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"So… you're Hage's son?" Soren asked, sitting in Kotano's office along with Kotano himself.

Kotano shrugged in response. "Yeah, kinda. Like you, I was adopted. So in a sense, the rumors are true. You're my younger brother and the old man's son. Anyways, stop slacking off and finish your homework."

Soren nodded in response, reluctantly turning back to the complicated papers. Several minutes passed before he looked back at Kotano, who was rummaging through the stacks of papers on his desk. "Kotano, what the heck is a Leviathan?" Kotano frowned, and, not looking up from his papers, threw a rather large dictionary at Soren. Soren caught it, surprised at how light it was.

"I suggest you read that thing by the end of next week. And hopefully memorize it by then too." The Werewolf muttered, growling slightly as he read a certain document.

"This whole thing?!"

"Is there a problem with that?"

"But… couldn't you do that thing you did when you touched my forehead and I suddenly memorized the whole school layout?"


"But why?"

"Just because you're now my brother doesn't mean I have to help you with your homework."

"But you're also a teacher!"

"Teachers don't do help you memorize things for your homework, either."

"But… Kotano…" Soren whimpered, looking at Kotano with what could only be described as 'puppy eyes'. Kotano (too bad for him) looked up at that moment, and frowned.

"…Fine…" He sighed in defeat, Soren's expression immediately brightening. Kotano regrettably got up, and walked over to Soren. He lifted his hand, when the office door suddenly burst open, a blur flying towards Kotano. Ivory hands gripped his shirt, shaking him ruthlessly in anger.

"KOTANOOOO! YOU STOLE MY CLOTHES AGAIN DIDN'T YOU! YOU SMELLY PERVERT! GIVE THEM BACK!" Screeched a feminine, rather angry voice. She was a stunning blonde, with blood red eyes and ivory-white skin. Her clothes consisted of a black, leather miniskirt with a big red belt, a chain hanging from it. She had a red blouse over a black tank, both high up enough to show her stomach. She had fishnet gloves and tights, with high black stilettos. Soren recognized her easily. It was his Potion Making Professor, Ruka, a vampire.

"I didn't take anything! Okay, well, maybe a miniskirt, but I didn't take whatever you're implying!" Kotano protested, averting his eyes when he confessed about the miniskirt.

"Damned werewolf! I know you stole my favorite pair of panties! You and your stupid smelling fetish!" Ruka screeched, shaking Kotano roughly by his shirt. Soren blushed bright red at the mention of the stolen item.

"Hey, hey! There's an innocent child in here! Shut that potty-mouth of yours!" Kotano yelled back, and Ruka reluctantly let go upon noticing Soren's presence.

"Oh. You're that kid that studied abroad in the human world." Soren blinked at the blunt rudeness, as well as in surprise.

"Y-You called them by their correct names." The white-haired boy stuttered, pointing at the female professor.

"Well, duh. Unlike half the brats in this school, I've been back and forth between the two dimensions enough times to know what's what." Ruka glared briefly at Kotano, before strutting right back out the door without another word. Right after she left, though, she poked her head back in, an apathetic expression on her face. "Oh, and Kotano, just because he's your little brother doesn't mean you can help him cheat." She disappeared again with a flash, leaving both boys bright red in embarrassment.

Kotano coughed, his face still the color of a tomato. "Well, anyways, you better get back to your homework Soren. You should be let off easy if you get a bad grade, seeing how you don't know much about this world in general." Soren nodded, and the other made a show of walking out of the room, only to sprint away as soon as he was out of Soren's sight.

"Alright everyone! Welcome back to your second class of the day: Faets! In case you've forgotten, I'm Grigor, your professor." Professor Grigor was brownie. He had baggy brown clothes, and shaggy brown hair that bounced strangely when he spoke. He was humanoid, though only about a yard tall. His mitten-like hands waved around as he spoke happily, clasping together occasionally.

"Well then! Today we'll start with the basics. You all know non-magical creatures as Faets, but does anyone know another name for them? I'll give you a hint: This is how they address their kind." The brownie's hands clasped together again as he looked around the room gleefully. When no one raised their hand, he peered over his large, round glasses at the white-haired boy in the back of the class. "Soren. What about you?"

Jumping slightly, the student stood quickly, almost knocking back his chair in the process. "H-Humans, sir." He answered, and sat back down. The Professor nodded, and Soren let out a quiet sigh in relief.

"Good. Human is how you'll hear Faets call themselves. It can also be considered… the proper name for a Faet. You will hear them addressed both ways in this class." He flicked his wrist and an image appeared on the blackboard of a little girl. "This is a human child. This child, in particular, is named Maria Brown." He flicked his wrist again, and a boy appeared this time, looking similar but slightly older than the girl. "And this is her older brother, Jake Brown." Then two adults appeared on either side of the children. "And finally, these are the parents, Simon Brown and Hazel Brown. Humans, as I'm sure you've figured out already, have many different names. Would anyone like to name a few?" Again, Professor Grigor looked at the class expectantly.

"Harry, Zack, and Max are a few male names. Theresa, Emily, and Sophia are some female names." Curse spoke up, and more than a few girls squealed quietly.

"Good, good. Anymore?"

"Soren, sir." Reinan said quietly, giving the white-haired boy nearby a smirk. Soren frowned, his fists clenched under his desk.

"Yes, that is a more unusual name." Grigor muttered, and turned upon the boy with the same name. "Seeing as that is your name as well, Soren, would you happen to know the origins and meaning of your name?" Professor Grigor raised an eyebrow expectantly, and Soren looked at his lap.

"Y-Yes sir. In Danish, it means thunder, or war. In Old Norse, it's just thunder. Soren is also the Danish form of the Latin name Severinus." Grigor smiled happily.

"I think I'm going to like you, boy."