When they exited the lab, Axel froze and wanted nothing more than to turn around and go back. There standing in the front door was his sister. The same sister had seen on the tv and before that was a prep that loved dolls and make up. Oh, shit.

Dr. Worm smiled at his new customer greeting," Welcome, what can I do for you?" Tammy fixed her long blonde hair while wild green eyes looked at the doctor in disgust. "We need your help," she said very professional until seeing Axel beside the madman. Green eyes widened. No, that couldn't be.

Yellow looked into green. Axel really wanted to vanish. His sister made a face before turning back to the doctor. "We need you to make a virus," Tammy continued as though she never saw her dead brother's face. Axel stood there silent and in shock. She seriously didn't recognize me? How can you miss your own dead brother?

He walked away from them in search of a mirror. Did I really look that different? Once he found one, the zombie did a check over his appearance. A short grey haired teen with yellow eyes and covered in stitches looked back. Was it the stitches?

The doctor talked with the girl with no interest. "Why should I?" he asked bored out of his mind. He was more concerned on where his little zombie ran off to. "You have to. There is no right to refuse," Tammy ordered him. He noticed how she kept looking around like a girl waiting for an infected to pop out and attack her.

"'Oh, do I?" Dr. Worm asked again finally spotting Mizuki in the hall stalking them. "Yes, the government has given the order that you are to make a virus that will help with the cure of the infected," the blonde haired girl explained. Long black hair shifted as the mad scientist stood up. "Fine. I do have one condition however," the man replied with a sigh. "I want you to stay here and help my guards."

Green eyes looked at the madman in shock. "What?" she asked pissed off. Dr. Worm smiled at the girl and explained," You didn't expect me not to ask for something in return? Oh, how naïve of you, Miss. "

"You should be doing this for the sake of your count-" the mad man cut her off with a look that made the girl shiver. "Don't be foolish too, dear girl. I have far more important things to do than help you make a fantasy world," the scientist spoke serious now before walking back into his lab.

The zombie sighed before laying on the couch of the now empty living room. Mizuki went out earlier to catch Yui and Coco. Yellow eyes wandered over his i-pod's playlist. How many times had he listened to these songs? He decided to try to listen to it on shuffle to at least make it seem new.

Footsteps echoed nearby. Axel stared off and thought back to his sister. He really was glad now that he couldn't talk. Who knows how that would've ended. A voice attempted to talk over his music causing the zombie to blink.

A scream then echoed through the lab. Axel pulled out his earplugs and looked to see his sister on the other side of the room shivering. What the hell just happened?

"You… You …. I thought you were dead," Tammy gasped trying to calm down. The zombie wondered if it was a good idea to try and help her. He went to hold out a hand but stopped shortly by her shiver to it.

"Ssorry," the blonde girl finally apologized after an hour. "I'm sure it wasn't your fault." Axel only silently nodded. Green eyes blinked and took the notice to see over his stitched up arms and face. "Um, if you don't mind, but what happened to you?" Tammy asked not sure if it was pointless to be afraid of a stitched up boy. He seemed harmless.

A hand scratched his head before pointing to the stitched mouth. She gasped before apologizing again. Wow, this version was a lot more polite than the sister he grew up with.

"Was it… was it the doctor that did it?" Tammy asked uncertain if he would answer. She had noticed the mad man's personality but for him to just experiment on random people was going too far. Tammy now wondered if she was safe, especially after the boy in front of her nodded.