Rune is a mage. Normally wizards and mages would hate each other, but the two of them are really good friends. Once someone took a vote, and Reinan was the most popular guy in the school, among both boys and girls. Rune is second and Curse is in third place, losing by only 1 vote to Rune." She explained. "Now c'mon, we have to go welcome them back!"

Shara and Xen dragged Soren out of the classroom, Kotano following calmly behind.

Girls surrounded what looked like some type of car. They slowly made a path as 3 boys stepped out of the car and slowly walked towards the school.

The lead one had tanned skin and a muscled body, with long black hair that had blonde streaks from the sun. His eyes were an unusual teal color. He wore a school uniform consisting of a black v-neck sweater vest over a long-sleeved white shirt that was untucked over black pants. He also had 3 teal beads on a necklace, which was probably a symbol of his heritage.

Behind him were 2, similar looking boys. They both wore the same uniform as the lead boy, but looked very different than the lead boy. The one on the left had shaggy blonde-white hair and striking gray eyes behind thing glasses. The one on the right had long, shoulder-length, dirty-blonde hair tied back with a leather band, and blue-gray eyes that shimmered with laughter.

The girls squealed and screamed their names in glee. One girl fainted when she thought that the boy in the front winked at her.

"The one in the front is Reinan, the left one is Curse, and the right one is Rune. Honestly, I like Curse the best." Shara blushed slightly, smiling like a mad woman.

Soren sat at the desk in his dorm, trying to concentrate on his homework while ignoring Shara and Xen squealing about the 3 School Idols. Well, trying to ignore them.

"He's SO adorable with that goofy grin and his laugh!"

"I know right? And Curse is so calm and smart!"

"And Reinan… OMG he's the absolute BEST!"

Soren rolled his eyes wordlessly as the 2 squealed in delight. "Shara, can you please not talk so loudly. I have a lot of homework, so-"



"Just shut up and go somewhere else."

"But… this is my room too."

"I don't care, I was here first, and besides, I'm older and superior to you. So either deal with it, or get out."

Shara glared at her roommate menacingly. Soren quickly gathered up his stuff and rushed out of the room.

As he rushed down the hall towards the elevator at the other end of the hall, someone else rushed in the opposite direction, neither of them noticing the other. It wasn't long before there was a loud crash as books and papers flew into the air and the 2 boys fell on the ground with a thump.


"Sorry there, I wasn't looking." The boy offered a hand to Soren, who took it.

"No, it's okay. I wasn't looking either." He said, before gaping like a fish at the person before him.

"A-aren't you the #1 idol everyone is talking about?" Soren asked, pointing at Reinan himself.

"Yep. And you must be the freshman transfer student everyone is talking about."

Stunned, Soren opened and closed his mouth for a bit. "Well… that is me, but what is everyone saying about me?"

"Well, they're talking about how you're Professor Kotano's younger brother and the Headmaster's son that went studying abroad in the world of the Faets."



"They're called humans, not Faets. Human is the proper name for them."

Reinan blinked at the outburst before laughing. "I thought that was just supposed to be slang. But I guess I should listen to someone who studied abroad. That means the rumors are true then, right?"

Soren hesitated for a moment before looking away nervously. "Well… yeah, I guess."

"Well, I'll see you later then. Bye Soren, it was nice meeting you!" Reinan waved before gathering up his stuff and running off.

"Yeah… bye…"