The next couple of days just seemed awkward to the zombie. His sister wouldn't stop stalking the doctor with weird looks. It made their little 'dates' impossible now. Not to mention the way she kept acting towards Mizuki and him.

Axel sighed and leaned back on the roof of the building they lived in. Well, I could go for a walk today, but an earlier look that Dr. Worm gave him pretty much said not to disappear for a while. He seemed to be on edge too thanks to Axel's sister.

A rock tumbled nearby making yellow eyes dart towards it finding Yui. "Hi Hi, Axel, what a lovely day it is today," sang the white haired girl with a twirl as she entered the outside world. He just stared silently at her.

It was still amazing how she looked like a porcelain doll and him a voodoo accident. Her grey eyes shined at him with childish innocence. "You look lonely today. I wonder if it's because of Dr. Wormy is working so much lately," the girl spoke sitting next to him. "He also seems really annoyed lately, too. I wonder why?"

"Ha. Probably because my sister is still here, "Axel could only mentally chide back. As though reading his mind, Yui giggled. "I bet it would be really helpful if we went and got a present for everyone," she said looking out to the barren city. The zombie shook his head against it.

No disappearing today with his boyfriend acting like a stick got shoved up his ass. Long white hair flowed as the girl jumped up in excitement. "Then I'll take Coco with me," the girl mused just as said person walked out to join them.

Coco was a tall skinny man with an army helmet on his head covering a shaved scalp and was dressed in a torn up suit. He wasn't a zombie like Axel and Yui. No, he was an experiment like Mizuki only Coco had metal laced through all his bones instead of animal DNA.

The man didn't do much, either. He would usually just wander around and kill infected that happened to come near. Sometimes the guy would just watch Yui dance around. Axel wondered if he liked her. There was nothing wrong if he did. Hell, if Axel could date an insane psycodoctor then dating a zombie girl that acted like a five year old was no problem.

"Have fun," the grey haired zombie waved them off as they went on another adventure and went back inside to watch tv. Mizuki met him halfway down the hall to the living room. "I need help," she spoke grabbing a stitched up arm and pulling him to the gym.

It was there to help out some experiments test their limits. The blue haired girl dragged him in and locked the door behind the zombie boy. "You gotta calm this guy down," Mizuki begged pointing to a corner of the room where one of their guests sat curled in a ball.

Seemed zombination had finally sat in for poor Umi. Axel sighed to himself and looked at Mizuki stupidly. How the hell was he able to calm down the guy when he can't even form a damn sentence?

As if knowing his excuse, Mizuki walked over to an abandoned desk and threw a pad and pencil at him. "Just do it," she ordered. Yellow eyes narrowed but he did as he was told. Umi didn't notice the other zombie approaching til he was a foot away.

The new zombie stayed frozen with a gasp and stared at Axel. Great. This was going to take a while.