Have you ever heard those stories about the zombie apocalypse or watch those lame zombie movies where everyone usually ends up dead? I did. Back then it all seemed so stupid. The zombies were slower than snails and everyone still alive were too stupid to really do anything.

Oh well, I guess it shouldn't matter to me anymore anyway. That was then after all. I should explain, though, how it all started. Someone should know and I'm okay with it being you.

It all started on a pretty normal day. Bet you've heard that before. The sun was shining over our beautiful city of Johna. Light beamed off the extrodornayr buildings throughout the large city. It practically was blinding almost everyone below. They didn't care. Everyone was either too busy with work or their next meal to worry about things like the sun or pollution. There was a lot of pollution there, by the way.

It's not a big problem anymore, though, so you don't have to worry about it. At least it's not a problem for me. Anyway, everyone was doing their own thing like usual while I was in school. Yeah, what a day that was for me. First period, in Science, a bully decided to sabotage my project. We were dissecting some dead baby pigs at the time. The kid thought it was funny to steal my pig's organs saying something about how they could measure my dick or something. I was pissed off either way because he had already spilled that crappy fluid stuff all over my books when we started. Asshole. I tried to snatch them back only to trip and fall face first into someone else's project. That fluid smell could really kill someone. Trust me, I should know by now.

After cleaning up the incident, I had to endure a detention and that wasn't even the worst of it. Oh, no. That came during the prep rally we were having during seventh period. One of the cheerleaders had fallen off the pyramid sending a pompom right in my face. Someone had the guts to yell out how 'lucky' I was about an annoying stick with strings caught up in my glasses.

I was about to snap and throw it at him when an alarm went off. Everything went blurry after that. People running while sirens blared all over the city. I had no idea what I even did during the outbreak of insanity. When I woke the next day, I found myself lying down in the middle of a road holding an empty cup with a pretzel. Sounds weird, tell me about it. I decided then to just go home and try to figure out who the hell drugged me. That's the only excuse I could come up with at the time after all.

When I got there, the whole house had been torn apart. Furniture was either upside down or shredded like a bear had eaten some of it. My family was gone. I called out for them. Mom and dad seemed to have disappeared somewhere, hopefully looking for me with Tammy and Lucas. Tammy was my little bratty sister. She would have been thirteen then. I can't help but wonder what she would be like now. It doesn't matter anymore. She would hate me either way if she ever saw me. My once green eyes searched the living room one more time now to make sure nobody else had decided to come to visit.

There was no one around. I sighed going upstairs to my room. It looked the same as when I left yesterday morning to go to school. "That's good," I commented checking my entire computer and gaming tech. The last thing I needed was for all my stuff to be stolen. "I bet Lucas is giving everyone hell right now," I muttered to myself picking up a controller. My plan then was to sit back and play some games while waiting for them to return. Stupid plan, thanks for the warning.

I ran a hand through my shoulder length blonde hair. It had been two hours since I got back home and no trace of anyone. There wasn't even a yell from a panicked neighbor. "Damn, where is everyone?" I asked the air going back downstairs and outside. Not a trace of any life was nearby. "Hey," I yelled starting to worry about the situation. My shouts only echoed back after each try to get attention.

This couldn't be right. Yeah, I know, by now you're probably wondering about the now. Where am I? Did I find my family? Does that empty store down the street really have any cookies? Well, sorry, a story just is not right without some nonsense and stupidity in it. I waited another night at home before starting my search for the folks. Everything in town seemed to still work. Heck I was pretty happy for a bit being able to swipe some free food from a convince store without a cop on my ass. Of course, by now I was really wondering where the people were.

A noise caught my attention while I was walking down near the school. The silence was killing me by now, making me more paranoid. It wasn't right with the city so quiet when just a couple of days before, it was busy and noisy as hell. The reason was killing my brain and it only hurt my head every time I tried to remember what happened at the prep rally. "Hey, anyone here?" I shouted into the empty halls of my high school. I was going to graduate this year. Hey, graduating as a senior when your nineteen really doesn't turn as many heads as you think where I lived.

Another noise made me jump realizing at last I might not truly be alone. My eyes scanned over the empty hall I stood in trying to place it as another echoed closer. "Hey, I'm not a thief. I go here, man," I warned backing up now trying not to panic. You would've laughed if you were there. A nineteen year old senior about to piss himself over a couple of noises.

Silence. The noises had stopped and something grabbed me out of the blue pulling me into a small janitor's closet. I tried to escape but ended up being pushed into a wall roughly. My eyes looked directly into blue ones of a kid not so younger than me. He had short black hair and gasped when I bit his hand that was covering my mouth. Once I caught my breath, I glared at him whispering now," What the hell is your problem?"

He introduced himself to be Drake and tried to explain what happened with everyone else. "I'm really glad you turned out not to be one of them," he sighed in relief. Drake was a sophomore at my school and ran inside the closet after a teacher tried to kill him with a stapler. I blinked trying to grasp everything. Don't know why I bothered really. Like I said earlier, it's not my problem anymore.

I traveled around with Drake for a while after that. We even managed to meet up with some other noncrazies. They ran like a military. One woman even called our leader 'Boss." How weird is that? I didn't really stick by them for long anyway. It all happened one day, while we were all searching for food and some supplies. I spotted some Twinkies and grabbed them before military could bitch about how fattening they were. Yeah, I didn't like military woman. Her long red hair was always kept into a ponytail and she only wore camouflage with some red converse. That made no sense to me at all. Drake caught our attention shortly yelling out. We ran to him as quick as we could before seeing what had happened. 'Boss' had been infected and was attacking everyone in the group.

I was terrified at first, really. All those zombie movies don't know half of how it is being dead. The raven idiot tripped running over to us. Military woman didn't even bother to help him. She was halfway down the street, leaving me with an insane man twice my size and a half dead underclassman. Bitch. Drake yelled for help again as the man grabbed his ankle dragging him closer to his death. I let out a breath before doing the only thing I could. I picked up a brick near me and threw it at Boss's face, surprising hitting the target, and caught his or its attention.

I didn't really know what to consider the man, who just dropped Drake and looked at me, anymore. My green eyes glued to his black ones. Boss and I weren't all that close in the group. We usually just tolerated each other's existence and views. Drake ran off away from us only helping me get more pissed off. Does anyone in this group have my back at all? Apparently not since no one stopped the man from chasing me down the street.

I tried to turn right at the end only catching sight of new psyco's friends heading my way. Damn. I went to double back and ended up getting grabbed by boss. He really was stronger than I thought because I could've sworn my arm broke in his grasp. After that everything went all hazy again and I woke up after a while in pain. When I surveyed myself, I realized my arm was ok but there was a bite mark on it.

It didn't take long for my body to start acting strange after the bite. Drake and military woman were still long gone, leaving me with who knows what. After a couple of days, I stopped eating. Every time I tried ended up with it coming right back up along with something black. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. It had to have been the bite. Said bite was healed and didn't even break my skin. Nice try, though, you deserve some points. No what did me in was a group of hungry wild mutts. They were rummaging through a garbage can nearby where I was camping one night. I tried to escape, but you know how it is. Stealing those Twinkies suddenly wasn't such a great thing to do after all. By the way, I never got to introduce myself.

Hi, my name is Axel. I'm a zombie.